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Inside # 9.11: Vivo's flagship with a powerful camera; 13-inch MacBook Pro; Redmi Note 8 Pro; Zen 3 by AMD


The ninth November inside story will be devoted to an overview of several important events. First, let's talk about the development of a smartphone with good photo capabilities by Vivo specialists. Then we'll talk about equipping the 13-inch MacBook Pro with new keyboards next year and the prospects for the Redmi Note 8 Pro with Android 10. At the end of the review, we'll get to know a new kind of architecture for building AMD processors.

Vivo's flagship device will receive a 60x camera

In December, the announcement of the flagship smartphone from the company Vivo X30 is expected. The main advantages of the model will be the presence of a 60x hybrid zoom. It is also known that the main camera sensor of the device will have a resolution of 64 megapixels.

Still, insiders claim that the manufacturer will refuse to use a platform based on the advanced Snapdragon 855 and 855 Plus processors. The company's engineers decided to use the Samsung Exynos 980 here, which is equipped with an integrated 5G modem.


The choice of the developers was predetermined by the characteristics of this chipset. It allows you to maximize the possibilities of the impressive resolution of the main camera sensor of the device.

Insiders believe that the Sony IMX686 sensor will be used as such. It has exactly the same resolution settings. It is expected that similar lenses will be installed in the cameras of competitors - HONOR V30 and V30 Pro.

Vivo believes that users will be attracted by the ability to zoom in on the subject up to 60 times. This, together with good camera parameters, will take the quality of the resulting images to the next level.

The cost of new items will be $ 540 USA.

MacBook Pro 2020 gets a new keyboard

Not so long ago, Apple introduced the MacBook Pro in 16-inch size. The main feature of this device is the equipment of the redesigned scissor-type keyboard.

This technology has already been used by the American manufacturer in almost all Pro-versions of its laptops. However, in 2017 the company switched to butterfly mechanisms.

Now insiders report that the Yabloko players intend to completely abandon the latter. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will be released in the first half of next year. They will be equipped with a new type of keyboard.


Prior to this, one of the Apple executives said that the company does not plan to release 14-inch models.

All Redmi Note 8 Pro will be migrating to Android 10 soon

At the end of summer, the Chinese manufacturer launched two new smartphone models - Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro. Just a few days after their announcement, the new Android 10 operating system appeared.

Not much time has passed since that. Despite this, the developer's specialists can equip these modifications with a new version of the "operating system".

Recently, Geekbench posted information on testing the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which was powered by Android 10.


From the data presented, it can be seen that the device scored 7739 points in the multi-core test and 2562 points in the single-core test. These are not the most outstanding figures for a device of this type and segment. It is likely that he is capable of more.

Experts assume that at this time there are processes of adaptation and testing of the new OS. Therefore, the performance results are poor.


Before that, the company announced that the line of "eights" will receive a new firmware MIUI 11 in December, which will work stably.

Insiders believe this update will definitely work on Android 10.

AMD Coming Soon with Big Performance Gains

Recently, The Street has interviewed AMD Vice President Forrest Norrod. During the conversation, he talked a little about the new Zen 3 architecture, which is being actively implemented at AMD.

Many have heard of the current Zen 2 architecture. Norrod explained that it is the first stage in the conceived evolution of architecture. He defined Zen 3 as a more advanced technology, the introduction of which will significantly increase the power of chipsets.

Since the company made the transition from Zen / Zen + to Zen 2, the power of its chips increased by an average of 15%. It should be noted here that in this case only Epyc server processors are meant.

If, with the introduction of the new architecture, approximately the same performance gains are achieved, then AMD will gain a competitive advantage over Intel. Moreover, this manufacturer expects a double-digit increase in the number of instructions per clock (IPC), while AMD expects a similar growth rate, but only with each new generation of processors.

Recall that the competition between the two giants of microcircuit electronics has not stopped for many years. One or the other manufacturer takes the lead in turn. Now, in terms of commerce, Intel is slightly ahead.

It is possible that AMD will soon take this place.

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