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Top 20 Best Comedies of 2018


Having discussed all the best action and horror films, it would be useless to ignore such a popular genre among film connoisseurs as comedy. Surely many will be interested to know which comedy films were the leaders of 2018, getting, if not in the list of the best films of the year, then at least in the list of the best comedies.

The top is laid out based on the KinoPoisk rating. It did not include science fiction and fantasy films, about which their top will soon be released. All films presented in our list have a rating higher than 6.4, which means they will certainly appeal to most connoisseurs of cinematic humor. We remind you that a trailer for any film can be viewed simply by clicking on the title of the film.

Now that we have figured out everything, we can start. And, oddly enough, the first in our list of films of the comedy genre, compiled at the end of 2018, is the film of Indian filmmakers ...

1. I am a teacher 7.82


Patients with Tourette's syndrome are not dangerous to others. Yes, their nervous tics look very alarming from the side. But these are just tics, involuntary muscle contractions, rarely accompanied by any "soundtrack." But go and explain it all to a simple layman who sees THIS for the first time in his life.

In the heroine of the film, the syndrome manifests itself in constant twitching of the head, sharp cries and scratching the chin with her right hand. Despite this, she is simply obsessed with the dream of becoming a teacher. But who will take "such" a teacher, albeit with two higher educations, to school? After all, she will scare away all children with her twitching and involuntary screams!

They took her to one school. But the joy of our heroine Naina was premature. She got an experimental class, in which children come from problem areas, that is, in fact, slums.

But, be that as it may, her dream has come true, and she will make every effort to make it work out.

The filmmaker is too naive. The girl, who had been bullied all her life by her peers for her nervous antics, would not, under any extenuating circumstances, have a desire to work with children. This time. Secondly, only those children who would behave quieter than water, lower than grass, that is, the best in terms of academic performance and behavior, would get into an elite school, even if it is an experimental class. Behaving idiotically and defiantly with a flawed teacher is too much of a luxury. There is a great chance to fly back to a regular school. Thirdly, the disadvantage is that the performer of the main role is too overplaying in places.

But, in general, the film can be watched. Comedy, as such, is, of course, not enough. More drama. But, since the creators stated that the picture is also a comedy, then we have no right not to mention it in our top.

2. Green Book 7.61


Little known at the time (in the film the action takes place in 1962), black pianist Don Shirley decides to tour with concerts in cities and towns of the United States. But that time was not easy. This was a period when no one really thought about tolerance towards the black population of America. The "black man" walk in public in places where, for the most part, white people "hang out", it was not only forbidden to walk, but also dangerous. Even bars, eateries and other places for blacks had their own.

That is why the pianist's managers advised him, firstly, to hire a cool bodyguard, preferably from among the whites, and secondly, to be guided in moving around the country by the Green Book.

"Green Book" is a kind of travel guide to the country, published especially for black motorists. This guide explains and shows you how, which roads and locations are best for blacks to travel to to minimize the problems with the country's white population.

As a bodyguard, Shirley hires a bouncer and problem solver from a tough local club, an Italian-American thug named "Chatterbox" Vallelonga. With this shot, as it turned out, there will be many problems on the road. He is an uncouth, untrained and bluntly straightforward dork. But the art of killing everyone right and left cannot be taken away from him. And this, perhaps, outweighs all its cons!

3. Favorite 7.47


The clumsy reign of the Stuart dynasty was ended on Queen Anne, daughter of James II, who fell ill for almost all her time on the throne and, in fact, as shown in the film, was almost a puppet of her two court ladies - Duchess of Marlborough Sarah Churchill and her cousin Abigail Hill.

It is between these ladies that the fight for the Queen's favor will unfold. And what the then court ladies did not go to, so as not to get a place "under the sun." Not everything in the film is true, but overall the picture is good. You can even watch it!

4. Love Simon 7.35


It is now fashionable to make films about homosexuals. Tolerance has crept into teenage films as well, because this tape is primarily aimed at an audience from 13 to 18 years old. Therefore, not many people will like the story, but only truly tolerant connoisseurs of cinematography from among young people who are not yet bored with stories about homosexual adolescents who until some time desperately hide their sexual orientation.

In the film about the strange inclinations of the protagonist - a teenager Simon, the school cheerleader Martin accidentally recognizes. He sees that the "fagot" has excellent friendships with the girls and begins to blackmail him. In exchange for silence about his sexual orientation, he demands that Simon introduce him to one of the local beauties.

Will Simon follow the lead of a kind of blackmailer, or will he dare to reveal the whole truth about himself to everyone? Those for whom this story is of interest, welcome to view. For those who have the fate of hidden homosexuals and their shatazhists on their side, we suggest to proceed further.

5. Ballad of Buster Scruggs 7.28


These are six separate stories that poke fun at the stupidity, unluckiness, shortsightedness, naivete and hypertrophied courage, bordering on stupidity, of people who lived on the North American continent during the Wild West.

In fact, people in the Wild West lived far from stupid. But in the films they are shown precisely by idiots. They had idiotic habits, they made idiotic decisions and did idiotic things. The smartest of them, usually, was the main character of ktnolenta, who, meanwhile, was also no stranger to the general idiocy.

Only in Westerns, a person in a shootout does not hide behind something and does not lie down, so that there is less opportunity to hit him, but always stands in full growth. He shoots without aiming so that there is more opportunity to hit, but hollows from the belt. And decisions are made absolutely contrary to common sense.

The Coen Brothers' short films are a kind of parody of the Wild West, which we are used to seeing in most Westerns filmed in the entire history of cinema. Plus, some of the stories in the collection are very informative and really funny.

6. Mid 90s 7.27


Another comedy that is more dramatic than comedic. But since the showrunners of the tape declared the genre of "comedy" in the description, we cannot do anything about it, and we have to silently and gritting our teeth put it in our top.

She's not as bad as it might seem from the trailer. And its cool is not that the spirit and atmosphere of the 80s is so perfectly recreated in it. It is appreciated for the fact that in it you can track the global difference between the life of adolescents from the current, modern one. Now, in the age of smartphones, the Internet and mobile communications, everyone is completely bogged down in this kind of social-digital web. And then ...

Then people had no choice. To interact in society, they had to go out and communicate with each other face-to-face. Everything at this time was live. And now ... Everything that is happening around at the present time is a cheap and fake parody of what was in the 80s.

At least that's what Jonah Hill thinks. And only those who were teenagers in the 80s will understand it 100%!

7. Crystal 7.23


Another "hello from the past." Only here we are talking about the 90s. Moreover, the creators are nostalgic here not only about the atmosphere of the 90s of the Soviet Union, but also about the atmosphere of the 90s of the United States.

A creative personality and, concurrently, a discotheque DJ of a local club, represented by a low-key girl Veli from Minsk, dreams of a trip to America. But in the past, it was not easy to travel abroad and, moreover, to the States. Therefore, I had to cheat with the documents for the visa. Hence the consequences that led our heroine straight to an unfamiliar American family, in which people are busy preparing for the wedding.

How will the Americans react to the newcomer of their communist society? We watch and enjoy. The film turned out to be worthwhile. Though, again, 100% comedy to call it, too, the language would not turn. Although, you'll have to giggle a couple of times.

8. Sisters Brothers 7.21


A duo of killers in the service of a mysterious commissar, consisting of two brothers named "Sisters" (in USA the surname sounds like "Sisters"), are undergoing a complete rethinking of their "domestic and foreign policy" while carrying out the next order of their bloody boss: " Find and destroy the cunning chemist Worm, having first tried out the composition of the liquid that helps to detect gold in the mines. ”

This time the couple, too erratic and without brakes, is working under the supervision of a third member of the team, who, as it soon turns out, goes over to Warm's side. Now the murderous brothers will have to send both to the next world. But fate ultimately decreed that they do not even have time to blink an eye, as they themselves find themselves on the opposite side of the barricades. But what will this alignment lead to?

Clearly no good. Although, depending on which side you look at.

9. Hard Trip 7.10


“Heavy” is not here in the sense that it was not easy for them because of some physical obstacles. This trip was just made by lovers of “heavy” music, that is, “heavy metal”, as we once loved to say. That is why their trip took place exclusively to the accompaniment of "heavy" music, which is why they called it (the trip).

And the real Finnish reindeer herders took part in the trip, whose reindeer were forced to hang themselves day after day from the heavy rock constantly roaring from the master's garage. The guys lit up so that it did not go unnoticed by a passing promoter, who invited them to participate in the annual Norwegian rock festival.

So our reindeer breeders set off on a long trip across Europe. And this trip turned out to be really hard!

10. Don't worry, it won't get far on 7.08


Another dramatic comedy in which the comedic one - the cat cried. Therefore, we warn you that although there are moments in the film that can cause a smile on your lips, this is, first of all, a drama.

This is a story about a man who received injuries as a result of drunkenness and partying not only broke his spine, but also helped to find meaning in life. True, the acquisition of this meaning was given to our hero through the fifth to the tenth. What poor John had to go through! Disability, drunkenness, complete loss of faith in yourself and your loved ones ...

Tough case. But, as it turned out, quite fixable. And to watch how he will "correct" this case is not only interesting and informative, but also instructive.

11. Game Night 7.01


Now everyone is obsessed with completing quests in real life. But at a time when the majority use the services of professional organizers of these same quests, Max, Annie and their friends themselves in turn come up with quests for themselves.

It's time for Max's brother to come up with a quest. And he organized it, frankly, awesome! It all started with such a real abduction of the brother himself by some thugs, which is just super! And then something! Farther! Everything is cooler and cooler!

Only, at some point, the test participants begin to suspect that everything that is happening to them is not a game at all, and in order to survive until the morning, they will have to try very hard!

12. Mamma Mia! 2 6.98


Fans of the Swedish pop group Abba will be delighted to see this masterpiece especially. Although, as the rating shows, very, very many who do not know anything about the mentioned pop group at all are happy with the release of the sequel to their beloved musical in 2008.

The musical takes on an uncomplicated plot, ease of narration and simplicity of a naive love story. This is what the airy, musical and melodramatic comedy “MammaMia! 2 ".

13. Kvnschiki 6.96


Next, three positions in a row are occupied by domestic films. And in 13th place are "Kvnschiki", which, again, can be considered more dramatic than comedy. It tells about how difficult it is for KVN students to advance to the heights of glory.

Of course, no one will tell you the whole truth about the behind-the-scenes and undercover struggle for a "place in the sun". But overall it looks good.

Special attention should be paid to the mention in the synopsis that this tape was allegedly filmed at the KVN festival held in Sochi, and the film was shot without the permission of the organizers of this festival. The statement is idiotic to say the least, and it is only an advertising one.

Believe me, gentlemen. If the organizers of the festival had a desire to rip off the money from the creators of the picture, they would have done it according to the law, and these creators would not have gone anywhere from this, they would have paid from their fees like cute. And since this did not happen, what kind of "without permission" can we talk about? The fact that the creators were not brought to court for trial, is this not evidence that the film was shot, just the same, with the consent of the organizers of the festival?

14. I'm losing weight 6.93


Anya loves to eat well. She also loves Zhenya, who does not love her because she loves to eat. In the end, as was to be expected, Zhenya sends his overweight girlfriend to hell.

On her way to "far away", Anya meets Kolya, who also loves to eat, who really wants to take part in sports competitions, which is why she decides to urgently lose weight. Anya is charged with his thrust and enthusiasm. After all, only after losing weight will she be able to return from "where to go" to her friend Zhenya.

And here it becomes clear from everything that when the girl finally loses weight, she will most likely remain in "where farther away", where her former friend Zhenya sent her, with her new friend Kolya. How else? After all, our domestic cinematographers are unlikely to be able to come up with something more complicated than such simple stories.

15. Policeman from Rublyovka. New Year's mayhem 6.92


It turns out that a company of musketeers called the "Police Department" Barvikha Severnoye "also has its enemy, the Cardinal, in the person of the main department, which wants to cover this worthless shop of idlers.

Then one of the idiot policemen of this "valiant company" Grisha Izmailov decides to commit his musketeer brave and ruble-like moronic act - to rob a local bank branch. The idea was as follows. His department, which is going to be closed, quickly uncovers this simple crime, finds and returns the money to its place, and "Barvikha Severnoye" is not disbanded.

Such a truly ingenious plan could only mature in the mind of an outstanding thinker. But Grisha's plan was shamelessly hacked by a third party, whose participation in it was absolutely not provided ...

16. Try it 6.79

The first comedy on the list that really deserves to be called a full-length comedy. And the plot is interesting, and there will be something to smile about. And more than once.

A successful businessman, and part-time a womanizer, and also that weasel who cannot live without a trick and a minute, after the death of his mother, he comes to his home. There he discovers his mother's wheelchair and tries to sit in it. At this moment, a nurse enters, and finding him in a wheelchair, thinks that he is, in fact, disabled.

The caregiver is good. And our slicker decides to hit her, slowly revealing to her the truth that, in fact, he is still some kind of walking. And then he meets the nurse’s sister, who is not walking and doesn’t pretend to be in a wheelchair.

After a couple of meetings with her, our slicker feels that he has fallen head over heels in love with her. But how can you reveal to her the terrible secret that he, in fact, is not an invalid at all?

17. Simple Request 6.75


In essence, this picture is a real detective thriller. Yes, there are some funny moments in it, but judge for yourself.

Two women meet when they take their sons from elementary school. Their children are good friends, so why not get to know each other better and two mothers? The enigmatic Emily invites blogger Stephanie to dine together, and the next day, the first one disappears. Moreover, before that by calling and asking Stephanie to look after her child for a while.

When it becomes unconditionally clear that Emily has disappeared, Stephanie begins her own investigation, which leads her into such a jungle that it would be better if she did not start.

Such is the comedy. Wow, right?

18. What Men Talk About. Continued 6.73


This time the adventures of Lesha, Slava, Kamil and Sasha turned out no worse than the past. For some devil, they, all of a sudden, all were carried to St. Petersburg. When everyone tries to understand for himself what he actually forgot there, it turns out that nothing. So why are we going there? Just because. Why not on the "Sapsan" and in some kind of snuffed reserved seat? Yes, simply because it is dearer, more comfortable and more fun!

But, excuse me, what will we do in St. Petersburg when we arrive there? FIG knows! The main thing is that all weekend the head will stop hurting about routine and everyday problems!

And then Seryozha will catch up with the money he just refused to borrow for Sasha ...

19. Eighth Grade 6.71


It is completely incomprehensible why the description for the film means that this film is a comedy. It doesn't smell here. This is a dramatic film about the difficult path of becoming a teenage character. The film plays up all aspects of the current modern growing up of youth. What they do when they are not supervised by their parents or teachers, how they behave online. The issue of the relationship of adolescents with each other is also considered, what they talk about, what their topics are, how they live and all that.

The film is made more for parents than teenagers. They don't need to look at themselves. Parents should watch and know about this. And it's also good that everything ends normally in this tape. There are cases that are much more neglected, which do not end on such a positive note.

20. The Incredible Adventures of Fakir 6.70


This is the story of the Indian Ajatashatru Lavash Patel, who lived in Mumbai from birth. At a young age, he joined the art of magicians and illusionists, which he earned when he began to grow up.

All his life he dreamed of breaking out of this ill-fated city and driving around the world. But for this, as you yourself understand, he had neither the money nor the appropriate incentive. When his mother died, he decided that now there was certainly nothing keeping him here. Having insidiously cheated on his neighbors, by hook or by crook he gathered up some money for himself and went to the other end of the world to try to find his own father and, in combination, see the world! But, in general, the main thing is to get away from here!

And adventures will fall on his head. Starting with big and crazy love, and ending with the most extravagant journey back and forth, in which all available means are good in the role of transport!


On this hilarious note, we conclude our top 30 best comedy films of 2018. But we say goodbye to you for a short while. We'll be back next week to take stock of the past sci-fi movie year.

In the meantime, all the best to you, dear moviegoers, and more good and interesting films and TV series for you!

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