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New in Final Fantasy XV: Four DLCs, Level Editor and Character Creation


Square Enix shared its ambitious plans for Final Fantasy XV during PAX East last weekend. Players can look forward to many exciting new features.

In 2019, we have four DLCs that expand the storyline. All but the last one will provide additional information about the characters that appeared in the vanilla version of the game.

In the first and second DLC we can learn more about the villains


The hero of the first of the so-called episodes will be Ardin - the main enemy from the base campaign. During the game, users will find out what drives the antagonist, and see the reasons for hatred of the kingdom of Lucis and the conflict with the Astral gods.

The central character of the second DLC will be Aranea Highwind, the commander of the Niflheim Empire. In the main game, she was also one of the opponents, although in later stages she joined Prince Noctis's team.


During the PAX East discussion panel, the game's developers emphasized that the DLC will take the form of a more minor story, branching off from the first episode. The plot will be dedicated to the last day of the heroine's country.

In the third DLC we will be able to play the Moon


The third expansion will focus on Prince Noctis's fiancee, Luna. Developer tips indicate that the girl will rush into battle to save her beloved and try to "turn away" evil fate from him.

And in the fourth DLC we will be able to reveal the secret of the Astrals


The final episode will feature an alternate ending. The main character is again Noctis, who, after renouncing the Astral gods, will go on a journey to guarantee his subordinates an “ideal future”.

When will the DLC be released?

The exact release dates of each DLC have not been disclosed, although it is known for sure - they will be out in 2019 .

How much will the DLC cost &

Until now, representatives of Square Enix have not specified whether the new chapters will be paid.

The mode of creating your hero will appear

In addition to fascinating storylines, other content awaits fans of the game. PC owners this year will receive a hero creation mode, known to players from the Comrade co-op mode. This means that you can manage your personalized avatars right in the story campaign.

Support for custom modifications will be added

In the spring, the computer edition of the game will receive official support for custom modifications. They can be downloaded from Steam Workshop completely free of charge. And in the fall, another feature will appear on the PC - the location editor. On the game levels, you can not only place additional opponents, but also develop your own missions and even add a golf mini-game.

Co-op game

Square Enix also announced that Comrades will be releasing the independent co-op edition this summer. As with the DLC, it is not yet known if this will be paid content.

And if even this is not enough for someone, there are two more updates ahead of the fans that will make the game more diverse. There will be more raids, enemy types and challenges where players will face several different opponents.

In addition, Square Enix is preparing content related to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Details have not yet been revealed, but there will be references to Lara Croft.

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