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Bosses in video games are like a separate art form


Bosses in video games are like a separate art form. The developers try to paint them as frightening as possible, practice gigantomania and put kilometer-long titans against the tiny player, and most importantly, make them insanely difficult. Of course, some bosses are passed once or twice, but there are those that require Bruce Lee's dexterity, the brain of Steve Jobs and the patience of a Shaolin monk to complete them. If you are ready to test your strength, then meet the 10 most difficult bosses in games.

10. Nihilant - Half-Life

Gordon Freeman should be given credit: without further ado, he does what he does best - once again saves humanity. But we are sure that even a fearless and talented physicist said a few swear words about himself when he first saw the final boss of the first Half-Life - Nihilanth.

An overgrown flying toddler will be able to spoil the nerves of a gamer, thanks to the army of minions, self-guided attacks and invulnerability until you destroy two energy crystals. And if suddenly this is not enough for you, then Nihilant has an additional trump card up his sleeve - the player's teleportation to other locations. Well, at least it doesn't send it into outer space, and thanks for that.

9. Shadow of the Colossus - Colossus # 15

The iconic game Fumito Ueda is a real anthem to bosses in games. 16 centuries-old giants with a bored look meet the tiny conqueror of giants. After all, why should they be afraid, the blow of the sword is like a toothpick prick into the elephant's skin. But each colossus has its own Achilles' heel, which will be the main difficulty in the battle with the stone titans. No clue, just trial and error

Among all the variety of bosses, hunt separately to mark the humanoid giant at number 15. It's a shame to admit, but the author of this text even had to work on guides on the Internet in order to find the correct sequence of actions for the triumphant victory over the colossus.

8. Albert Wesker - Resident Evil 5

Sportsman, genius and just handsome Albert Wesker could build a career as an outstanding scientist, curing the whole world from the T-virus infection. But why, when domination over the world is much more interesting. And to make the Napoleonic ones come true, Wesker did not forget to inject himself a horse dose of the virus, mutating into one of the most difficult bosses of the Resident Evil series.

Superhuman speed, Neo-style dodges and invulnerability - Albert became the real Chuck Norris from the world of video games. To be honest, it seems Sheva, the main character's partner, is in a secret conspiracy with Wesker, since it is she who is required to make the final finishing feint to kill Wesker. But more often than not, Sheva, at the decisive moment, seems to forget about her purpose, which further complicates the already uncomplicated final boss fight.

7. Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Satan

For the sake of his beloved, a person is ready to do anything: go through the most difficult trials, cope with the deeds worthy of Hercules himself, and even fight Satan. This is exactly the way Gabriel Belmont goes to return his beloved from the Kingdom of the Dead to Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

And if the game could seem difficult, then only when you meet Satan do you start thinking about the game developers as maniacs with sadistic inclinations. Satan cannot boast of outstanding strength or dexterity, but magical barriers, for which you must constantly switch between the magic of light and darkness, can infuriate even monks who have mastered Zen.

6. Metal Gear Revengeance - Stephen Armstrong

Japanese game makers are always with special sophistication regarding the creation of bosses. And Metal Gear Revengeance was no exception, so be prepared to smash your gamepad when you meet Stephen Armstrong, and if you play the game on PC using the keyboard mouse, God help you.

Stephen Armstrong dreamed of completely rebuilding the social structure of American society, leaving room only for the strongest, the so-called super-people. And if Armstrong's cliched ideas can only cause a laugh, then his physical strength, enhanced by nanomachines, and his supersonic speed will make you hate the self-proclaimed president of the United States.

5. Mortal Combat 2 - Shao Kahn

A lazy exchange of blows is hardly possible from a battle with a character who bears the title of "Emperor of the Outside World". Add divine power, a penchant for cruelty, and a craze for black magic, and you have the most difficult boss in Mortal Combat history, Shao Kahn.

In the second MK, Shao Kahn was listed as the final opponent and could, after a few hits, start performing fatality, tearing the player in half. But against Shao Kahn, one strategy is correct - a continuous barrage of blows, forcing the boss to constantly be in a defensive stance, but remember: one mistake - and you are dead.

4. Dark Souls 3 - The Nameless King

During the passage of the Dark Souls series, even ordinary opponents can cause problems, and what can we say about the bosses, about which you can already make up legends. All of them are epic, strong, tenacious and insanely complex. Among all the variety of bosses in the Souls series, the Nameless King should be mentioned separately.

The giant knight, without further ado, unleashes the power of his dragon on the player and treacherously waves his long sword, hiding behind the thick skin of a flying monster. However, after killing a fire-breathing cattle, you should not prematurely rejoice. The Nameless King, even without the support of his faithful animal, will be able to trample even the most hardcore gamer into the ground within a few seconds.

3. God of War - Valkyrie Queen (Max Difficulty)

Studio Santa Monica designed their masterpiece with a clear eye on the Souls series. This is noticeable both in the combat system and in the difficulty level, which requires superhuman reflexes from the player. And if the first three levels of difficulty are still quite within the power of most players, then the maximum, called God of War, provides a real hardcore challenge.

The Valkyrie Queen in God of War is the final boss, thanks for being optional at least. To defeat her, the tactic of constant spam of runic attacks works best of all: first light, then strong, change the weapon, repeat - and so on until you tear off the wings of the evil beast. But again, the slightest mistake and miscalculation will make you watch the loading screen.

2. Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis

If you still doubt that Kojima is a genius, then Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid is coming to you. He does not amaze with gigantic size, outstanding strength or vitality, his trump card is completely different - extrasensory abilities, for example, mind reading. If you play Metal Gear Solid on the first Playstaton, then you won't even be able to hit Psycho Mantis, he will guess all your actions in advance.

Such a dishonest duel raises only one question: "How the hell can I beat you ?!" The solution to the problem feels non-trivial and innovative even 20 years after the release of the first MGS. To prevent the boss from reading minds, you will have to connect another gamepad to the console, and only in this case, Nostradamus in a gas mask will be vulnerable to player attacks.

1. Punch-Out !! - Mike Tyson

The first place among the most powerful bosses in games is Mike Tyson from the imperishable fighting game Punch Out. The game was released more than 30 years ago and probably even for the best that modern gamers are unlikely to ever face Tyson in the electronic ring.

In Punch-Out, Mike Tyson was dubbed invincible for a reason, because only one missed uppercut can send a player into a deep knockout. To defeat the legendary boxer, it was required to dodge, counterattack and block attacks with mathematical precision. In general, the developers perfectly conveyed the feeling of the fight with Mike Tyson, forcing them to train hard in the art of contact sports to achieve the champion title. Everything is just like in real life.

See also the top 10 best bosses in the God of War series. True, they do not differ in complexity, but they compensate for this with an unprecedented scale, epic and cruelty.

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