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Review of the film Atlantis


In this article we will tell you about the new film by Xavier Jans "Atlantis ". In a strange way it was underestimated by some critics, and the USA translation "Atlantis " of the original title "Cold skin " or "Cold skin " did not help the understanding of the film and even confused the audience. In this article, we'll put everything in its place to help pay tribute to an interesting movie of its kind.

"Atlantis" is a new work from the creator of "Border" and "Hitman" Xavier Jance. We are already used to the fact that the director knows how to shoot horror films. Therefore, in the new work, according to one version announced as a thriller, according to the other - as a horror movie, we are waiting for the continuation of traditions. However, you need to warn in advance that in this film, as such, there will be very few super horrors (if you are an inveterate horror fan).

There is nothing to be afraid of

Those who are determined to watch the next horror movie with a hug with popcorn will be disappointed, but lovers of stunning seascapes will be mesmerized by the filming locations of the film, which took place in the Canary Islands, namely in Lanzarote in the province of Las Palmas. Good advertising for these places turned out. The people will know that in Spain you can go not only to Ibiza, but also to Lanzarote.

On the other hand, the film could be called a fantasy, because the sea creatures, because of which the USA translators called the film "Atlantis", are very reminiscent of either mermaids or amphibians, but with the civilization of Atlantis itself, the development of the film does not have nothing in common. Therefore, for lovers of antiquity and alternative history in its purest form, this film is hardly suitable. But fans of Jules Verne or Lovecraft's creativity will appreciate the new creation of Xavier Jance.

World War I and Atlantis

Cold skin movie
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The film is set in 1914, at the start of the First World War. The main character, whose name is Friend, that is, in translation "friend", is sent to the lost. an abandoned island, where he must take over the watch at the meteorological station, in view of the fact that his predecessor died, it is believed, of typhus. The friend has to spend a whole year there. Upon arrival on the island, he meets Gruner, who lives in the lighthouse. He is played by Ray Stevenson, who is well known to us from the 2004 film King Arthur. As it turned out, he does not live alone, but with a tamed creature - an amphibious girl, whom he does not consider similar to a person. For Gruner, she is akin to a dog. He treats her appropriately or worse.

And our hero Friend, played by David Oaks (TV series "Borgia"), is imbued with friendly feelings for this creature and gives her the name Aneris (Aura Garrido), which is an anagram of the word "siren" - a character in ancient Greek myths who, with her wonderful singing charmed sailors and carried them away to certain death.

Between these creatures, to which Aneris belongs and her master, there is an interaction that drives Gruner mad, almost in the same way as sirens once drove ship captains into a state of madness.

But is this the point of the film based on the book "Cold Skin" by Alberto Sanchez Pignol? Or is everything much more symbolic and instead of the expected thriller we plunge into the study of the human psyche, and sea creatures are nothing more than inner human fears embodied in the image of amphibians?

We are always far from those we hate

Cold skin movie
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It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the film the phrase sounds: "We are always far from those we hate. Therefore, we must not get too close to those we love." Isn't this really a call for inner rapprochement with our "demons" inside, doubts, fears, suppressed desires that we hate to such an extent that this hatred prevents us from loving ourselves? We are too far inwardly even from ourselves, so it is difficult for us to get closer to others whom we love or could love.

This is just one version of the interpretation of the film. Perhaps it could be called a parable film, since it is difficult to enclose it in the framework of any one genre, as they try to do by recording it in the category of horror films or banal thrillers.

Therefore, judgments about him from this point of view will always be narrow and will invariably end with conversations that the creators have not been able to say, conventionally, "to reveal the topic." In fact, in this film, much is given to the viewer, the director hopes for the viewer's understanding of the plot of the film, based on personal ideas and experience.

The intrigue remains

Therefore, we end this article without revealing the main intrigue of the film, which can only be understood by watching the film to the last frame. In this he is very similar to "The Form of Water", and the plot of these two films is like a brother and sister, almost literally. So decide which one to watch first, but at the same time realizing that ideologically they are very different, but you will certainly get pleasure from watching them. This is not action or drama, so just relax and enjoy the contemplation of the water element, the flow of which will follow the development of the plot.

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Author: Jake Pinkman