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TV series and films release schedule from 25 to 30 April


In the very last week of April, the domestic film distribution will mainly shine only with foreign films. Moreover, for once, there will be only a couple of movie premieres from sunny Hollywood, while usually about fifty percent of new products come to us from North America. From the "pure Americans" at the beginning of the week, only a third-rate horror film will be released, but at the end of the day the blockbuster of the year will slam the door, which we will talk about separately below.

The lion's share of this week's films will be from third countries. And how much they are worth our attention, now we will understand.

News from film distribution

Our filmmakers have planned only a couple of premieres this week, one of which will be a cartoon about animals with an irrepressible craving for travel. The second will be the historical drama "Barabbas" by Eugene Emelin, about the plight of a murderer who was released from the dungeons instead of Jesus. But we will start, nevertheless, with the most anticipated event of the year - a blockbuster ...

Avengers: Endgame (USA)

Production company: Marvel Studios.

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Adventure.

Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo.

In chap. Starring: Brie Larson, Robert Downey Jr., Karen Gillan, Chris Evans, Tessa Thompson, Scarlett Johansson and others

And even though it will be released in our country at the end of the week - April 29, it would be simply wrong to start with something else.

Everyone knows how the confrontation between the army of Thanos and the Avengers in the "Infinity War" ended. Although half of the population of the universe survived, the credit for this does not belong to our dashing superheroes. It was Thanos himself who decided so due to his "good" intentions.

But from the very beginning it was clear that the surviving superheroes would not leave this business like that. And although their campaign has thinned out, and some are generally on the sidelines, and, both by the standards of universal cosmic distances and by the standards of subatomic (and even subquantum), it is clear that the guys will gather again to take revenge and return everything to square one your own.

To top it all off, the newly minted Captain Marvel, who has long since returned to earth, will join the squad, but has decided to join the ranks of the vengeful army just now. Now that a squad of the Marvel Universe has found its "Superman", Thanos will not be envied.

It's no joke, last week the box office "Captain Marvel" exceeded a billion. Well, the strength of the captain is on the face. But in comparison with the future "Final", as experts predict, not a single box office can be compared. The upcoming masterpiece is simply doomed to become the new record holder.

There is only one thing to say about that. We will soon find out if this is so.

Bloodfest (USA ) IMDb 5.3, KP 5.1

Film Companies : Rooster Teeth Productions.

Genres: Horror, Comedy.

Director: Owen Egerton.

In chap. starring: Robbie Kay, Seychelles Gabriel, Barbara Dunkelman, Jacob Batalon and others


The next on the list in the popularity rating, but the previous one in the schedule of release on the cinema screens, from Hollywood films is the film masterpiece of a year ago "Bloodfest". Fans of the genre have long appreciated it on KinoPoisk, and not as high as the creators of the tape would like.

The story of how a colorful and enchanting festival dedicated to horror films suddenly turned into a terrible bloody massacre, conceived by the showrunners of the project, who were sick on the head, did not win laurels from the public, not only for its simple idiotic script.

The characters behave predictably stupidly on the screen, as if none of them understands what the phrase "stand up for your own life" means. Actors make decisions and actions one dumber than the other. It seems that the screenwriter, who wrote all this nonsense, initially considered everyone to be a stupid redneck who can only scream, yell and absolutely cannot fight for his life.

Apparently, like himself, and like all mankind, in his opinion ...

Mind Games (Ireland) IMDb 7.6

Film Companies : Fastnet Films, 22h22 and Caviar Antwerp NV.

Genres: Thriller, Biography, Drama, Detective.

Director: Farad Safinia.

In chap. starring Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Jeremy Irwin, Natalie Dormer and others.

Viewers are used to seeing Mel Gibson in action films. Here, the actor will appear before us in the role of a botanical scientist of the middle of the 19th century. And, I want to say, Botan's beard suits him very, very much. A straight face like a portrait from the walls of chemistry and physics classes.

The Irish also paid for another expensive and famous actor - Sean Penn, familiar to the general public from such films as Carlito's Way (1993), The Game (1997), The Mysterious River (2003). p>

What happened is for you to judge. In our opinion, both actors did an excellent job with their task. Gibson masterfully played a naive and gullible elderly scientist, Penn did a wonderful job of portraying on the screen in his mind a maniac and very cunning and cunning villain, who, in the end, turns out to be not so villainous, just as the scientist is not so far-sighted do it in your business. Although ...

First you should watch the masterpiece to the end.

By the will of God (France, Belgium) IMDb 7.7 , KP 7.1

Film Companies : Mandarin Films, FOZ and Mars Films.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Francois Ozon.

In chap. Starring: Melville Poupo, Denis Menoche, Eric Caravaca, Swann Arlo and others.


Exposing pedophiles is always a holiday. And the exposure of pedophiles in a cassock is even more so. This is a global event.

Here is Francois Ozon and decided to bring to the light of day the truth about one of these "would-be priests" who really existed and preached in Lyon. In 2016 he was sentenced to a long term for seducing many minors to whom he preached in his own way.

Secretly from God, apparently. At that time he had such "superpowers".

Synonyms (France, Israel, Germany) IMDb 7.3

Film companies : SBS Films, Arte France Cinema and Pie Films.< / em>

Genre: Drama.

Director: Nadav Lapid.

In chap. Starring: Tom Mercier, Quentin Dolmer, Uriah Haik, Louise Chevillot and others.


To be born an Israelite is not God's punishment. God's punishment - to come to a country absolutely alien to you and your spirit and to fall under the pressure of a coincidence of circumstances that left you alone in the middle of the street of a foreign city penniless and in what your mother gave birth.

And it's good that Yova (that was the name of our naive emigrant) was stumbled upon by local people in the face of a silly artist and a musician who dressed the unlucky traveler again, gave him money and a phone, in a word, gave him a second chance to settle down on new location.

And what will Job do with this second chance? Will it do it all over again with the same success?

Piranhas of Naples (Italy) IMDb 6.5

Film companies: Palomar, Sky Cinema and Vision Distribution.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

Director: Claudio Giovannesi.

In chap. starring: Francesco Di Napoli, Viviana Aprea, Ciro Vecchione, Mattia Piano Del Balzo and others.


Taking part in the sensational TV project "Gomorrah", the 4th season of which, by the way, saw the light of day as recently as March 29, as a director, Claudio Giovannezi attracted the attention of money-minded people who entrusted him with bungling his own project about today's youth.

The film is not far from "Gomorrah" in its content. All the same crime, all the same young people, ready to do anything in order to crawl out of the hole in which they are forced to chill out.

And by sight the girls and boys are so sweet that you can't even say that under the veneer of youthful innocence, a steel determination is ripening in them to go for the set goal at all to the very end. >

Evil Spirit (Canada) IMDb 5.8, CP 5.2

Film Companies : JoBro Productions & Film Finance, Just Believe Productions and others .

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama.

Director: Adam McDonald.

In chap. starring: Laurie Holden, Nicole Munoz, Eric Osborne, Chloe Rose and others


This week, an attempt to scare moviegoers to hell was made by figures from the Kinologistika rental office. And they are going to do this through a film written and directed by Canadian screenwriter and director Adam McDonald.

But, given the fact that the film has been hit for more than a year and a half, and everyone who wanted to get scared with it, have already done it for five out of ten (judging by the KP rating), not many will be drawn to cinemas.

Still, why waste the secret, when the movie has long been gathering dust for free on torrents.

The plot also does not shine with special sophistication. Dad died, and between daughter and mother, like a cat ran. They have moved away, they are always squabbling, in general, everything is bad on the family plan. The mother thinks that it would be better to go somewhere in the wilderness, away from the strange friends of her daughter, with whom she began to practice the occult.

But then everything only got worse, and at one fine moment these two got so angry that the stupid little daughter went into the forest and performed a ritual of calling an evil spirit there, with which she wanted to get rid of her mother.

In the morning, the petty idiot, of course, has already cooled down. But it turned out to be much more difficult to drive back the summoned otherworldly entity than to release it.

Aftermath (England) IMDb 6.2

Film Companies : Fox Searchlight Pictures, Amusement Park Films and Scott Free Productions .

Genres: Drama, Romance, Military.

Director: James Kent.

In chap. starring: Keira Knightley, Ned Wills, Jason Clarke, Pandora Colin and others


Not only the Soviet regime, after the end of World War II, imposed its own order on the territory of Germany occupied by it. The same thing happened in the territory occupied by the Allied troops. Of course, the war is over, and you need to somehow improve your life. But, of course, nobody will let the native Germans take the helm of towns, cities and lands, in a word, to occupy administrative posts.

The story is about Hamburg, whose interim mayor was appointed British war veteran Lewis Morgan who took part in the hostilities. It was quartered in a mansion where a wealthy local architect lives.

Living is complicated not only by disagreements over the views of everything that happened and is happening. In addition, the architect also has a daughter with mental disabilities, from whom you can expect anything at any time.

And then the tenant and the landlord began to love. I wonder how her husband and part-time mayor of Hamburg will react to this?

Baravva (USA)

Production company: Artworks film.

Genres: Drama, History, Crime, Biography.

Director: Evgeny Emelin.

In chap. Cast: Pavel Krainov, Regina Khakimova, Alexander Laptiy, Zalim Mirzoev and others.


We also got to the criminal of all times and peoples of Barabbas, who was released on the occasion of the holiday from prison instead of Jesus. Although, no, not "instead." Simply, when Pontius Pilate was faced with the question of which of the two criminals to release, he, for one reason or another and, in particular, under the pressure of the circumstances, chose Barabbas.

None of the canonical scriptures of that time specifically specified who this Barrabas was besides being a criminal and a murderer, nor was there any mention of his further (and previous) fate.

The screenwriter and director Yevgeny Emelin had a vision that Barrabas, not only knew Judas himself, but also went into detective stories. He set out for himself to search for the truth and find out whether Jesus, who was crucified on the cross instead of him, is the Son of God.

We are interested in the following. When the truth (in one interpretation or another) will finally be revealed to him, what will he actually do with it? Will he become the new apostle?

Bugs 2 (France, China) IMDb 6.8

Film companies : Futurikon, Ifilm Entertainment and France 3 Cinema.

Genres: Cartoon, Family, Comedy, Adventure.

Directors: Helen Giraud, Thomas Szabo.


Who said that the life of simple insects is boring and monotonous? If this were really so, then the French and the Chinese would not have filmed their adventures for the second time in a row.

Right. Not everyone will lead a little child to the "Avengers", which, by the way, have an age limit - from 16 years and above. Better to take the kids to a colorful and funny cartoon about the adventures of small and funny insects.

This time one of the ladybirds accidentally fell into a box, which went straight to ... the Caribbean! What to do? Of course, it's urgent to fly to the poor fellow to help.

After all, in the tropics there are not bugs, but bugs, which a poor ordinary bug would better not meet.

Big trip (USA, USA)

Production companies: Hollywood Licensing Group and Licensing Brands See.

Genres: Cartoon, Family, Comedy, Adventure.

Director: Natalia Nilova.

Voice acting: Dmitry Nazarov, Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Tatiana Navka, Alexey Vorobyov.


Who said that only USA Post can be wrong? At times, the delivery service for babies fails. Here, for example, as in this cartoon from domestic animators. Some stork, treating his work carelessly, messed up and brought the baby of pandas to the usual brown bears.

But USA bears are great. Not wanting the baby panda to grow up outside of their family, they set off on a big trip to China in order to return the baby to their mother and father.

It is worth noting that Philip Kirkorov himself took part in the dubbing of the animated film, and Maxim Galkin who ordered it (according to our never-lying bloggers). I wonder how they worked together there? Did you bite off each other's ears?

New TV Shows

Speaking of noteworthy ones, there are not many of them this week. But among them there is everything that your heart desires. There are also a couple ofTV series about the Wild West, a superhero saga from the Turkish "division" of Netflix, and a crime drama, and a solid action movie. But most of all, of course, the fans were waiting for the long-awaited continuation of the beloved and most unscientific fantasy series in the history of cinema, The Hundred.

But let's be sequential and tell about all the premieres in more detail in the order of the episodes being released.

Jamestown (England) IMDb 6.9, CP 6.8

Season 3 Premiere Friday April 26th

TV Channel: Sky One.

Genres: Drama, History.

In chap. Starring: Kalani Keypo, Naomi Buttrick, Claire Cox, Max Beasley and others


The first settlers in the land of the New World had been waiting for the arrival of women from the Old World for so long that they could not get enough of it when a ship with their promised future wives finally appeared on the horizon.

But those, with their arrival, brought their women’s problems to the American continent, and with them the undercover intrigues. Now the men are finally starting to get better. If earlier everything was straightforward and understandable for them, now you cannot wait for the truth in anything and you cannot achieve it. After all, even being far from men's affairs and problems, women somehow manage to influence them.

And not always everything that their "influence" has spread to ends well. As they say, there was no sadness - the devils pumped up!

Defender (Turkey) IMDb 7.5, CP 6.7

Season 2 Premiere Friday April 26th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action.

In chap. starring: Chagatay Ulusoy, Aycha Aishin Turan, Okan Yalabyk, Khazar Erguchlu and others.

Lived in the world, or rather - in Istanbul, a simple local guy named Hakan. Once in an antique shop suspicious persons showed up to his father, ready to buy some ancient shirt decorated with runes and drawings for a seven-figure sum. His father refused to sell the shirt to suspicious buyers, but Hakan knew he had one. And he decided to sell it himself. After all, he so needed money to open his own business. What's business here! With that kind of money and without a business, you can live happily ever after.

And from that moment on, the boy's life went head over heels. His father was killed. In addition, it turned out that he was no father to him. And those two who have been spinning underfoot lately turned out to be his faithful assistants. And he himself is no Hakan. Putting on a shirt and absorbing it in some magical way, he became the Defender of Istanbul, his hometown, which the mysterious Immortals want to destroy.

And now only the Protector stands in their way. And, moreover, it is already the second season in a row. But at first I was stubborn!

Son (USA) IMDb 7.6, KP 6.8

Season 2 Premiere Saturday April 27th

TV Channel: AMC.

Genres: Drama, Western

In chap. Starring: Henry Garrett, Paola Nunez, Sidney Lucas, Pierce Brosnan and others

Dad, who was kidnapped and raised by the Indians in his youth, is now a grandfather who owns the lands where oil is extracted. Only oil has a tendency to dry up, cunning and crafty bankers are trying to squeeze this land, and all sorts of hired and evil-minded villains want to burn oil rigs.

Together with his son dad, who, by the way, is played by Pierce Brosnan, they are trying to fight all the misfortunes at once. Somewhere they succeed, somewhere not very well, the dot over "i" will be called upon to dot, apparently, the second season.

Red Line (USA)

The series premiered on Sunday, April 28

TV channel: CBS.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

In chap. starring: Noah Wiley, Laura Fisher, Alaya Royal, Michael Patrick Thornton and others


The development of events was started by an incident that happened by chance during a police watch. A white policeman mistakenly shot a black doctor. Since then, everything has started.

The story will be told on behalf of the representatives of the three families, from which the events of the investigation of this accident will be covered.

Secret government (England) IMDb 7.0, CP 6.1

Season 2 Premiere Sunday April 28th

TV Channel: FOX.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama.

In chap. starring Mark Strong, Joseph Dempsey, Line Reni, Karima McAdams and others


The British are famous for their ability to stage good spy and action series. That, for example, is the same "Retaliation". And this project will also be appreciated by fans of the genre.

Yes, the scores for the CP are low. But they are put mainly by those who need ours to always - chuh-bang! And they won! This does not happen in life.

In life, the main characters are simply obliged to get in the face sometimes. Otherwise, the film simply turns into a naive fairy tale, which is not worth watching.

The main character, Max Easton, a retired MI6 agent, was summoned to an urgent matter to eliminate yet another unwanted person in the Middle East. But in the process, it turns out that everything is not so simple in the case, and someone in the power structures is playing their own game, cleaning up unsuccessful cases, which is why they are playing their own agents right and left.

And everything would be fine if Max's son from his first marriage did not appear on the list for elimination, and the call to work did not occur through blackmail. Allegedly, you will not go to work, we will deal with your new family.

Special Agent Easton is very hot. And little by little, he begins his little investigation, rallying around himself those who were doomed to destruction by the bosses from London.

Hundred (USA) IMDb 7.8, KP 7.4

Season 6 premiere Tuesday April 30

TV Channel: The SW.

Genres: science fiction, drama, detective.

In chap. Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Bob Morley and others

The long-awaited continuation of the idiotic series, in which you can land from space to Earth in a cruise missile casing, having removed the filling from it beforehand and without even frying your ass upon entering the atmosphere, and upon colliding with the surface without earning a single fracture.

Idiotic plot twists, strange decisions of the protagonists, contradictions in their characters and other nonsense to such an extent amuse a person versed in the topic that many people watch the film as a comedy, simply because of the fact that what nonsense and idiocy is still the ignorant scriptwriters of an expensive project might think of it.

This time the remaining idiots from among the so-called humanity finally "finished off" the Earth, and now their path lies on some newly discovered planet. There were still not enough idiots with guns and an endless supply of cartridges.

Let's see how many seasons they will turn their new home into a lifeless desert. In any case, they will definitely find who to fight with.

Well, citizens passengers, is it time to wake up? Let's show those who live here where the crayfish winter!


That's all for now. Next Monday we'll talk about the premieres that await us in the first week of the bright and warm festive May, but for now we'll be content with what we have, as well as what we will be able to “dig” on the Internet.

And therefore, of course, we wish you all an excellent mood, and always unconditionally get only on films and TV shows!

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