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Cyberpunk 2077: Everything We Know About the Game


You may not have noticed, but 7 years have passed since the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, yes, the game was announced back in 2012, even before The Witcher 3 was released.

The Poles from CD Project Red promised us that this E3 will be the most special in the history of the company and the appearance on the stage of Keanu Reeves, who announced the release date of the game, is proof of this. We now know that the game will be released on April 16, 2020. The PC Gamer website decided to systematize everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 today. We have selected the highlights of Cyberpunk 2077.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 a First Person Shooter?

Can we say that the game is a first person shooter? Yes, despite the fact that in the gameplay video from last E3 we clearly saw that sometimes the game switches to third-person perspectives, in general the gameplay is more from the first.

There is a lot of variety in the abilities of the V we were presented with. She could slide to dodge blows, as well as slow down time, use a dash. This allowed her to move quickly in any direction. With a combination of dash and slow mo, V could easily bypass the enemy and shoot him in the head from behind.

A ton of cool weapons was also shown, for example, Tech Shotgun could punch through walls, which turned into a deadly combination with an implant that allows you to see where enemies are hiding. A clever rifle could make it easier for you to shoot without a certain skill: you just shot in a general direction offhand, and the bullet itself tracked the enemy.


Cyberpunk 2077 is still a leveling RPG with a branching storyline, dialogue, role-playing, but also a first-person shooter.

Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creation

During the demo, we also got a glimpse of the character creation process. Hair, face, tattoos and clothing can be customized. However, it doesn't look like we'll be able to resize bones.

In terms of skills, the full list of our abilities that we choose are: Intelligence, Strength, Constitution, Reflexes, Technique, Cool. The latter parameter most likely combines charisma and the ability to deal with stress. By the way, in the tabletop version of the game there are many more abilities, such as empathy. But, alas, it will not.


It is also possible to choose the background of the character, which will affect the further gameplay. Some options for the development of the plot depend on it, as well as your ability to establish contacts. However, no matter how you customize your character, he will still be a mercenary with the nickname V. And that's all we know.

Will there be romance in the game?

Just like in The Witcher, you can build romantic relationships with other characters. And since here we ourselves create the hero and choose his gender - they will be more diverse.

“Here you associate yourself with the character, so his sexual orientation may coincide with yours,” quest designer Patrick Mills said in an interview with GameInformer. “With Geralt, it was more complicated. You had a character ready, whose sexuality was clearly defined by past romantic stories. It all depends on you. Our npc will be gay, bisexual, there are heterosexual npc - everything to make them look alive. ”


Will the game have an adult rating?

Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 is fully aimed at an adult audience and is not going to stop. So, during a demonstration, V saves a girl from an organ dealer and finds her naked in the bathroom. The game does not hesitate to show full nudity. Also in the gameplay was swearing, and jokes about masturbation. The game is clearly going to make the most of its rating.


How does the dialogue system work?

Many RPGs tend to pause the game when there is dialogue between two characters. This is not always the best way to tell a story. There is no 100% certainty about this [they can always remove something], but the game will have dialogues in real time. And since the game is from the first person, various interesting things will be available in it. For example, you can listen and look around, but when you hover over the character, you will see a dialog box with 3-4 possible answers.


The best example is when V and her friend Jackie come to the hideout of one gang to buy weapons. The deal almost ends when, unexpectedly, during the dialogue, the characters take out their weapons and begin to aim at each other. However, the answer window does not disappear, and you can still try to settle everything with words. In this case, it happens, but there is always the opportunity to shoot.


In an earlier scene, a group of criminals mistake V for the person they are looking for. They knock her to the ground and hack into her system, connecting a lie detector. And if we lied in this dialogue, we would be killed. This approach to dialogue, when you can't get out of it or get in, as you usually do, creates a good immersion in the story.

What abilities can be unlocked?

Implants are a very cool addition. During one of the demonstrations, the hero puts himself an implant called Kiroshi Optical - it allows you to zoom in on any objects and analyze them, as well as see the level of enemies, get all the information about them. The Subdermal Grip below increases our damage done when firing.


However, the impression is now that the implants are ideal and do not have any side effects. And this is rather strange for a game, the main motive of which is the danger of introducing technology into your body and getting rid of humanity. In the board game, on the other hand, the danger of such things was shown, and you could get sick with cyber psychosis. The ability "empathy" showed how many lotions you could install in your body. However, as we recalled, it will be absent in the game.

Over time, more insane gadgets will open to us. For example, the ability to calculate the shot so that the bullet ricochets to kill the enemy. Other abilities allow you to use a double jump, kill opponents from cover, use a kind of sword-hand.


V can sneak up on a person, strangle them, and start hacking into their database to get the information they need.

We will also be able to gain access to military technology, which is good news.

How cyberpunk will the game be?

Probably very cyberpunk.


What about the cars in the game?

They will be in the game. The scene is Night City, a fictional metropolis in Northern California. It consists of six huge areas that you can navigate through without loading screens. It will be possible to control the car from both the first and third person, but we cannot talk about the level of detail in GTA 5 yet.

CD Project Red assures us that many vehicles will be available to us, but it is not yet known whether we will be able to control flying devices.


How interactive is the environment?

In the game, you can contact advertisements and immediately buy the goods we are interested in. There is detailed destruction in combat. For example, when V shoots a crane holding a car on a platform, it collapses, the car falls down to provide cover.


How does the city feel?

Thanks to the wonderful crowd generation, the world feels very lively and multicultural. All go about their business, play, fight. The game is full of factions, spelled out characters with deep motives.

For example, in the gameplay shown to us, we are hired by the mechanic Dax, and given the task to track down part of one powerful technology. Our actions are getting the attention of a large corporation trying to find this stolen technology. This is not necessary, but we can make a deal with this corporation, help them return the device and still ask that the part of the device that Dax needs be given to us as payment for the work. So we completed the task and proved ourselves to be an adequate performer without harming anyone.


It is still difficult to say if the game will be completely so tight and complex, but our expectations are high.

What else can you say about the setting?

The city is roughly between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is described in the desktop version of Cyberpunk 2020 as follows:

“The city community was founded in 1994 by the entrepreneur Richard Alix Knight [1954-1998] near Del Coronado Bay. Night City is a modern metropolis with millions of residents in the City Center Westbrook, Haywood, Pacifica, South Night City and Coronado Ranch.

Known for its slogan "The City on the Edge of Tomorrow", it hosts nearly nine million tourists, organizers and corporate travelers every year.


Night City is a community with an improved rapid transit system, its own LDL network and a corporate center that represents more than a dozen of the world's most powerful megacorporations. He is a shining example of technological triumph over the problem of the past. ”

Of course, this optimistic description does not mention all the dirt that we will encounter in the game. Corporations, gangs and organized crime fought constantly for influence in it in 2023 and fought open battles in the streets. In the game, we will see the consequences of this.

Will there be multiplayer?

Yes. At launch, the game will have multiplayer, as was discussed back in 2018. However, the Poles position their game as story-driven in the first place.

Really there will be no donation?

CD PRs claim it won't. They even left an Easter egg in the trailer, where they ridiculed the current trend of cramming microtransactions into single-player games. So, in the red text in the background there is the phrase: "microtransactions in single player, are you crazy?"


Project development

Despite the fact that now a certain corporate crisis in game development has come, associated with mass layoffs, studio spokesman Marcin Iwinski said in an interview with Kotaku that the company will not lay off mass employees after the game goes gold. However, she will not be able to abandon her crunch policy at work.

The staff has been increased so that the final of development does not again turn into the hell that was the process of creating the third Witcher. The staff now has 400 employees working on the game. 250 people pored over the same Wild Hunt, but the real staff with freelancers from different countries was 1500 people.

What's next?

CD PR is a company that works according to the principle "when we have something to show, we will show, but for now, be content with what we have." Therefore, we will wait for new news about the upcoming game.


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