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Why does the PocketBook 740 Pro e-book need protection against water


Many readers prefer paper media for this. However, a growing number of fans of modern technology in the world prefer readers or e-books. Such a device is compact, convenient, you can take it with you on a trip without fear of ruining or tearing something.

However, it is not yet clear whether such a storage medium needs moisture protection. After all, their electronic filling is unlikely to withstand a long stay in the water, and it is expensive to equip the cases of such devices with advanced protection.

Recently, a new PocketBook device has appeared on the market, which is not afraid of high humidity and dust. Let's talk about it in more detail and use his example to clarify the need for the above equipment.

Water protection needed

It is easy to spoil the appearance of a paper volume by negligence: it is enough to accidentally drop a book into the bathtub or overturn a cup of drink on it. If this happens to an electronic device, then its failure is guaranteed.

However, expensive repairs or the purchase of a new reader can be avoided by using a water resistant device. One of them is PocketBook 740 Pro, which has received a certificate of the IPX8 standard.


It is worth noting that the product is not able to withstand a long stay in water, but you should not be afraid of its short-term immersion in this environment. Moreover, to a depth of two meters.

If tea, coffee, raindrops accidentally get on the device, then this will not be a problem for it either and will not cause harm.


Another advantage of having such protection is the ease of keeping the device clean. Fingerprints and any dirt can be easily removed with detergent or a damp cloth.

Your eyesight won't get worse

Most readers of modern manufacturers are equipped with 6-inch displays. PocketBook 740 Pro received a larger E Ink Carta screen with a diagonal of 7.8 inches. This allows not only to comfortably read literary works, but also to view content of a different nature: in the form of tables, diagrams, diagrams, etc. The device can even be used as a music book.

Separately, it is worth talking about the E Ink display. It is well suited for long-term reading lovers, as it is perceived as a sheet of ordinary paper. The existing image on it does not flicker, it is updated at the moment of turning pages.

All this has a beneficial effect on vision: the eyes get tired and tense less. The E Ink Carta screen has a resolution of 1872x1404 pixels, which allows you to get superior refresh rate, high contrast and image clarity compared to traditional LCD-matrix media.

Additionally, the reader allows you to adjust the color temperature. It is safe (the user sees the text in reflected light that falls from the side) and can change the color shade over the course of the day. In the late afternoon, the user gets warmer tones.

It is necessary to mention two more advantages of such a display. It does not fade or glare in sunlight unlike many smartphones and tablets. Another advantage is its economy and moderate energy consumption. PocketBook 740 Pro is equipped with specially optimized software and a 1900 mAh battery. These two factors bring it to autonomy corresponding to two months of uninterrupted operation.

For those who like to perceive everything by ear

Another way to use the reader is to listen to audiobooks with it. This format is now common among those who sign up for various trainings and webinars. It allows you to learn or improve your skills without interrupting your daily activities. For this, in addition to the e-book, you only need headphones.


PocketBook 740 Pro is equipped with a corresponding connector for their connection. If you have wireless accessories, Bluetooth is used for communication.

It is not excluded the option of converting text to speech to listen to it in the usual audiobook mode. This option is often in demand when it is necessary to perform some task exactly when training is being carried out.

Interesting little things

This gadget will become an indispensable assistant for those who seek to learn a foreign language. Its memory contains four dictionaries with fast translation functionality. This is convenient for those users who like to read literature in the original language. If there are new or unfamiliar words, they can find out their meaning by activating them in a separate window, without interrupting the reading process.

Another interesting nuance of PocketBook 740 Pro operation is the ability to synchronize it with other gadgets and devices. This is done using the PocketBook Cloud cloud service. Having started to read the book in the reader, the user can continue to do this in the tablet or smartphone. The service will save the bookmark and open the artwork on the desired page.

Grand Total


Now we can safely say that a modern and high-quality reader should have at least minimal protection from water and dust. This will contribute to its smooth operation and will allow the user to use the device near the pool or bath. The process of reading with a device such as PocketBook 740 Pro will give you a lot of pleasure and will expand your horizons.

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