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Top 20 films about survival in extreme conditions. Water element


The first film that comes to mind when it comes to survival in extreme situations on the water is, of course, James Cameron's 1997 Titanic. The story of the rescue of artist Jack Dawson's girlfriend from a sinking ocean superliner is familiar to everyone. But this is not the only story that can take for the soul by the persistence and dedication with which some who have fallen into extreme conditions on the water are trying to save not only their own, but also other people's lives.

Our top 20 films dedicated to the rescue of people from the water include only the most interesting tapes (according to the KinoPoisk rating), which feature not only shipwrecks, but also, in fact, the survival of the people themselves, who remained on fragile and inflatable boats in the middle ocean without food and water.

Our list of films does not include films in the fantasy genre (such as The Abyss, for example) and films in which people escape to some inhabited or uninhabited island. Films in the style of "Robinson Crusoe" will be dedicated to a separate top.

So let's go. And let's start with the leader in survival and rating, feature film ...

1. Rogue (2000) 8.25

Someone may be indignant, they say, well, how? They said that there will be their own top about the Robinsons Cruz, but they immediately contradict themselves.

Yes, indeed, the hero of Tom Hanks, the only survivor of the unsuccessful landing of a jet plane on the water, was saved by the crash of a mail airliner near a small uninhabited island.

But he, nevertheless, did not sit on the island all the time. All Robinson Cruises are mainly rescued by ships that have sailed to the island. Here, the hero made a raft and went to survive in the ocean together with his friend - the ball Wilson.

For how this survival went, see the movie. Meanwhile, we move on.

2. Lifeguard (2006) 7.96

This is one of a couple of films in our top, which no longer tells about survival, but about rescuers rescuing from the water "extreme survivors" who are in trouble because of the outbreak of the water element, or because of their own connivance.


This doesn't make the film bad. Rather the opposite. And extreme situations are also present here. Well, the presence of Kevin Costner in the film a priori makes it highly rated.

Because this master plays everywhere and always in such a way that the soul gets goose bumps.

3. Life of Pi (2012) 7.82

This is not the first film in which a person is left alone in the middle of the ocean. But this is the first tape in which a young boy will be forced to share a boat with ... Tiger!


By a strange accident, all people died in the shipwreck, including the parents of the protagonist with the interesting name "Pi". But the zebra, orangutan and Bengal tiger survived. Well, teen Pi to boot. And here the rule does not apply: "Who is the first in the boat, he is the captain." Rather, it is appropriate here: "The one who is stronger is the master of the situation." How will the boy get out of this difficult and, one might say, fatal situation? We will find out by looking at the feed from and to.

And don't look for any biblical meaning in the boy's name. This name has nothing to do with the formula for finding the circumference. Just an Indian name. Just a boy in the middle of the ocean. Just a story about how he survived together with an evil predator. But what a difficult story! Download!

4. Lifeboat (1944) 7.74

After the torpedoes submerged a German submarine of an American vessel crossing the Atlantic near Bermuda, several people remain alive.


They all gather in one boat. In addition to the boat, a German sailed up, somehow escaping from an enemy submarine. As it turned out, the sinking ship, nevertheless, was able to send a fascist submarine to the bottom.

The survivors have a dilemma - to let the enemy into the boat, or leave him in the middle of the ocean. In the end, they all agreed that they weren't fiends and pulled the Fritz out of the water.

How would not have to regret after ...

5. Death Among Icebergs (1977) 7.57

Lived for himself, lived as a whaler, Captain Nolan, killed whales little by little, sold, killed again. In general, he led an ordinary life as a whaler. But it was he who was destined to run into a kind of representative of killer whales, in which vengefulness simply went off scale.


Once he harpooned another killer whale, which turned out to be pregnant and gave birth right there, on the ship. The whale father stoically watched the death of his wife and child from the water. And he did not grieve for long. He turned to revenge almost immediately.

He destroyed the entire surface area of the fishing village on stilts into logs, destroying everything that was so dear to Nolan. But even on this the soul of the enraged killer whale did not calm down. Just as Nolan himself will not calm down now, until he takes revenge on the whale.

What this two-sided vengeful attitude led to can be seen in the movie.

6. The Perfect Storm (2000) 7.38

The guys from Gloucester are masters of swordfish fishing. But this season she is not at all lucky. But you have to live on something. The crew has a lot of money problems, and therefore immediately after arriving at the port, everyone again agrees to go to sea for a second attempt.


There is such a proverb: "Greed does not lead to good." But the members of the crew had clearly not heard of her. This time, at the instigation of the captain, the ship goes even further. And, lo and behold! At this point, the swordfish are heaped!

Satisfied with the stormy catch (the refrigerator is already broken), the fishermen are on their way home. But on the way, there is such a storm that there is no time for money, and not for fish and not for a refrigerator. We could save ourselves ...

7. Unbroken (2014) 7.37

The story of the American Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini, who represented the United States at the World Olympics in Berlin in 1936. At the Olympics, he showed himself to be a brave fighter, who, although he did not win, fought on the treadmill with hellish tenacity, which is why he was even invited to the box to the Fuehrer himself.


World War II soon began. An American Air Force plane crashes over the China Sea. Three crew members (including Zamperini) manage to escape in an inflatable boat after splashdown. Then they have to spend 45 days in the middle of the endless waters of the ocean, and then, being in the clutches of the Japs, withstand the harsh hardships of captivity.

For us, the film came out too corny. It is immediately evident that a woman was at the helm during the filming. But what kind of woman? Angelina Jolie herself! Moreover, here she acted both as a producer and as a director. That is why the bajolic is more like a fairy tale from the world of elves. But, you can take a look.

8. Kon-Tiki (2012) 7.33

Seeking to prove that it was the Peruvians who first discovered Polynesia, migrating to the islands from South America in ancient times, Thor Heyerdahl is going to repeat their path and cross the Pacific Ocean on only one raft.

According to him, the ancient people did not perceive the ocean as an obstacle, and even then, in ancient times, they had means of transportation on water, capable of covering great distances and finding the right piece of land, perfectly orienting themselves by the stars like our ancient sailors. p>

But no one gave money for his expedition. Only the head of state of Peru responded, who would be flattered by the proof that the entire population of Polynesia came from his state. And now our gallant navigator, having recruited a team and built a raft using the latest technologies, sets out on a journey.

Even the fact that he can't swim at all didn't stop him. Here is the ocean and rebelled! What, they say, impudent!

9. In the Heart of the Sea (2015) 7.23

The film takes not only an interesting plot, but also interesting actors. In particular, the main role here was entrusted to play a cool avenger - Chris Hemsworth.


The action takes place at the end of the 19th century. The brave crew of the whaling ship Essex sets out from Massachusetts to the North Atlantic, but this time the whale hunt is down their throats.

The reason for the ship's wreck was a super-giant sperm whale, which just on the occasion went out to hunt whaling ships. Needless to say, the vessel quickly sank with his help. The sailors managed to get into boats, but they will have to hang out across the Atlantic for a very long time.

And, alas, not all will survive.

10. And the storm struck (2006) 7.00

This is the promised second story about rescuers, in which everything turned out to be disgustingly well, as if in a fairy tale.


On the shore, it becomes known that two oil tankers are in distress in a storm that has come out of nowhere. Brave rescuers set off on a rescue expedition in fragile motor boats. You will find out what will come of it by watching the movie.

Despite the fact that the film is based on events that actually took place in 1952, everything was filmed so incredibly, as if some kind of caricature. When you watch this film, shot in 2016, you get the feeling that you are looking at a picture shot in the 50s-60s of the last century. Everything is so pretentious and naive that you can cry.

Although, judging by the rating, anyone like ...

11. At the mercy of the elements (2018) 6.80

The film began on land. We hope that it will end there as well. Although the hope for this is melting every day, lived by our main characters in the middle of the endless ocean.


Two lovers decide to relax among the waves on a luxury yacht. Further - a banal turn - they fall into a terrible storm, after which they find themselves lost in the middle of the endless water surface.

Next are the days and weeks of real extreme survival. How will it end? It will be interesting!

12. Sanctum (2010) 6.70

Rather, the film belongs to the future top at the expense of survival in the mountains, since we are talking about cavers. But it just so happened that our brave climbers and part-time lovers of caves and divers will have to dig at an altitude below sea level, where the caves are flooded with water.


It so happened that after descending into the cave massif on the surface and in the coastal areas there was a storm with torrential rain, the waters of which very quickly began to flood the caves, cutting off our brave lovers of cave extreme the way to salvation.

Now they will have to do their best to find a hitherto unknown path to the open sea. Otherwise, as the saying goes: "All the skiff!"

13. Hope will not fade (2013) 6.68

Asking which movie you can watch so that you don't feel sorry for the wasted one and a half hours of time, here's your answer: feel free to watch this wonderful dramatic-adventure thriller with the participation of just one actor - Robert Redforth.

Yes, really, except for Robert Redforth, there is no one else in the film. Himself, his yacht, then his inflatable raft and ... In short, this is the most realistic film on the topic of survival in the ocean.

Despite the fact that the entire script fit on 32 pages, the film came out so amazing that critics from it literally went boiling water out of little need. Plus, the film surprised that despite the fact that the picture had only one screenwriter / director and one actor, it had as many as 11 executive producers. How do you like this?

14. Against the Sun (2014) 6.63

Another interesting survival. And again after the plane crash.


This time, in the middle of the ocean, on an inflatable raft alone, without any means of survival, water and food, three aircraft pilots remain. These three gallant guys will have to make a lot of efforts so that they are not fried by the sun and eaten by sharks. In addition, it will be interesting to see how the children will get provisions. After all, the Sun is not the only thing that can kill them. First of all, as always, the danger is thirst and hunger. But when it’s fried like that, you don’t understand which is worse.

This is quite a good movie, notable for the fact that one of the roles in it was played by Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy from "Harry Potter". It was fun to watch the actor in a new role.

15. Drift (Open Sea 2) (2006) 6.55

The picture is the second film in the series "How I had a moronic summer vacation" or "The Open Sea". The first film from this "under-franchise" can be seen at the 18th place of our top.


Assholes - former classmates, celebrating a birthday on a yacht, got drunk, jumped from the ship to swim and only then remembered that they had not lowered the ladder. And the sides of the yacht are high. What to do? The situation is aggravated by the fact that a small child remains on board.

It will be very interesting to watch the one and a half hours of revelers trying to get on board their ship. Will they be able to do it? Let's watch!

16. Poseidon (2006) 6.54

Due to the shift of tectonic plates (or simply due to an earthquake) somewhere in the ocean, a killer superwave is generated, which easily turns upside down a giant liner called Poseidon.

From this moment on, a motley struggle begins for the survival of several groups of people who do not particularly sit on their butts. And, as always, the gambler and swindler Dylan John turns out to be the most seasoned and skilled in the sense of survival in extreme situations, who takes out on his shoulders the entire office "behind those who follow".

The film was shot on a solid scale. And although the whole idea seems silly, the film was shot in such a way that you don't even think about it. We liked. What you need to spend time with interest.

17. Deepskin (2012) 6.52

Dedicated to the blase who set out to sail the waters of the cold North Atlantic on old and broken-up boats ...


The tale is just about one such Icelandic fishing vessel and its would-be crew, which almost completely disappeared in the depths of the sea. Only one, albeit plump, but rather agile peasant named Gulli managed to survive, who was able to hold out and stumble in the cold water for six hours, until finally he reached a rocky island.

But the ordeal of our hero did not end there either. It will be even more interesting further. But the film is based on real events!

18. Open Sea (2003) 6.19

Going on tourist scuba diving trips, remember that idiots organizers or the same boat owner may forget you while you enjoy the underwater beauty.


This is exactly what happened to the two heroes of this interesting movie. As they say, the circus sailed away, but the clowns, in the form of two forgotten divers, remained. And they missed them only the next day, when they began to remove the boat and came across their little things.

Having quickly gathered, the organizers of the diving tours swam back, looking for the lost and forgotten tourists. And when we arrived, we found the following ... which we will see in the film itself.

19. Dangerous Dive (2015) 5.94

We never think about the concept of the word "pipeline". And the fact that some pipelines run along the bottom of reservoirs in general we take for granted. Meanwhile, these pipelines can also leak, and there are special organizations to repair them, including professional divers.


This picture is just about such specialists-submariners Engel, Mitchell, Hirst and trainee Jones, who were sent to repair a pipeline running near the coast of Somalia.

Not far away, but the diving depth is still quite decent - 200 meters. The gallant team had already completed the repair when the sad news began to arrive from above. It turned out that a specialized vessel that lifts their bathyscaphe from the bottom fell into a terrible storm, and then sank altogether.

With their brains, the specialists came to the conclusion that no one would save them in a storm, and therefore in their case, the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves. But how to get upstairs without going through all the stages of prolonged decompression, for which there is simply not enough oxygen?

Probably not. Although, let's see and find out.

20. Deep Blue / Fear of the Depths (2016) 5.71

In USA there are two different names for this film, and none is wrong. In fact, the film is called "47 Meters Down", which means "At a depth of 47 meters." This is exactly the ascent that our two heroines have to overcome in order to rise to the top.


You ask: "What, in fact, were these two fools doing there?" We will answer. There is such extreme entertainment. You put on a diving suit, climb into a cage. You close. The cage is lowered under the water, where you can admire the sight of sharks that slowly swim around. Entertainment, frankly, is stupid. But the two sisters who decided on it only realize this when the cage in which they are sitting breaks off the hook and falls to the bottom.

The girls understand that hardly anyone will come to their aid when a lot of hungry sharks are swimming around. And there was only one hour of oxygen left. What to do? Do you really have to get out of the cage and climb among the predators to the surface on your own? ..


This concludes our today's top films about survival in water. But it doesn't end with lists of extreme survival movies. The Top 20 Mountain Survival Movies are coming soon. We really hope that our top helped you find what to watch from movies for your weekend. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool movies and TV shows!

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