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10 Things We Hate About RPGs


October is rich in good RPGs: Disco Elysium, The Withcer 3 Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch, The Outer Worlds. We love these games and are very happy that this old genre still manages to amaze us from year to year. But even the best RPGs have cliches that piss us off. Here are 10 things that piss us off about RPG games.

1. Unjustified evil

Often in RPGs we are given the opportunity to play a villain, sometimes it is due to the plot, as for example in Dark Messiah [although this can be called an RPG with a stretch]. But quite often we are allowed to be evil when this is not explained in any way by history, and on the contrary, the main quest still forces you to act like a hero. The simplest example is the TES series. You can join the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, kill people and loot them, but in the end you still need to either close the gates of Oblivion, or kill the Dragon King or save the world. We may be the head of one of these two guilds, but we'll do the right thing in the end. It is also silly if a terrorist suddenly went to rescue you from the rubble of a destroyed building, which he himself blew up.

2. Lack of articles on Wiki


This is more of an MMO problem, but simple RPGs also face it. Understand here correctly, it's cool to explore the game on your own, look for the secrets of the solution or get cool loot by searching dungeons. But according to statistics, a large percentage of gamers are adults and busy people and they only have a few hours to play their favorite RPG; they want to make the most of those few hours. They don't have time to experiment with potion making or long leveling, and Vicki is often useful. Only the same people fill it, and sometimes you have to wait a long time for someone to post a walkthrough or secrets of a just released game. I don't think there are any culprits here, but the situation itself is familiar to many.

3. Bad economy


You are probably familiar with the poor economy in an RPG game? I just defeated a powerful 100-year-old boss and took this enchanting artifact away from him, so why the hell does it cost as much in a merchant's shop as a sharpened blade that low-level bandits run around with? And yes, of course, when I sell it, the price will rise so much that all my accumulated money will not be enough to buy. You can pump up your trade or eloquence, or justify the game by the fact that in real life it is exactly the same. But you know what, if you justify the bad balance of the economy with real life, remember that RPGs most often have elements such as: magic, artifacts or other fantasy things.

4. Useless stealth


Stealth in RPGs can be good, it's not always a pity. For example, if you let me be invisible and take this ability away because the boss I sneak to for 15 minutes while he scratches his head is waiting for me for a cut-scene - don't give it to me at all! After all, you can easily weave it into the narrative or into the message box, they say, "No, you can't do that!".

5. Senseless change of day and night

Some RPGs are not able to introduce the change of day and night, but if they did, we would like it to somehow be reflected in the gameplay. For example, remove children from the streets at night, or drunken men in the morning. Make the characters sleep or add a reason why night or day can be more dangerous for me on the journey: bears with insomnia, a thug who has an urge to use the toilet and accidentally saw you and raised the whole gang - at least something.

6. Silly Tutorial Quests


Go to the basement and kill 5 rats for me. Go to the neighboring village and deliver the letter. Sound familiar, right? Yes, players need quests that can give them experience at the initial levels, but while I also bring a letter to the neighboring village, along the way I will meet a multi-level creature, a pack of wolves and a gang of thieves who will kill me for a sweet soul. And if I am lucky enough to kill them all, then the experience from the quest with the letter will generally seem scanty to me. It is even worse when you accidentally remembered a similar quest at high levels. But that's the next point.

7. Dumb NPCs

What could be worse than stupid NPCs, whose behavior is justified by gaming conventions. Take the same TES, when I kill a chicken, every creature in the city wants me dead, and the guards assign me the number one target. But when I walk naked outside the orphanage, what do I hear? “When I was a hero…” - that's all. Sometimes they can say something like “cover”. What about some thugs with knives attacking you, armored with blazing eyes, and a demonic ox character? Or the same NPCs who offer you to kill a rat after you saved the city from an attack or plague?


This point also follows from the previous one. In many RPGs, whatever you do, they don't know you, they don't even know after you've become a hero to the whole world. Fortunately, this is rarely seen today, but yes, that shit was. Although, how about when you play a villain, rob the castle of some king, and then go to visit him, and he does not even suspect that it is you?

9. Kat-senza versus gameplay


All games suffer from this, but RPGs in particular. Cut scenes very often contradict the gameplay. For example, you are fighting with a sword, and in a cutscene, the hero suddenly pulls out a dagger, which you did not have as such. But we are especially enraged in RPGs, when the enemy applies a technique on you in the cut-scene, which you don't care about in gameplay, and your hero languishes and falls.


What could be worse than a linear RPG [besides stupid NPCs] without the ability to complete quests in different scenarios? But it happens. It is worse when the game dictates that the quest cannot be solved in any other way, although you know you can. “Oh no, this character is dying,” the hero says, holding the sufferer in his arms, and you shout to him at the screen: “You have a moron resurrection potion in your inventory!”.

There are still many very bad moments in RPGs that piss us off. We will not stop playing because of this, but sometimes feelings just rush out. Also read our other evil material about 15 things that just piss us off in games.

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Author: Jake Pinkman