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3ds Max. What is it for


This overview is about a program like 3ds Max. Or, in the old way, 3d Studio MAX. Probably all users of the World Wide Web, one way or another, know about this graphic package, which allows you to create virtual reality by modeling objects in three-dimensional space.

However, not everyone understands for what purposes this particular graphics package should be used, what capabilities it has and what exactly needs to be studied in order to work effectively in it. In this regard, we will try to fill this gap.

What is 3ds Max

First, you need to understand that 3ds Max is, first of all, an artistic program, not an engineering one, and it cannot produce drawings intended for the manufacture of parts modeled in it. For this purpose, CAD systems should be used. For the same reason, the accuracy of modeling in 3ds Max is not particularly high, because fractions of millimeters are not so important for building an artistic image.

At the same time, rendering, that is, the creation of static snapshots or video clips of scenes created in 3ds Max, is carried out much better than in CAD systems, and quite allows, in contrast to them, to create realistic images indistinguishable from photos. If that is the goal, then 3ds Max is your choice.

Secondly, we must take into account that 3ds Max is a rather complex software product that cannot be studied by a scientific poke. Moreover, 3ds Max contains more than ten thousand different tools, and therefore, there are not so many specialists in the world who know all of them. However, this is not so scary, because to work effectively in 3ds Max, there is no need to know all the program's tools, but even most of it.

Who works with him?

Considering the above, we note that in large design studios in 3ds Max, four specialists work at once:

  • A modeler that builds a model of an object;
  • The animator that makes this model move;
  • A visualizer that turns the products of these two specialists into a beautiful video or set of static drawings;
  • A MAXScript programmer who automates routine tasks that arise while working on a project.

This is all ideally, but in practice, usually, one person is forced to work both as a modeler and as a visualizer, sometimes as an animator, while no one is involved in automating routine tasks.

Why is this happening? First of all, due to the fact that 3ds Max is a heavy program that requires an extremely large amount of computing resources for its work.

Is it true that she needs a very powerful computer?

Yes, even a very expensive and powerful laptop is not the best choice for working in 3ds Max. A professional graphics station is best suited for this.

Thus, on a home PC, tasks such as modeling and rendering of static scenes are mainly implemented. It is this toolkit that should be studied first of all for all novice users of 3ds Max.

Issues related to the rendering of scenes should be emphasized.

3ds Max Plugins

The 3ds Max package can expand its already considerable set of tools by installing external software modules called plugins. Such plugins can be of very different purposes, but the rendering plugin called VRay is especially relevant.

The reason is that in earlier versions of 3ds Max, there was only one built-in Scanline renderer, which was of low quality, which made it difficult to obtain realistic images with its help. Then external visualization modules became popular, which corrected this deficiency. Although, in the future, other rendering modules were included in the 3ds Max package, such as Mental Ray, and then iRay, VRay has not lost its relevance. After all, it is in the VRay module that most of the literature is in USA, which greatly facilitates the task of studying this visualization tool.

For this reason, we highly recommend installing 3ds Max and installing VRay at the same time.

That's all for now, we wish you success in mastering the 3ds Max graphics package and creating great works of art with it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman