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Who are white walkers and why are they afraid


The White Walkers are a legendary non-human race in the far north of Westeros. They are powerful sorcerers.

For a long time it was believed that white walkers are only characters in myths and legends, according to which they were last seen in the days of the first people and children of the forest. Eight thousand years before Robert's rebellion came a very long winter, called the Long Night, and it lasted a whole generation. From the land where it is always winter, the white walkers came and extended their rule to Westeros. The creatures killed everyone in their path, and they revived the dead, and the corpses replenished the army of walkers. Other inhabitants of the continent rallied against evil spirits, and in the bloody war known as the War of the Dawn, they pushed the walkers back north. A Wall was built to protect against them.

For thousands of years, no one has seen the walkers, and they have become just characters in fairy tales that they like to scare small children with. But shortly before the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings, reports began to arrive from the wildlings from beyond the Wall that the creatures had returned. During this time, the kingdom was enjoying a long summer and civil war soon broke out, so few people took seriously the threat from those who were previously considered only a myth. And according to the legends of those who still believe in the existence of walkers, they slept for thousands of years, and therefore nothing has been heard about them for so long.

White Walker Face
Photo of White Walker Face.

White Walkers are a humanoid race. They are taller than ordinary people and have white hair and pale skin, under which muscles are visible. The skin appears to be very dry, which makes them look like mummies. Another distinctive feature of the white walkers is the glowing blue eyes. Some representatives of the race are distinguished by peculiar processes on the head, similar to a crown. Such walkers are stronger and more powerful than normal walkers and are likely to rank higher in the hierarchy of creatures.

White walkers are much stronger than ordinary people, and with one blow of the hand they can throw a person several meters. But their power lies mainly not in physical strength, but in magic. Their strength is associated with frost and ice. The appearance of walkers is accompanied by a storm and a decrease in air temperature. Creatures freeze everything they touch. As a weapon, walkers use ice blades, from one contact with which ordinary steel swords freeze and crumble into small fragments.

< White walkers on horseback
Photo of Walkers on Horseback

The main magical power of the white walkers is the ability to resurrect dead creatures, including people. In this case, the revived dead become wigs, which fulfill the will of the white walkers. This ability of walkers is especially dangerous after major battles, because in this case all who fell in battle with walkers and wigs rise from the dead and join the ranks of evil spirits. In order for dead bodies not to come to life, they must be burned. Dead animals such as horses are used by walkers as a means of transportation.

If live human babies get to the walkers, they turn them not into wigs, but into full-fledged new walkers. This takes place in a special place in the Lands of Eternal Winter, where the walkers live. There is a kind of ice block altar on which White Walkers transform babies into new white walkers. Only a few members of the race perform this magic. They are distinguished from others by the "crown" of the processes of the skull on the head. They also wear black clothes.

According to legend, white walkers speak a language called scrot.

For some unknown reason, white walkers make spirals from the corpses of people or animals at the battlefield. Perhaps this is a memory of the ritual of the children of the forest, which those, killing people to turn them into walkers, performed in a "spiral" of stones with Chardrev in the center.

Dragon Glass Weapon
Photo Dragon Glass Weapon

White Walkers can be killed with a dragon glass weapon or a Valyrian blade. If the body of a walker is pierced with a weapon made of dragon glass, it will begin to freeze and turn into ice, inflicting terrible pain on the walker. When a body freezes completely, it crumbles and turns into dust. Valyrian Steel has a similar effect, but works faster.

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