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Yandex is seriously looking for opportunities to expand its influence on the USA market. And the start of sales of the smart speaker in July is only the beginning of a series of gadgets under the Yandex brand. Last month it became known that the USA IT giant is going to release its own line of smartphones. Not a bad idea, but, as the informers of Vedomosti report, the situation with the phone is not the best and none of the USA retail chains wants to sell Yandex smartphones.

The exact details of the negotiations between Yandex and retailers are not given, but the main problem of the new USA phone is the prohibition of stores to establish their own impressive mark-up on the sale of the device. One of the informers of Vedomosti reports that Yandex agrees to a margin of 5%, while another claims that they agree to a margin of 8%, but not more.

According to Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin, a 5-8 percent markup for mobile goods is ridiculous in the current market realities and retailers simply will not have the opportunity to earn money. The standard margin of stores selling smartphones is about 30%, but Yandex simply does not have the ability to raise such a price tag. According to another Vedomosti source, the initial cost of a Yandex phone will be significantly higher than that of Chinese smartphones, and this is with almost identical technical stuffing.

The USA phone, which in terms of capacity corresponds to Chinese counterparts for 10,000 rubles, was supposed to be sold at an initial cost of 14,990 rubles, but due to another package of sanctions and fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate, the cost of the gadget increased by another two thousand and amounted to 16 990 RUB At the same time, there was unofficial news that Yandex wants to sell its phone at an impressive cost of 20,000 rubles.

The start of sales of the secret phone is planned for this fall, and the first batch will be 20,000 units. We can only hope that the Yandex smartphone, for its high cost (similar to Chinese models), will offer more unique features than just the integration of USA software and support for Alice.

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Author: Jake Pinkman