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Jackie Chan: films featuring the great master. Top 60 best, part 1


Jackie Chan, whose films are loved in all countries and on all continents, and at 65 is one of the most sought-after actors in feature films. Moreover, both at home and in Hollywood. Let's take a look at the list of his most rated works.

We did not include documentaries, cartoons (voice acting) and biographical films, as well as pictures in which he appears as himself or in a short cameo role, in our top of the best films with Jackie Chan's participation. The top is based on the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the year of release of the picture.

1. Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (1991) 7.97

That rare case when the sequel bypassed the prequel. True, not by much, the first part follows the second, but still. So, the top of the best films with Jackie Chan begins the second part of the comedy action-adventure movie, which tells about the adventures of the world famous seeker of antiquities and tomb raider of the Asian Hawk.


This time the hero of Jackie Chan had to look for treasures hidden in the sands of the Sahara, looted by the Nazis during the Second World War. A certain moneybag volunteered to sponsor an expedition into the heart of the African desert, who, among other things, hung on the shoulders of a hawk in the form of Ada's spy (not to be confused with Ada Wong fromResident Evil).

The second friend-fellow traveler herself fell on his head, moreover, she turned out to be a relative of an old fart who went in search of the same treasures before him.

Everything is complicated by the fact that some unfriendly types of militant appearance and behavior are constantly following on his trail. And in the very bunker of the Nazis, the echoes of the Nazi evil settled in a wheelchair. In general, it will be interesting.

2. Armor of God (1986) 7.82

The first part of the adventures of the Asian hawk, in which he was looking for the very notorious "Armor of God" that gave the name to the franchise.


The search led unlucky adventurers (he was with a friend and girlfriend) to a secret monastery, where a sect of those who worshiped the "armor" settled. The hawk will have to make a lot of efforts to fend off the host of sectarians, skinned hired women killers and other misfortunes.

Everything is very complicated by the incompetence of partners and the fact that they both thundered into the dungeon of the sectarians. And the fact, of course, that one of the partners is his ex-girlfriend, with whom his second partner, the idiot Alan, is now very much in love, who persuaded him on this mission.

Stunt movie in action. Jumping a balloon without a parachute is generally a test!

3. Project A (1983) 7.85

Jackie Chan not only starred in films, he also shot some of them himself. This masterpiece is one of those.


This is another trick film, during the filming in which, once again, Jackie almost lost his life. The film is bursting with scenes of hand-to-hand and mind-blowing stunts, although the plot in it is naive and even somewhat stupid.

Everything revolves, firstly, around the confrontation between the coast guard (water police) and ordinary police officers, and, secondly, around pirates who constantly rob merchant ships sailing from the sea.

Pirates in this universe have generally lost all fear and buy weapons for their business directly from the police, and the police chief is so naively stupid and arrogant that he sells police guns to pirates.

But in order to pinch the pirates, the coast guard will somehow have to make friends with the police. Only, will they have enough strength to stop their petty quarrels?

4. Drunken Master (1978) 7.82

As usually happens in Chinese films about kung fu, at the beginning we are shown the antagonist, here - a hired killer named "Lightning Leg" (depending on the translation), who skillfully deals with one of the hand-to-hand specialists. p>


It becomes clear that it is with him that the main character, Freddie Wong (Jackie Chan), will have to face him.

Like many films with Jackie Chan, this one is shot in the style of "Kickboxer" with Van Dam: "I got in the head, because of which I studied for a long time, learned, and took revenge." And although in "Kickboxer" it was not the hero himself who initially got in the head, but his brother, this does not change the semantic content. Almost the entire film shows the training of the protagonist, how they are not easy for him. And in the end - voila, they had an effect, and the hero won (took revenge).

The film is teeming with naive twists. Dad originally wanted to kill his son just for the fact that he just behaved wrong on the street, although the punks, until they grow up, behaved this way in all centuries. But sonulya at the end, of course, stood up for his father as a mountain, although he generally should be after this to give a damn.

Paradox on paradox and paradox drives.

5. Diner on Wheels (1984) 7.77

In the next film, Jackie Chan, or rather, his character, Thomas and his friend David, are struggling to earn money by cooking and selling food in Barcelona. They have a minibus converted into a diner, and they are just masterful in their business.


Once a thief girl Sylvia bursts into their diner, who on her knees persuades her friends not to betray her. And friends, of course, do not betray, which is why not only their business, but also their friendship was covered with a copper basin, because both fell in love with the beauty to the point of unconsciousness.

But friends found the strength in themselves and fought back the bandits who were looking for her, because David's mentally ill father fell in love with Sylvia's mentally ill mother.

Something like this ...

6. Police Story (1985) 7.74

Next on the list in our list of the best films with Jackie Chan's participation is a seemingly serious crime-cop action movie. Why only "at first glance"? Yes, because even here it was not without antics during fights and without comedy-melodramatic failures in the main plot.


All these girlfriends pulling off the scooters, as well as funny scenes in staged battles, of course, look good, but not in a film that has a very serious core.

But if you do not take to heart the serious semantic content (the death of many police officers during the seizure of the mafia, etc.) and treat the film as an ordinary comedy, it will be quite capable. The tricks, of course, are simulated, but tastefully delivered. Especially the original pogrom in the hillside village.

Looks one hundred percent. Especially when you consider that everything was set alive at a time when no computer graphics was ever dreamed of.

7. Rush Hour (1998) 7.73

One of the most successful franchises in Jackie Chan's arsenal. Here he plays a police inspector from Hong Kong named Lee (not surprisingly), who arrived in Los Angeles at the request of an old friend whose daughter was kidnapped. But the local police won't let him start looking for the girl, because they think that he will only get confused under his feet.


For the sake of distracting him from the case, he is given a simple slacker as a partner - a policeman James Carter, who with all his might must put a spoke in his wheels. But we all know how nimble Jackie Chan can be, and therefore his hero.

You can't get out of here. James had to help the inspector from China investigate the case automatically, without putting any effort into this.

Well, almost nothing.

8. Miracles (1989) 7.71

Another crime-action comedy with a naive plot, awesome stunts and perfectly staged battle scenes. And in this film, Jackie Chan for once acts not as a policeman, but as the boss of one of the Hong Kong gangs.


No, at first he was a simple poor boy. But upon arriving in Hong Kong, he immediately managed to get into a criminal showdown, as a result of which the mafia boss, who died in his arms, called him his successor.

Maybe the mafiosi didn't mean it at all, but only in the middle of the phrase his soul parted with the mortal body, as a result of which Charlie automatically took the place of the leader. But along with this, all the problems that hung over the clan for this period fell on his shoulders. And getting out of them won't be easy, especially when you consider that not everyone at the top of the gang approves of him as a boss.

Especially naive here is the move with the "red rose" and everything that is connected with it and its seller. Who looked, will understand what we mean. It's naive to scabies in the back, I just want to give Jackie Chan's hero a slap on the head so that he doesn't suffer from naive nonsense.

9. Dragons Forever (1988)

If you think you know what a "naive plot" is, then look at this creation by Sammo Hung. You will discover a lot for yourself in this sense.


Jackie plays the lawyer Jackie Luna, who always gets to defend and exclude all kinds of villains. And when Mrs Yip, who owns the local lake, files a lawsuit against the owner of a chemical plant, which pollutes the water in her reservoir, Jackie is trying hard to win the case in favor of her owner - just this very owner of the chemical plant.

The film is replete with naive curiosities, such as fights between spies hired by a lawyer and love conflicts (here everyone fell in love with each other), but all the disadvantages, as usual, are outweighed by colorful hand-to-hand combat.

10. Showdown in the Bronx (1995) 7.69

This is the first of Jackie Chan's films to have grossed several times his own budget in the United States. It was from this moment that Jackie began to thunder on the American continent, although it is generally believed that his first American triumph was the 1985 Patron. Alas, he is only in 60th place in our top list of the best films with Jackie Chan and will enter only the third part, although, without a doubt, it is also worth watching.


Here, Jackie Chan plays a simple Chinese boy Kieng, who came to New York to stay with his uncle, who is quite a successful businessman. Jackie is completely unfamiliar with local customs and on the very first night he becomes a witness and a defendant in the hooliganism of a gang of abnormal bikers who have organized races right through cars, among which was his uncle's car.

But the main batch began later, when the uncle went on a honeymoon trip, selling the store to the girl Elina, with whom Jackie became friends. It is not surprising that he defended the store when the same outrageous bikers who showed up here started hooliganism in it.

He beat the leader, after which the gang retreated. And from that time on, a real war broke out between Kieng and the bandits, which ended in a truly grand spectacle of races and stunt numbers with the participation of a huge hovercraft.

In some scenes, to meet deadlines, Jackie had to shoot with a broken leg. Isn't this Oscar worthy?

11. Who am I? (1998) 7.69

In the next film, Jackie Chan plays one of the mercenaries, whose squad, after the successful completion of the operation, was planned to be destroyed. And he was destroyed. Miraculously, only Jackie Chan managed to survive (in the film his hero is called that), who was found and left by some local primitive tribe.


Having come to his senses, our hero realizes that he has completely lost the memory of who he is and how he got here. But he realizes that he has no place in the tribe, and, having recovered from his wounds, goes to the civilized world in order to lift the veil over his past.

Moreover, completely unaware that he is still alive only because he does not remember anything about himself. But on the other hand, his former employers remembered about him, having seen on TV how he helped one of the crews win in a desert rally and along the way saved the life of a driver who was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Now his days in this world are numbered. Although, can be numbered the days of the leader of a criminal organization trying to dispose of the most powerful weapons of mass destruction?

Yes, since the film is with Jackie Chan, then most likely the latter.

12. Snake in the shadow of an eagle (1978) 7.68

Another picture from the time when Jackie Chan was just beginning to come out on top in the credits of Hong Kong action movies. This means there will be a lot of running around and unintelligible wushu brawls, in which one hit per hundred blows, but with a very biting echo.


In ancient China of the Qing dynasty, the Chinese, apparently, had nothing else to do, except to arrange school-to-school fights. Moreover, some were so angry with their neighbors that they killed the masters of the schools who taught in them.

Simple Chinese boy Kan Fuku was lucky to save the life of one of these teachers, after which the grateful master decided to teach the guy the style of the Snake Fist. The guy turned out to be something like Bruce Lee and also decided to modernize the master's style into something new and deadly.

And just in time. After all, the soul of the unfinished master came from the school of the Eagle Claw. But Kan Fook will give them a light, don't hesitate! The fight (or, more precisely, wushu fuss) will be long, naive, but photogenic.

13. Project A: Part 2 (1987) 7.65

And this is the case when the sequel in the rating is much lower than the prequel, as it should be. As everyone already understood, this is a continuation of the adventures of the gallant detachment of the Hong Kong Coast Guard of the last century.


And this time, Ma Yulong (Jackie Chan), promoted to the position of chief of the district police department, will have to fight a new scoundrel - Tiger, who intimidated all the police in neighboring counties so that they even refuse to arrest him. p>

But our hero is not a timid dozen. He can handle any task, especially when he is constantly lucky as a drowned man, and his old and not so enemies keep up with him every now and then.

14. Drunken Master 2 (1994) 7.63

Continuation of the adventures of drunken style master Won Feihun. And if at that time our hero dealt only with the mercenary "Leg-lightning", then this time he will take part in the very real investigation of the theft and export of ancient artifacts of national value.


In this film, Vaughn's father seemed to be replaced. Now he is not a kung fu teacher, but a doctor who with all his might is against his son doing hand-to-hand combat. But sonnu spit on this business. As well as a warning not to meddle in other matters, when he finds out about everything that the local consul runs here. It is he who is behind the smuggling of artifacts that are mined from local excavations and go directly abroad.

And he, of course, will join the fight against such arbitrariness. And most likely he will win. Jackie Chan after all, after all.

15. Police Story 2 (1988) 7.62

Police officer Kevin Chen is famous for his skill in organizing chases and pogroms that cost a pretty penny to the treasury. He is also famous for his skill at making scandals with his girlfriend. This time, for example, he did not pull her off the scooter as in the previous part, but abruptly let go of it, so that his lady of the heart flew into the trunk of a car, into which she buried the front wheel of a moped.


But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the authorities gnawed at Kevin day after day for his "costly detention", sending him, in the end, to regulate traffic on the streets. No wonder Jackie Chan's glorious hero decided to quit.

And only after his dismissal did the authorities realize that now there was not a single sensible detective left in their huge police station. And now he is badly needed, since rabid terrorists demand $ 10 million, otherwise they threaten to blow up the whole of Hong Kong.

There is nothing to be done, you have to somehow rub into the trust of Kevin Chen again.

16. Young Master (1980) 7.57

Another film with Jackie Chan, which came from the distant eighties. Moreover, from the very beginning.


Jackie's hero, the Dragon, and his schoolmate Tiger, compete against another school in a competition called Dragon Dance. And they lose. As a result, the school should be dissolved.

And what was Jackie's amazement when he learned that the Tiger was bought by competitors and deliberately "flunked" the dance. It all ended with the fact that Tiger was thrown out of school, after which he joined a gang of bandits, took the nickname "White Fan" and helped the murderer escape from custody, brawl, concurrently, the consummate martial arts master Kam.

Jackie, as befits a friend, tried to find the Tiger and set him on the right path, but he was arrested for wandering around with the same huge fan as the "White Fan", in fact, and mistaking him for this very " White fan ".

We'll have to get out somehow. But how? Promise to single-handedly catch the criminal Kam escaped from custody? We will probably do so. As soon as not to regret your decision later ...

17. Shanghai Noon (2000) 7.56

The teacher and mentor of the princess hung such noodles on the ears of the poor girl about the Western world that she didn't have to be kidnapped by force. She herself dumped to America.


But, be that as it may, the demand for ransom came to the Emperor, after which he dispatched three of the most skilled fighters to rescue his daughter. The ransom, of course, he also prepared. It was they who were supposed to accompany him.

The hero of Jackie Chan, Chon Wang, also begged to be accompanied, and, by hook or by crook, he manages to get on a ship to America. And everything would be fine, but only on the way to the goal in the state of Nevada, the train was attacked by robbers led by the local idiot Roy O'Banon. His henchmen killed the main old man from the delegation, after which Chon Wang stood up to defend his own people, "got off" the train along with the idiot O'Banon, whom he immediately dug in the sand and dug to the very head.

But fate decreed that in the future they will become those partners and will go through a lot of all kinds of adventures in a duet.

Well, they will save the princess, of course. Where can we go without it. I shouldn’t have gone so far, or what?

18. Twin Dragons (1991) 7.55

The next film in our top of the best films by Jackie Chan was the curious picture "Dragon Twins". Why curious? Because the idea to shoot a "double Jackie Chan" came to Hong Kong filmmakers at the same time as Hollywood, who decided to shoot a "double Van Damme".


Indeed, the film was filmed in the same year with "Double Impact", because of which they both spat across the ocean for a long time, complaining that they had stolen the idea from others. The truth was never found at that time. And "Double Impact" grossed as much as 80 million at the box office, having paid off more than five times, which is why Hollywood figures removed the question of plagiarism.

What can not be said about "Dragon Twins", which, having seen the light a year after "Double Impact", with a budget of 10 million, collected in America only 8 million. In total, the film paid off, but that's all. But his rating is much higher than "Double Dragon" not only on KinoPoisk, but also on IMDb.

In general, everything in the picture is very similar to the situation with the "double Van Damme". Only if the Van Dammes were twins from birth, then with Jackie Chan everything is not so simple. Be that as it may, one of the Jackie Chans is a criminal, the other is a violinist. When the criminal fights, the violinist jerks. Conversely, when a violinist plays the violin, the criminal begins to twitch.

Of course, one day they meet, after which the usual naive Chinese confusion begins in such cases. They are confused by girls, people around, etc. Apparently, a common case for Hong Kong.

19. Mr. Cool (1996) 7.51

Once, returning from a cooking show he was the host, Jackie Chan's character Jackie (how sophisticated!) got into a terrible showdown in which he saved a woman.


Later it turned out that this woman was a sensationalist and filmed compromising evidence on one of the local mafiosi, and accidentally confused the tape with the tape of the cook Jackie, on which he had his show recorded.

Now the whole mafia of the city is chasing the girl and, of course, Jackie, until it finally turns out that the film is not with him. As is usually the case, the film was borrowed by a petty asshole - a nephew who liked the believable action movie captured on it.

So what will happen now? Khan to the kid? No, though Jackie is a cook, he moves his mustache and shouts to a mustache cockroach ...

Sorry, this is not from the same opera, although the moral is clear.

20. Big Soldier (2010) 7.46

Little gray bunny coward - soldier Liang, cleverly hiding among the corpses, survived the most terrible battle. And he had to take it so! He discovers the badly wounded, but surviving leader of the enemy troops - General Wei.


Like the hero of Stephen King in "Kaleidoscope of Horrors" who dreamed of the profits that he would gain from a meteorite falling from the sky, soldier Liang dreams of a reward he will receive for a living general of the enemy troops.

But, alas, he has a long way to go. And it is not a fact that he will be able to take the general safe and sound to the final destination. And getting there alive yourself will be a huge problem.

Especially when that ill-fated survivor Wei is around.


That's all for now. Wait for the second part of the top best films with Jackie Chan in a week, but for now, enjoy watching everything that you have not yet seen from this twenty. Well, as usual, more other cool movies and TV shows!

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