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5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Instagram Photos


Instagram is one of the best sites to post your photos and get instant feedback from other users. Both professional photographers and amateur beginners, armed only with a simple smartphone, treat him equally warmly.

Unfortunately, Instagram isn't good at processing photos. He has only the most basic tools in his arsenal, including pre-trimming. And to call a photo successful, one beautiful filter will not be enough.

Here are five tips to help you stand out from the millions of aspiring photographers and take your Instagram skills to the next level.

Shoot with your device's stock camera


The Instagram camera should not be used because there are no settings in it at all. You won't get the correct ISO or bokeh effect from it. There is not even a banal zoom in it. All it can help is to make a square frame that fits the format of the site, but you can already crop it yourself in any editor.

Instagram loves square shots


You can also post rectangular photos, however, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, a square is a classic Instagram format. Try to fit simple geometry. Before publishing a photo, the site will offer you to crop it. You can skip this step, but still try not to throw the main subject on the edge of the frame.

Follow the rule of thirds


The Rule of Thirds is a compositional principle when a frame is divided into nine parts by four lines, and important elements are at their intersection. You can activate the grid in the camera settings. Compliance with this simple rule allows you to create accents and draw attention to your subject, but you don't have to always follow it.

Since Instagram favors square footage, it can be more convenient to place the subject in the center, then it will be possible to crop the image without noticeable loss of quality. In general, there is no definite solution here, experiment.

Spend some money on mobile accessories


Of course, in terms of performance, a smartphone camera cannot be compared to a DSLR, but you can approach the level of professionals with the help of useful accessories. For example, a tripod will allow you to take quality long exposure shots. It costs quite inexpensively, and greatly expands the possibilities.

It may need a Bluetooth button to control shooting without touching the device to avoid shaking. Also try clip-on lenses. They are capable of imitating wide-angle photography, macro photography, or a fisheye effect.

Don't forget about post-processing in editors


Explore 2-3 mobile or desktop applications with which you will give the desired effect to pictures or cover up flaws. It is not at all necessary to buy a fancy editor: the possibilities of free programs are almost endless, all that is required from you is time and persistence in mastering them.

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Author: Jake Pinkman