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Why would you want to replay Borderlands 3 as other characters?


The four new Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 will feel differently, not just in terms of each hero's unique skill tree. Unlike previous Hunters from the first two parts, in Borderlands 3 the main characters talk a lot and comment on something, in their own way answer NPC questions. Choosing a Vault Hunter will not affect how the main story ends, but it will affect your perception of certain events and understanding of the relationship of specific characters, which may prompt you to play Borderlands 3 more than once. GameSpot talked to the game's developers and gave details on why we would want to replay Borderlands 3 for other characters.

“We wanted to make sure people would say, 'I want to play this game with a different character over and over again,' so we feel rewarded,” Lead Writer Sam Winkler told GameSpot. "There will be changes not only in terms of different mechanics, but also in a slightly different interpretation of some stories."

The emphasis on the plot of Sirens in Borderlands 3 means that Amara, for example, is directly related to this story, since she is a Siren herself, and FL4K, a non-binary AI that is sexually attracted to Ellie, flirts with her at every convenient case.


Playing as four new Vault Hunters, I love how each of them is passionate about what is happening. Past heroes rarely felt the same, after all they have unique abilities, so the gameplay for each character is always different. But their reaction to the plot and story is similar. Events from Mai, Zero, Brick and Mordechai are always perceived the same way, so for the third game, this is a good decision to shift the focus. I can already imagine how each of the new Hunters will react differently to the banter of the Calypso twins.


“To also encourage players to replay the game, some side quests in Borderlands 3 contain options to influence the game in different ways. Don't expect world-changing events, but you can influence how certain characters look. For example, in the Borderlands 3 prologue, Claptrap loses his antenna, and for the rest of the game he will simply wear whatever you decide to give him as a replacement. Maybe it's a tinfoil hat, or a human hand, or something else, ”Winkler said.

In addition to high-profile heroes, the ability to influence the appearance of NPCs and the events of quests, the plot of the third Borderlands is still the same brutal story with dark humor, trashy chaos and silly puns that defined past games and spin-off Tales from Borderlands.


Almost every important or colorful character from the previous four games makes a comeback in this newest installment, although many have changed in the seven playable years since Borderlands 2. Since there was so much history in the franchise, Gearbox decided not to give us any control. or old characters. That is why we will not see such heroes as Tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock or Ellie as Hunters. It was important that players play as characters who have never interacted with Pandora and its inhabitants before, the story should re-open the franchise, helping newcomers to the series.

“There was such a wonderful cadence in the second game where the NPCs from the previous game became the new hunters. And that gave us a lot more information about who these characters are and what their story is, ”says lead writer Denny Homan. “But in Borderlands 3, you need to see the next generation of Hunters to get a fresh perspective on the familiar world. When you have new characters, it makes sense that they, like you, will ask the obvious questions: What is this Vault? What am I doing here? Who the hell is this Lilith? Why did this robot swear at me? ".


“We don't want Borderlands 3 to feel like you need to know everything about the franchise to understand why a particular character is important. We want it to be easy on both new and old players alike, ”adds Winkler.

However, not all plot points can be written into the storyline of Borderlands 3, which is why the studio released DLC for Borderlands 2, which tells the events between the second and third games.

In addition, it was needed to fully introduce the Tales from Borderlands event into the canon. Tales from the Borderlands is an exceptional game in the franchise, the only one in the series in which the main characters are not Vault Hunters, and it is also not a first-person shooter. However, this adventure took Borderlands' ridiculous humor to new heights, and this is the level of ridiculousness Borderlands 3 is aiming for.


"Someone might say," Don't fit a shootout in five minutes without a weapon into the game. " However, I can see that the internet is still full of gags and memes about finger gunfights in Gepirion's office from Tales from Borderlands. This is exactly the level of energy that we want to create in the game, ”says Viknkler. “Let people say, 'This is crazy,' and this will be the complement level that best characterizes our work.

For example, on Eden-6 [one of the new planets you will visit in the game], you meet an AI with the voice of Ice-T, who has been trapped by his angry ex-girlfriend's teddy bear. The jokes that follow in this particular chapter are shocking how painfully funny they are. Borderlands 3's history is definitely closer to the quirkiness of Tales, as opposed to the recklessness of past games.


Now we can say that the plot of Borderlands 3 will be a kind of apophia of all the studio's creativity in this franchise. He will answer many questions that have plagued players for a long time. But one should not wait for a complete, final revelation. The game only expands the horizons.

Finally, Winkler says:

“It doesn't matter how Borderlands is perceived after the third game, I'm sure after the players finish it, they will look at the entire trilogy and will definitely see its huge variety.”

Recall that Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13 on PC, Xone, PS4 and will be the debut game for Google Stadia. The game will be an Epic Game Store exclusive until 2020.

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