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Useful gadgets from Xiaomi


Our portal has repeatedly noted that some Chinese companies that have made a reputation for themselves in the production of mobile devices have begun to actively expand their product range. These include the Xiaomi brand, which has recently intensified its activities in many areas and industries. Let's talk about some interesting developments of this Chinese company.

Smart Water Purifier

Another product has recently appeared in the Xiaomi branded catalog. It was a water purifier that received a reverse osmosis function and the ability to monitor the status of cartridges.


The apparatus was named Lentils, which means "lentils". The name is based on the shape of one of the cleaning units of the device, made in the form of this plant. He has four working chambers in total. The possibility of reverse osmosis allows for a more thorough purification of water from impurities without heating it.

Among the materials with which moisture is filtered, there is high-density cotton, carbon rods. Therefore, at the outlet of the device, water is formed that meets all quality standards.


The Xiaomi Mi Lentils cleaner is mounted under the sink. It can filter 1.3 liters of water in a minute. Its geometric parameters are as follows: 471 x 452 x 170 mm, weight - 8.1 kilograms. Each of the cartridges has a resource equal to 2500 liters; there is a special mobile application for tracking it.

The device is priced at $ 140.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The line of branded vacuum cleaners from China has expanded with the launch of the Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Mites Vacuum Cleaner, which is wireless.


It has an ergonomic shape and a powerful engine. Its rotor rotates at a speed of up to 850 thousand rpm. He received a cyclone filter with a four-stage air purification system. This makes it possible to retain more than 99% of all particles in the dust container, the size of which can be less than 0.3 microns.

It is interesting that the vacuum cleaner has a "knockout" mode, which provides 12800 blows per minute on the working surface. Its main purpose is to clean upholstered furniture and beds from dust mites. For this, the device is additionally equipped with a built-in ultraviolet lamp with the possibility of drying with hot air.


For the convenience of cleaning, a curved handle is provided, and this is also facilitated by the presence of a large 20-centimeter bell and rollers on the lower part of the body. Using a switch located on the handle, you can set the operating mode of the vacuum cleaner.

One full charge of the device is enough for about half an hour of work. A special charging station is provided to replenish energy.

The product costs $ 78.

Long Range Electric Bike

Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform has recently expanded with another product. It was the Himo C16 electric bike.


It received an unusual design with two seats and a powerful battery. Through the efforts of the latter, the bike has the ability to travel up to 75 km on a single charge. If a passenger is in the back seat while driving, this distance will become 55 km. Pedaling significantly increases your mileage.

Ease of use of the bike is ensured by the presence of a footrest and the installation of a basket for loads in the area of its front end. On the right handlebar, there is a display that shows the necessary information. It necessarily includes data on the speed of movement, the remainder of the charge. There is more information you need.

For movement on an e-bike at night or in poor visibility conditions, an LED headlight and a parking light are provided.

At this time, you can pre-order the device. Its cost is $ 284. If you wait for the start of sales, which is scheduled for September 19, then the electric bike will have to pay already 369 dollars.

Neck Massager

Jeeback Neck Massager G2 is another product developed with crowdfunding opportunities.


He instantly attracted the attention of users. 1100% of the originally requested amount was collected for the development.

The product will appeal to those who spend a lot of time at the table while working. Over time, such users acquire an incorrect posture, as a result of which blood circulation in the cervical spine is impaired. This can cause headaches and even lead to some diseases.

Structurally, the massager is made in the form of a neck rim, which has three floating attachments with 15 degrees of intensity of action on the massaged surface. Additionally, there is a functionality that allows you to heat the work surface up to 420C.


The manufacturer indicates the autonomy of the massager, equal to 4 hours of continuous operation. If it has no contact with human skin, it turns off on its own after one minute. The device can be controlled using the supplied remote control or via a mobile application.

The cost of the massager is $ 35 USA, and sales will begin on September 25.

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