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Stanley and its thermoses


Stanley is known throughout the world for its tools and fittings. The company was founded in the century before last. The Stanley brothers set up a small firm in Connecticut, USA in 1843, to manufacture small metal products.

Over time, the company has grown, began to gain popularity. One of the first brothers began to produce planes, corners, screwdrivers and other tools. At the same time, at the forefront, they put the quality of their products. Therefore, this brand has survived to this day as a manufacturer of solid and high-quality products.

The assortment of the company's products can be conditionally divided into two parts: electric tools and hand tools. Products of the second group will help a builder, carpenter, electrician and any other similar specialist in their work. There are also measuring and marking equipment.

The production of power tools under the Stanley brand is just gaining momentum. Among the company's products there are devices that are powered by wires and with the help of rechargeable batteries. It is also divided into subgroups according to purpose. There are power tools for drilling, cutting, metalworking, working with concrete, blowing air. Any of them has good ergonomics and reliability.


Later, the company mastered another area of activity - the production of thermoses. After all, before that she had experience in creating various containers and metal boxes. Now metal flasks, thermal mugs, Stanley thermoses are known all over the world.

Containers for storing hot or cold food

On long trips or outings on a small picnic, a good thermos is always irreplaceable. Especially if he can keep the temperature of the product in it for several days. Products equipped with heat-insulating properties will be useful not only on vacation, but also hunting, fishing, just on a trip within the city or beyond. Especially if there are no shops nearby or they are too far away.


Thermos STANLEY Classic 1.9L 10-07934-004 has a volume of 1.9 liters. It is compact, as it has a folding plastic handle, a thin bottom and walls. The gap is only 3.5 mm. Its lid can be used as a thermostatic glass, which allows you to bother with dishes. The manufacturer claims that this container is able to retain heat for 45 hours, and cold for 48 hours. The thermos is made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with powder coating. It comes in black and green.

Another product - STANLEY Classic 1,4L 10-08265-001, in fact, is a miniature copy of the first. The capacity of this thermos is 1.4 liters. It will be enough to meet the needs of one person. The handle of the product also folds, its dimensions make it easy to place this thermos in a bag. Hot drinks in it will keep the temperature for 40 hours, cold drinks - 35 hours.


Another product of the American company STANLEY Classic 1.9L 10-01941-067 can help keep the temperature of any drink, such as beer. Almost two liters of this foamy product will easily fit in its depths, the taste and coolness of which will subsequently please any lover of craft or unfiltered.

Thermos ensures that it does not heat up, even if it gets stuck for a long time at a railway crossing or in a traffic jam. For at least 18 hours .

Thermo cups

Everything described above is ideal for long trips. In case you need to keep your coffee hot or soda cold, in the short term, a thermo mug will do.

Model STANLEY Ceramivac 0.7L 10-03108-008 has a capacity of 0.7 liters. It is the largest in terms of this indicator. Its dimensions of 27.5 x 7.5 cm allow you to easily put the mug in a bag and carry it with you throughout the day, occasionally taking out the contents to quench your thirst.


The STANLEY Classic 0.35L One hand 2.0 10-06440-016 thermo mug with a capacity of 350 ml is well suited for lovers of the classic "drink to go" format. It is equipped with a thermal valve, so you can sip a few sips of coffee, tea or lemonade at any time.

This model will especially appeal to drivers, since it is easy to handle it with one hand, without being distracted from the road. Drinks in it will keep the temperature for 5-8 hours, depending on their original state.

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