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Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue of the photographer


Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming an indispensable attribute of development and creation. He is also involved in such a desperately creative field as photography.

Fortunately for the photographers themselves, they can breathe freely for now. Today's AI is as far from art as the most expensive coffee maker is from a skilled barista. However, artificial intelligence makes a good assistant, ready to take on the most boring work.

Scene Stitch

Adobe, which has unveiled new photo processing software, used AI to select a shot that fit pre-set parameters. Let's say you have a nice shot.

It suits you in terms of angle and lighting, but in the foreground of the pretty landscape, an old, dilapidated building sticks out like a rusty nail.

Before a new set of editorial tools appeared, you would have to search for places in a photo that are suitable in texture and shade of color in order to then "clone" them and thus remove annoying debris.

That is, use a method called Content Aware Fill. However, Adobe is confident that the new "cleanup" option will do the job much better and faster.

The fact is that the software uses a huge database of stock images, which in the blink of an eye filters in search of a frame, some of which can be used for editing.

In other words, unlike Content Aware Fill, which operates on the data of only one photo, Scene Stitch has access to hundreds and thousands of photos, which can literally be disassembled into pixels at the user's request. The result of the work is impressive. The software offers dozens of automatically generated new options for a snapshot. If they did not fit, then there is always the opportunity to process the photo manually.

Adobe has outlined the development trend of its software. The next version of Scene Stitch should not only understand composition, but also the content of the shot. And then, of course, the experts tensed a little. But what about the protection of privacy, what about the inviolability of personal files? But Adobe believes nothing bad will happen. After all, the company does not have a user database to identify them.

And besides, AI with the help of the so-called semantic orientation will establish only the types of objects, without going into specifics. In other words, artificial intelligence will be engaged in the selection of options, looking for a photo in which the image is not only as close as possible compositionally, but also contains similar shooting objects.

Project Cloak

For those who like to edit video, Adobe has a nice Content Aware Fill clone called Project Cloak. The program provides users with the ability to isolate a fragment of the image and work with it. An unfortunate flashlight, garbage bag or any other unnecessary part is removed at the touch of a button. Of course, existing video editors have similar features. Removing part of an image, however, requires meticulous work and a lot of patience on the part of the user iterating over frame by frame. And only Cloak cleans video with the magical precision that, as you probably already guessed, artificial intelligence provides.

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Author: Jake Pinkman