”Steam Kills PC Gaming”, the new Assassin's Creed, the abilities of the goddess Citrion from MK 11 - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

World Of Topics » Games » ”Steam Kills PC Gaming”, the new Assassin's Creed, the abilities of the goddess Citrion from MK 11 - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one

”Steam Kills PC Gaming”, the new Assassin's Creed, the abilities of the goddess Citrion from MK 11 - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one


"Steam Kills PC Gaming", the new Assassin's Creed, the ability of the goddess Citrion from MK 11 - this week's gaming news digest from WorldOfTopics. Part one

Former Valve employee reveals that Steam is killing industry and PC gaming

We continue the great saga of the rivalry between Steam and the Epic Store. A former Valve employee who sided with the Epics got involved.

Richard Geldrich is a software engineer who worked at Valve from 2009 to 2014. There he played games: Portal 2 and CS: GO on all platforms, Dota 2, ports for Linux from Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2.

In one of the skirmishes, he began writing post after post, exposing Steam and arguing for the Epic store.

"Steam is killing PC gaming. 30% commission is unbearable. You have no idea how profitable Steam has been for Valve. He was a real printing press and ruined the whole company. Epic will fix this for all gamers. ”


“Most of this money went to a small number of people who didn't care about the industry and working conditions.”


“PC gamers see the PC as something special and immune to market dynamics. This is not true. It has been de facto monopolized by one greedy store for a long time and gamers are used to it. Change was inevitable. Even if EGS burns out, someone else will appear. ”


“Developers and publishers wouldn't accept these [exclusivity] offers if they didn't like them. Obviously Epic got a fair deal with them, but Valve didn't. Gamers blindly support Valve Corporation, which eventually began to take its partners and employees for granted. ”


“I think gamers will be angry for a long time, as the exclusives won't end anytime soon. Maybe a year or more will pass. Steam will be for indie / second-tier projects / bad games / porn, and Epic and other launchers for AAA projects. This seems to be the direction the market is heading at the moment. ”


At the same time, Geldrich believes that some of the criticism of Epic is justified. In his opinion, they should have introduced more features to the store before launching it.

New Assassin's Creed will be dedicated to Vikings

Recently "youtuber" JorRaptor posted a video about the "Easter egg" in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, referring to the new Assassin's Creed. According to him, in the game you can find a poster of an unknown Scandinavian with the inscription Valhala. In his hand this warrior holds something similar to the Apple of Eden - one of the artifacts of the AC series. The assumption that Yubisoft will send us in the next part of the game to Scandinavia has already been confirmed by Jason Schreyer from Kotaku.


According to him, the publication learned about the project a few months ago. However, nothing is known about him except for the setting and the working title "Kingdom". It's not new for the French to add hints like this to their games. So, in Watch Dogs 2 there is a teaser for Pioneer - a game that was “buried” and then “resurrected”, but in a different form. Also in Watch Dogs 2, it was revealed that the third part would be set in London.

After the release of the last AC, the developer announced a one-year hiatus, so we will see the next part in 2020 anyway.

Goddess Citrion is a tactical MK 11 character to think with

Game Informer recently shared a new video featuring the goddess Citrion. Until now, nothing is known about her personality, but in the video published by the site, the secret of her abilities was revealed.

The site's reporter spoke with Steve Brownback, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at NetherRealm Studios. He told that Citrion is the Elder God of Nature and Life, the opposite of Shinnok - the Elder God of Death.

To play for her, you need to turn on the brain, since her attacks are not designed for combos. The goddess's skills are designed to keep the enemy at bay. Her abilities were listed for us:

  • Flame Beam which she fires while jumping. Not "casted" with rhinestones
  • Rock Throw. Another attack that shouldn't be used too often. The enemy can bypass it from below, but in this case you have the opportunity to react and throw another one.
  • Grab Vine - allows you to grab an enemy anywhere in the arena and hit the ground with your face. Combines well with other attacks.
  • Stone wall - it is used as a shield against enemy attacks, but if you hit it yourself in time, you can launch its fragments at the enemy and they will cause decent damage.

The video also shows custom variations as well as Citrion's fatalities.

There will be no crafting in The Outer Worlds, as the game is about capitalism

Developers today often add an item crafting system to their games. Players expected crafting to be present in the next Obsidian game. However, the developer said that he has no place in the game.

The game is dedicated to sophisticated capitalism, in which corporations run all aspects of people's lives, selling them any little things. Advertising is present on billboards, conversations and propaganda. According to creators in such a world, people would rather only buy and not create.


According to one of the developers, Charles Staples, this would devalue one aspect of the game. But even though there will be no crafting, you can modify weapons and armor.

If you are interested in how the world shown in the game has sunk to sophisticated capitalism, you can read about it here.

Epic Games will give away Transistor for free

Epics are now giving away The Witness in their store, and the next free game from the 18th will be Transistor.

Transistor is an action RPG from Supergiant Games, the studio responsible for Bastion, Pyre and Hades. The main character of the game will have to fight with robots to get her voice back.


At one time, the community accepted this game well. Its rating for the PC version on Metacritic is 83 points (users - 8.3 out of 10). The public praised Supergiant's signature visual style, beautiful music and interesting combat system.

Announcement of Dreadful Bond - the spiritual successor of classic Italian horror movies

Dario Argento is a director who became famous in the 70's and 80's for his films in the genre of "giallo". This was the name of the Italian horror films, which are considered the predecessors of slashers. These films inspired the Dreadful Bond project.

In the game, we have to explore an abandoned estate filled with riddles and clues to the recent horrors that were happening in it. The developers call their project a "supernatural psychological game thriller".

Dario Argento acts as artistic director. The project will be very similar to the director's films, as in it “the deepest love meets the darkest abyss of horror”, which is a characteristic feature of Argento's films.

Developers raise money through Kickstarter. If they manage to collect 170 million, the game will be released in 2020 not only on PC, but also on PS4. Argento also directed the short For Bridget, which tells the story of the estate.

This was all the gaming news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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