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Inside # 9.12: Galaxy Fold 2; OPPO A91; lunar module; micro LED displays Samsung


In the next issue of insiders we will tell you about the first data concerning the foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold 2. We will also discuss the test results of the unannounced OPPO A91 and the prospects for creating a "space elevator" in USA. The last information block will contain data on the start of production of new type displays by Samsung.

The first images of Samsung's new flexible display device are now online

The Korean manufacturer's first foldable product, Galaxy Fold, is on track. It cannot be classified as cheap, since the device costs 2,000 US dollars. Probably, the developers understand this and are working on the creation of the second modification of the device.

During one of the conferences, Samsung representatives spoke about the design and some features of this model. After that, there were a number of leaks that did not clarify its design features.

Recently, the first photos of a new-generation folding product appeared on the network, which made it possible to find out some details of its form factor and technical equipment.


Outwardly, it looks like the already announced Moto Razr. The device differs from Galaxy Fold only in compactness. When folded, it takes up very little space, and after opening it takes the size of a regular smartphone.

After a close look at the pictures, experts suggested that the second reincarnation of the Galaxy Fold is still only a prototype. At the top of its display is the front-facing camera. It is known that Samsung calls this design Infinity-O. The estimated aspect ratio of the smartphone has received the aspect ratio of 21: 9, since it looks longer than most of the modifications currently sold.

It can be seen that the new software uses the familiar Samsung One UI. This once again confirms the data about the developer.

In another photo, you can see that there is another small screen on the outside of the case. It is needed to display the current time and messages received by the user.

Rumors about a new bendable apparatus of the Korean manufacturer have been circulating for a long time. They attribute the model to a more affordable price than the Galaxy Fold and the presence of a horizontal hinge.

If the information about the cost of the product is confirmed, then the manufacturer will have a better chance of receiving additional income from its sales, since the number of people wishing to get such a smartphone will surely increase.

There is a chance it will be presented at the MWC conference at the end of February next year.

OPRO device tested in benchmark

Yesterday it became known that the PCPM00 / PCPT00 smartphone was tested in the Geekbench benchmark. Insiders believe that this new product will be called OPPO A91. It scored 5733 points in a multi-core test and 1479 points in a single-core test.


According to the benchmark, the basis of the hardware filling of the product is a MediaTek MT6771 processor (clocked at 1.99 GHz) with 8 GB of RAM and Android 9 Pie OS.

Chinese regulator TENAA announced that the smartphone received a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution, which has an integrated fingerprint scanner. It also has a 4025mAh battery and a built-in 256GB storage. The main camera OPPO A91 consists of four sensors with a resolution of 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP. The front camera has a 16MP sensor.

Nothing is known about the cost of the device and the date of its announcement.

USA scientists are developing a space module

State Corporation "Energia" has begun the development of a "space elevator" designed to transport goods from the lunar station to the Earth satellite and back. It is planned that this object will be able to land on the lunar surface and take off from it. This will help to improve cargo turnover.

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin gave an interview on this matter. According to him, the development and implementation of such a module will allow, in the future, to receive orders from international partners of our country for the delivery of everything necessary to the moon.


This project will become fully commercial in order to be able to recoup all costs for it. It is not yet known which country will start construction of the lunar station.

Next year Samsung will start producing new types of displays

The development of micro LED displays has been known for a long time. This has been reported on our resource in the course of several reviews. However, until now it was not known how the new panels will be implemented.

The other day, several network sources at once disseminated information that Samsung in 2020 will begin production of TVs based on micro LED matrices. The first samples of such devices were demonstrated last year.


Currently, the specialists of this developer are carrying out the necessary calculations, consultations and negotiations in order to assess the possible demand for such devices.

It is expected that the main work on the construction of factories and the purchase of equipment necessary for this type of production will begin early next year. So far, nothing has been announced about the specific plans of the Korean enterprise regarding the volume of the new product.

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