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TOP Games for Couples in Love


On Valentine's Day, usually everyone wants to spend it with their other half and do something together. Logically speaking, this can be done and not only on Valentine's Day. However, if there is a reason, why not speculate about "games for lovers"?

It so often happens that in a couple there is a person with a certain hobby, and he is constantly trying to hook his loved one on him. It's the same with games. I will not say that this is a rarity, but still there are not so many couples where two people at once like to play video games. However, in reality, playing together is like watching a movie, only more interesting. But be that as it may, our "highly qualified expert group" [no thanks for that] has compiled a list of games that couples can play to have a good time.

1. Limbo

This game has a strong empathy. It is difficult not to feel pity for the boy who, saving his sister, passes through a dark world filled with fear and horror and dies many times in a row. Thanks to its black and white design, Limbo has a very good atmosphere, which is why you can turn off the lights in the room and plunge into this world together. The game is good for two because of its immersion, its screamers cause excitement rather than fear, and riddles add interactivity, and they can be solved together. In addition, the ending of the game is touching. As one friend of mine used to say: “If on the first date a guy decided to show me this game, it would not end until we saved this poor boy.”


2. Portal 2

This is the perfect game for two as it is fun, sarcastic, and full of various mysteries. With her, you can just start acquainting your soulmate with the world of video games. Firstly, the joint passage of the story company brings together, as you solve riddles together and enjoy Glados's witty jokes, and secondly, it has a co-op, and you can literally solve riddles together. Such a team building in a relationship.


3. To the Moon

The game is perfect for those couples who like to watch dramas and movies with a deep plot. Playing To the Moon is like a unique film experience. The plot tells the story of two doctors who travel through the memories of a dying man, trying to fulfill his last wish. Everything is perfect in it: a touching storyline, interactive gameplay with a choice, simple mechanics, pleasant puzzles, amazing music, and most importantly, a heartbreaking, but such a sensual ending. Seriously, there are whole cuts on YouTube where people cry as they watch the game's ending. Having such a gaming experience with your loved one will be invaluable.


4. Undertale

Undertale is such an unusual game, with such colorful characters that it can captivate almost any person with its passage. It so happens that people do not like games because of the dynamics, violence, incomprehensible controls, conventional mechanics, but Undertale is an exception. It is suitable for joint passage precisely because of its local flavor. This is a text-based combat system that is very variable and rarely repeated, an interesting plot, characters that constantly refer you to Internet culture and atmospheric music written by the creator. You will love this game as soon as Ruins starts playing, when you fight against a huge pesel, when you go on a date with Papyrus, and when you know the climax of the game. Her secret lies in variety, atmosphere and humor.


5. Mortal Kombat

Someone might ask, “What, is Mortal Kombat a game for lovers?” Yes. It's all simple Mortal Kombat - it's a classic. Sometimes there is nothing better than making love together, but violence. The game has a great overabundance of brutality, blood and finishing moves, and all this is a bit caricatured and exaggerated. Some people don't even know how much they enjoy this until they play. If you describe the joint play in the last parts of MK, then it can be summed up as “time well spent”. Yes, the game is not suitable for all couples, but you will not regret playing it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And if you also learn to play correctly, and not by pressing all the buttons in a row, then your level of relations, apparently, is very high.


6. Journey

Playing Journey is like enjoying modern art - not entirely clear how, but fascinating. The game has great art design as well as immersion. A long bright journey through the desert, where the main goal is to understand where it leads. If you and your significant other love arthouse, thoughtful things, and a little bit snobbish - this game is for you.


7.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Third Witcher itself came out as a very "folk" game for the masses. It is perfect for two people to play. The Witcher will give you everything: from colorful phrases, characters and situations, to the atmosphere, a beautiful non-linear plot filled with romance, danger, adventure, saving the world and nudity. The Witcher is so versatile and simple in its narrative that it can fascinate even those who are struggling to turn their noses at video games. What can we say about couples who will definitely like the story of the White Wolf.


8.TES V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a fun game to learn. It's nice to listen to her music, it's nice to look at the beautiful landscapes, the sky strewn with stars. Skyrim is not your typical RPG, but a nice tube game that both guys and girls play. Coming back to Tamriel is always a pleasure, especially as a couple.


9. Super seducer 1 and 2

Despite its pretentious name, this game is not at all what it is. It is so that you and your soulmate can simply poke and laugh heartily from the absurdity, pretense and sarcastic pathos that occurs in both parts of the Super Seducer. Super seducer stands at the edge of film and play. All you have to do is choose the answer options and enjoy what is happening. This game is suitable for lovers for the reason, let's be honest, sometimes there is nothing better than just laughing with your loved one at something stupid, absurd, and dirty.


10. Lego games

Finishes our list of games for lovers with any Lego project. Lego games are very simple and at the same time all kind of warm and friendly, and with a trademark humor. In addition, many are based on everyone's favorite movie franchises. Do you and your loved one love Star Wars? Lego Star Wars is at your service. Did you miss magic? Please, here's Lego Harry Potter. Are you and your girlfriend / boyfriend fans of the Marvel movie? Play Lego Avengers Lego or Marvel Super Heroes. And so on with tons of franchises. Plus, almost all Lego games have co-op.


You don't have to be a Geek or a gamer to play games, especially couples. We do not deny that there are enough people in whose relationships there are no video games as such. We also do not deny that there are couples of gamers who will laugh at this list of games for lovers and go online to play Apex Legend or Rainbow six siege. But again, if you want to add a little gaming to your relationship, we recommend playing at least a couple of games from this list. WorldOfTopics congratulates all our readers on Valentine's Day!

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Author: Jake Pinkman