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Worst Anime Relationship


While watching anime, many characters inspire us, and their company makes us happy. Looking at them, we try to be better. Often, portals, and ours is no exception, make tops of something better, in the hope of collecting something or someone for different inspiring purposes. This will not happen this time, because on this list we appeal to your disgust and talk about the worst relationships in anime. We often see couples in anime and worry about their happiness, but just like in life, the anime world is full of couples that just shouldn't exist. These are toxic people, manipulators, yandere and they poison each other's lives.

Light and Misa / Death Note

I think the reason why Misa and Light are one of the worst couples in the anime is on the surface. Their love is completely one-sided and Light uses Misa to carry out his plans, and even tells Ryuku about it after the first meeting with her. Misa herself is so obsessed with Light that she does not think about her well-being at all, and even cut her life a second time just for the sake of him and the opportunity to have the eyes of the God of death. Although Amana herself is not an angel. She openly tells Light that if she sees him with another girl, she will not hesitate to kill her.


And perhaps the most important thing we are missing is that they are killers. They separately killed many people, and even more so. Probably the only thing that unites them is dedication to a common cause.

Yuno and Yuki / Future Diary

If the tsundere only pretend that they hate you, but feel affection in their souls, then with yandere everything is easier - they openly tell you that they adore, but here's the problem: they are obsessed with you and will kill anyone who dares to stand between you.

"Future Diary" tells how a group of people kill each other for the title of God. The main character, Yuki, is forced to unite with Yandere Yuno, who is in love with him, to survive.


Most of the time the anime tries to portray their relationship as "either way or death" and it's terrible. It gets worse when Yuki takes on temper and becomes an asshole.

Naofumi and Raphtalia / The Rising of The Shield Hero

In addition to the fact that Naofumi himself is not a very honest person, the situation is further aggravated by his relationship with Raphtalia, who is his slave. And yes, you say that he wanted to free her, but she herself decided to remain his slave and to some extent you will be right. They are right in the sense that in anime, as in a work of fiction, relationships between people must develop in difficult conditions. But a relationship where one of their participants is a slave to the other is not a relationship.


Sawa and Takao / The Flowers of Evil

These are some of the most toxic and disgusting anime relationships on this list. In the story, the guy Takao steals the sports uniform of his classmate, with whom he is in love, but his other classmate, Sawa, sees it. She begins to blackmail him and makes him do various disgusting things, or she mocks him herself. For example, he forcibly undresses him and puts on the same stolen uniform. Plus, he constantly insults Takao, calling him a pervert and a piece of shit.

At the same time, chemistry still arises between them, and they are united by a common hatred of the world and a desire for it to collapse in pieces. There is also a third participant in this novel - Nanako. The same girl whose uniform was stolen. She has obvious problems with self-esteem, as she wants to have a relationship with the main character, despite the fact that he throws her out of his life with all his might. In general, "Flowers of the Hall" is a very uncomfortable anime and it is very difficult to observe the chemistry of its characters.


Erika and Kyoe / Wolf Girl And Black Prince

Despite the fact that this is a famous romantic anime with a large fan base, it is criticized precisely for the relationship between the characters. This is because they are actually quite disturbing.


Erika tricks her friends into believing that she is dating a cute boyfriend Kyoe from their school. He, in turn, says that he will pretend to be her boyfriend, but in return he is going to treat her as his property, forcing her to do whatever he says. This guy is a domineering goat, but the anime tries to please its audience, no matter how he treats her.

Sakura and Sasuke / Naruto

Speaking about the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke, I just want to sigh sadly. Since the beginning of the anime, Sakura has been in love with him for no apparent reason. Sasuke has repeatedly demonstrated that he does not care about her and even tried to somehow kill Sakura, despite the fact that she still loved him.


It all ends with them getting married, Sakura [student of the fifth hokage for a minute!] becomes a housewife, and Sasuke continues to behave as before - like a proud lonely wolf. They even have a daughter.

Miroku and Sanga / Inuyasha

Miroku and Sango are heroes who do a lot of good things, but that doesn't mean they're good for each other. Miroku plays the comedic role of a pervert in the anime, but for some reason gets caught up in a serious romance at the same time. Sango is constantly jealous when he flirts with every woman they meet. Plus, Miroku constantly asks if she will have children for him ...


However, they do not develop as a couple, except when Miroku proposes to Sango. But it is still difficult to observe them.

Kyosuke and Kirino / OREIMO

Romantic siblings are not uncommon in anime. There is usually a fine line of separation and the couple are actually half-siblings. One of the characters is actually adopted, or they are cousins, or simply call each other "sister" or "brother." OREIMO has no such excuses: Kyosuke and Kirino are blood relatives. They have the same parents. They are 100% brother and sister.


And although at first everything seemed just a comedy, in the end they got married. Yes, everything is really that serious ...

Lucy and Kota / Elfen Lied

Continuing the yandere theme, Lucy and Kota met while still children. It is worth keeping in mind that Lucy Diclonius is a representative of a different species with superpowers. She falls in love with Kota so much that she crosses the line and becomes a yandere.


One day she sees Kota walking with his cousin [and not with her!] and his parents at the festival, and finds this a good enough reason to kill his parents in front of Kota, tearing them apart. Everything becomes especially strange when already in adulthood Kota is still attached to her ...

Naru and Keitaro / Love Hina

Lyubov Hina was one of the most popular rom-koms of the 2000s, but today its format is not so fresh. The premise of the story is simple: Keitara's boyfriend fails the university entrance exams and goes to live with his grandmother, who turned her house into a women's boarding house. She makes her grandson a manager in him. There, he enters into a relationship with childhood friend Naru.


It's hard to worry about them, because almost always, when they are in the frame, Naru hits Keitaro or shouts at him, and he, in turn, too often finds her naked, violating personal boundaries. In addition, there is no chemistry between these two characters and apparently all their relationship is based on the fact that they were childhood friends.

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