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Choosing a gadget as a gift for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Second part


We continue to select gifts from the world of gadgets for the upcoming holiday dedicated to all defenders of the Fatherland. Yesterday some options were considered: a computer mouse Logitech G502 HERO, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, a Deeper PRO + echo sounder and an e-book. Let's continue our further review.

Portable speaker

Winter is coming to an end. Soon the streams will run, the sun will come out. Summer season will come imperceptibly. And this is rest, sea, beach. Rarely do these events take place without fun and music. To create the appropriate mood, you need a device that can sound your favorite tunes without wires (it is inconvenient to look for sockets and pull wires on the beach).

Here, portable speakers immediately come to the fore, the main advantage of which is the absence of wiring and the ability to work independently. In addition, IP67 dust and moisture protection allows the product to be used in the rain or near water sources without fear of its safety.


We are talking about the Sony EXTRA BASS SRS-XB41 device, which also has a large battery. It allows you to actively operate it throughout the day. Also in the arsenal of such speakers LED-backlighting, working in the same rhythm with the music being played, the Party Chain function. It provides for the connection of up to one hundred gadgets at the same time. There are also special sound settings that set and adjust the selected frequency range.

Gamer chair

Game lovers have their own interests. It is not always easy for them to choose a gift. Sometimes it is not easy to guess which game is preferred, let alone something more difficult.

There is one item without which it will be difficult for a gamer to travel around the virtual world. This is a ThunderX3 BC3 gaming chair with a military design. It is equipped with orthopedic pillows and has a more powerful gas lift design, which can handle loads weighing up to 150 kg.


Finishing the working surface of eco-leather using AIR Tech technology, so you don't have to worry about the process of caring for the chair. In addition, this cover is ventilated and will not allow the game lover to get wet during long computer battles. Armrests with individual settings and folding mechanism do not contribute to fatigue. It will help you get comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Mobile device, smartphone

The rapid pace of development of technologies for the production of mobile gadgets often baffles experienced professionals with their capabilities. What can we say about ordinary users. The manufacturers of smartphones and the models themselves are dark. It is difficult to understand their characteristics, make an analysis and choose the best option for yourself.

Most users need a large screen, a good camera and a high degree of device autonomy. One example of such a smartphone could be the OPPO AX7 with a 4230mAh battery. It allows it to function without recharging for at least 48-70 hours at an average load.


The device is not afraid of low temperatures, the quality of its work is preserved even at an ambient temperature of -200 C. It has a small cutout and a coating that does not allow glare. This will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies for a long time or travel the world of mobile games.


This device is the perfect gift for a car enthusiast. Many models have similar appearance. Here it becomes necessary to study the technical filling of the future gift and some of the nuances of its operation.

For example, the Cansonic UltraDash C1 dash cam has a magnetic mount and power through. There are no difficulties with its connection or changing the place of permanent deployment. It requires minimal effort.


The device is equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor with an aperture of f / 1.8, which makes shooting quality regardless of the time of day. It can also be operated in a wide temperature range: from -100 C to + 600 C. In addition to the video recording function, the device is equipped with the ability to control the travel route. This becomes possible thanks to the built-in GPS module. All data is recorded in a proprietary application with the possibility of further analysis or simply viewing.

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