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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 80s. Part 1


Our impressive list of comedies did not include biography films, cartoons (and anime as well), films in which the synopsis is marked "drama" (we will give our tops to dramas later), but also documentary pictures. That is, you will cry, watching comedies from our list of films, solely from laughter.

So let's get started. The rating of KinoPoisk is indicated immediately after the year of release of the picture.

1. Back to the Future (1985) 8.62

This is a franchise consisting of three films, and "Back to the Future 2" (1989) 8.29 and "Back to the Future 3" (1990) 8.17 are worthy of our top not less than the first part.

But in order to get as many different films as possible into the top, we decided to give the franchises only one position, mentioning the sequels and prequels only briefly.


This is a story about how a high school student, his girlfriend and a crazy professor decided to travel in time and messed around both in the past and in the future, so that then they tried to fix it all with varying success.

2. The Taming of the Shrew (1980) 8.39

A film with Adriano Celentano. It is already clear that it will be his hero who will be obstinate, who in the most terrible way does not accept female society, until the heroine of Ornella Muti bursts into his life.


The girl is so good and so successfully resists the obstinacy of the hero Celentano that in his speed the biological functions and needs of the body are restored and boil in earnest.

3. Madly in love (1981) 8.12

Again Celentano and again Muti. Now they play the first - Casanova, with whom any woman will go, as soon as he snapped his fingers, the second - a secular lioness from the high-born, a beauty in front of whom all the suitors creep.


And of course, when these plus and minus are suddenly closed, something out of the ordinary happens. It's certainly not a novel.

4. All-Bank (1981) 8.01

The film has two sequels:

  • Vabank II, or Strike Back (1984) 7.91.
  • Vinci, or Vabank 3 (2004) 6.71.

The first film tells about Quinto, a bear cage who was released after a long imprisonment, who decides to quit criminal affairs.


But when he learns that his friend ordered him to live a long time, and the local bank played an important role in throwing his hooves, he decides to make this bank so that bankers can go around the world.

5. Overboard (1987) 7.99

In fifth place is the adventure of the father of a large family, who raises children without a mother, and a pompous, mischievous, but very attractive young lady from high society who fell overboard in her yacht in a drunken stupor.

A resourceful dad sees an ad about a woman who is caught in the bay with loss of memory, and takes a mischievous and wealthy person from the hospital, passing her off as his wife. Further it is clear. The beauty who has lost her memory is forced to work on the farm for a poor family. But one day her memory must return, and then ...


Recently, in 2018, a sequel of the same name was shot based on the film, but according to the rating it did not stand next to its predecessor.

6. Dirty Scammers (1988) 7.98

A couple of inveterate fraudsters arrange their affairs in such a way that you will not dig in. And so fate brings them together when they try to "cheat" the same rich widow.


Everyone is trying to outstrip the other in their professionalism, and they are so addicted to this that they forget to look both ways, lest they both be cheated by someone from the outside.

No matter how hard it is.

7. The Gods Must Have Been Crazy (1980) 7.98

The movie has four sequels:

  • The Gods Must Be Mad 2 (1988) 7.86.
  • The Gods Must Be Gone Mad 3 (1991) 5.09.
  • The Gods Must Be Mad 4 (1993) 5.37.
  • The Gods Must Be Mad 5 (1994) 4.15.

But only the first two films directed by Jamie Uyce are really funny.


The story of people trying to live and work in the wild and sparsely populated areas of central Africa, and the family of a local bushman, whose life unexpectedly and tragically funny entered, do not believe, a bottle of Coca-Cola thrown out of the plane window by the pilot , can make even the most unsmiling person laugh.

8. Ace (1981) 7.97

Again Italians, and again Adriano Celentano.

This time he is a card sharper named Ace, and, moreover, the most professional in his field. Having married, he decides to settle down, but breaks down and gets involved in a card battle with one of the local tycoons.


When he manages to completely undress this tycoon, the mafioso hires a killer, and that Ace tragically finishes it off.

Now Ace is a ghost, which only his wife sees, with the help of which he decides to take revenge on the bandit who ordered him.

9. Ghostbusters (1984) 7.96

The film has a sequel: "Ghostbusters 2" (1989) 7.56 and the idiotic mediocre modern sequel: "Ghostbusters" (2016) 4.41.

A group of gallant guys from among the nerds (it's strange that there are any at all) gathers their knowledge in a heap and creates equipment capable of capturing entities that have escaped from the parallel world, enclosing them in a kind of storage tanks for their further destruction.


But not all ghosts agree with their destiny. In addition, some of them are much more powerful than our nerds initially imagined.

10. Open up, police! (1984) 7.934

The film has a couple of sequels, which are also very popular among the population. Those are “Open up, police! 2 "(1989) 7.32 and" Open up, police! 3 "(2003) 7.10


The very first picture tells about the dishonest policeman Rene, who is imposed as a partner the newcomer Francois from among the clean ones. Rather - while clean on hand.

Because the rogue Rene will do her best to make his new partner the most corrupt cop in France.

11. Unlucky (1981) 7.93

Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu will make anyone laugh with their performances in this film.

The unlucky idiot daughter of one of the financial magnates disappears without a trace on vacation in Mexico. All efforts and means are thrown into her search, but efforts do not yield results. Then one of the number of "thinking" employees has the idea to let the same unlucky idiot - the hero of Pierre Richard, follow her. And as a partner he is given a super professional - the hero Depardieu.


Oh, and the idiot will be angry when he finds out that he is not the main one in their duet ...

12. Big (1988) 7.91

One of the first films by Tom Hanks. And even considering that nonsense on such a topic has been filmed above the roof to this day, this picture remains the best of its kind.


The young boy so wanted to become big that one morning he woke up in the body of an adult man. But, oddly enough, he not only managed to get used to his new state, but also got himself a cool job and a gorgeous girl.

Only the lafa can't last forever. Someday you will have to return to your previous state. After all, so is the desire to live through the years of childhood and adolescence that have not been lived.

13. Zelig (1983) 7.86

Despite the fact that the film is a success in its own circles, the ordinary man will not like this picture. The film is shot in the manner of documentary filmmaking and tells about how a certain Zelig gained the ability to change his appearance like a chameleon and pretend to be literally whoever he pleases.


The film reflects on what problems in society this can lead to. It would seem, what is there, in fact, that can lead to problems?

The author of the film, now disgraced Woody Alain, has his own opinion on this matter.

14. Police Academy (1984) 7.86

This is an entire franchise consisting of 7 films. Next on the list are:

  • Police Academy 2: Their First Mission (1985) 7.53
  • Police Academy 3: Retraining (1986) 7.23
  • Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) 6.77
  • Police Academy 5: Destination Miami Beach (1988) 6.33
  • Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989) 6.11
  • Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow (1994) 5.13

Despite the fact that some of the jokes in the film are so stupid that you can only wonder who will laugh at them, in general, my generation liked the films. Today's youth is better off not watching. Not only will they not understand, but also spit it out.


The film tells about a bunch of losers who, for one reason or another, were forced to become police officers. About how they were trained in it, about what came out of it and about the consequences.

In general, of course, if such idiots really followed order in the country, the Americans would have shot themselves long ago.

15. Project A (1983) 7.85

The film by Sammo Hoon and Jackie Chan, which brought the first a lot of success, and the second a lot of injuries. Despite its flat humor, the film is a great success. First of all, due to those stunts and staged fights, which are full of pictures with Jackie's participation.


The Coast Guard is not very friendly with conventional Hong Kong police units. But all of them will have to unite in order to identify a corrupt traitor in the highest circles, because of whom not only civilians, but also security officials are constantly dying.

The film has a sequel: Project A: Part 2 (1987) 7.65, the brainchild of purely Jackie Chan. But the plump Sammo Hung is no longer in it. There is a lot of it only in the series "Chinese policeman".

16. Armor of God (1986) 7.82

Jackie Chan again. And in this film the actors play in the same naive Chinese way. But the fights and stunts here are almost trenchant than in the previous film.

The Asian hawk, the plunderer of ancient tombs and an adventurer on his ass, learned that the ritual sword that he stole from Africa was nothing more than one of the artifacts called the Armor of God. The forces of evil are trying to seize them in order to create lewdness with their help.


But the hero Jackie will not let them do this. Moreover, even after learning that the villains kidnapped his friends.

The film has a couple of sequels: Armor of God 2: Operation Condor (1991) 7.97 and Armor of God 3: Mission Zodiac (2012) 6.47. They are all separate films, so you can watch them out of order.

17. Evidence (1985) 7.80

In one mansion, someone gathers many unrelated people in order to play a cruel joke with them. He is ready to save them all from the blackmailer who is blackmailing them all for something. But then everything for which they were blackmailed will become known.


Are the audience ready for this? Some, apparently, not very much. What will it all turn into? Definitely - in problems and a bunch of corpses.

18. Diner on Wheels (1984) 7.78

Jackie Chan again. And here the director is purely Sammo Hung. In principle, some moments, especially in the psychiatric hospital, came out very funny. But, in general, the problem of fake and feigned Chinese humor remains. Fights and tricks are as always on top.


Friends run a diner on wheels in Barcelona, but local gangsters do not allow them to live in peace. Also, the matter is complicated by love relationships (friends fall in love with the same girl) and a mother who is lying in a mental hospital, whose memory has lost her memory.

19. Catch Before Midnight (1988) 7.77

Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin in this film are simply incomparable. With their help, Martin Brest managed to make such a masterpiece that will be relevant and will laugh at all generations and at all times.

Bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) has received an order to find former Mafia financier Jonathan Mardukas (Charles Grodin).


The matter is complicated by the fact that other bounty hunters are looking for the same person, the mafia is looking for, which the financier robbed, the FBI agents are looking for him to give testimony against the mafia leader, and the financier himself is a very good person, whom he can turn over It's a shame.

20. Daddies (1983) 7.77

Two completely different people from completely different strata of society, performed by the same Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu, unexpectedly learn from a letter sent by their former lover that they are the fathers of the same guy, whom they are beginning to look for with all their might.


Thus, the mother decided to find the missing child, or rather, the one who ran away from home. It will be interesting to see how the fathers will divide this child among themselves.

21. Romance with a Stone (1984) 7.77

A cool movie starring another successful on-screen couple - Michael Douglas - Kathleen Turner.

Joan Wilder (Turner) learns that her sister has been kidnapped in Columbia. The villains will only release her when she brings them a treasure map, which she managed to send her not long before her abduction.


Arriving in Colombia, sucker Joan, who has spent all her life at home, gets into a lot of trouble, but luckily she comes across a nimble mercenary Jack Colton, who takes a handkerchief on his head to help her.

The movie has an equally as good sequel to The Pearl of the Nile (1985) 7.26, which anyone will enjoy watching too.

22. To the left of the elevator (1988) 7.73

Another comedy masterpiece featuring the consummate comedian of all times and peoples Pierre Richard.


The entire film between the residents of the hotel, the doors of which open onto a single site, there are terrible misunderstandings, leading to such curious incidents, lies, revelations and idiotic twists and turns that you just laugh.

23. Police Story (1985) 7.73

The film has a couple of sequels: "Police Story 2" (1988) 7.62 and "Police Story 3: Super Cop" (1992) 7.26 ("Police Story" 2013 does not count, since it is not only a comedy, but also filmed about the wrong person).


The film is both serious and frivolous. It seems like it is stuffed with stupid Chinese mock jokes, but it seems like the plot does not at all dispose to humor. This only happens in Hong Kong action films.

Here Jackie's hero - a policeman named Kevi - was framed, and now, in order to clear his name, he will have to get to the very head of the mafia clan.

24. Grumpy (1986) 7.71

Again, Adriano Celentano. But this time the duet will be Debra Foyer.


There was Celentano and Casanova, and an obstinate dude, and a loving dead gambler. This time he is always dissatisfied with everything and everyone is a grumbler who doesn't give a damn about everyone and everything.

As it turned out, a grumbler can melt if he turns up such a girl like the heroine Foyer. At the airport, their suitcases got mixed up, as a result of which the grumbler came to the meeting with lingerie instead of documents.

Yes, there is something to grumble about again.

25. Dragons Forever (1988) 7.70

Jackie Chan again. Here, with the help of loyal friends, he brings to clean water the mafiosi, whose drug production plant pollutes the clean coastal lake waters with chemistry.


Again, the plot is serious and the actors act like assholes. But Jackie's tricks suck.

26. A Trip to America (1988) 7.70

Oddly enough, the film with the participation of the most popular in the 80s and 90s Eddie Murphy is only in 26th place in the rating. But in our opinion it is much better than the same stupid Zelig.


And he tells about the love of a prince who escaped from an African country and an ordinary American girl. In order to please her, the prince got a job in her father's store as a cleaner. How do you like this?

OK. If only everything was not useless.

27. Ruthless People (1986) 7.69

A couple of "Ruthless People", which are simple spouses of a simple American family, decided to kidnap the wife of a local tycoon for ransom.


If they knew that the local tycoon is sleeping and sees how to get rid of his nasty wife, they would find a better candidate for this purpose.

28. Batteries not included (1987) 7.67

The area is being evicted, buildings are being destroyed. This happens a lot. Now there will be high-rise office centers, shops and multi-storey parking lots. But not everyone agrees to eviction so easily.


One of the houses is still on the defensive. And funny aliens help the tenants to fight the bouncers sent by the mafia.

Now they are shocked, then once again they are shocked. Spielberg, and nothing more.

29. The Illusionist (1983) 7.67

One of the most idiotic comedies ever produced by the modern film industry.


Although the tale is about a family of some morally unbalanced and, frankly speaking, completely fucked up subjects, a continuous series of jokes that make up their life turns into some kind of extravaganza of humorous abstractionism, and into some kind of moment a person, starting to laugh, simply cannot stop.

Everything that happens on the screen is sheer absurdity. But in some places - how funny.

30. Chart 9: Dog's Work (1989) 7.67

The hero of James Belushi, police detective Michael Dooley, will stop at nothing in order to pin down the local drug lord. Even before cooperating with ... Dog!


Yes, in order to find cocaine hidden in a huge warehouse, you will have to make friends with a specially trained police shepherd.

But, as it turned out, police shepherds still do not do that!

31. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

The film has two sequels - the films of the same name in 1987 with a rating of 7.31 and 1994 with a rating of 7.01.


With his inherent humor, sagacity, resourcefulness and impudence, police officer Axel Fowley is investigating the murder of his school friend. To do this, he climbs where he should not and does what is not allowed. How will the local cops take this? Of course it's bad.

But that’s only until they get stupid habits with Fowley (Eddie Murphy).

32. Short Circuit (1986) 7.66

After the next tests, one of the "electrocuted" robots dumps from the test site. As a result of the short circuit, his brains began to work in the wrong direction. Now he is like an untrained child.


Well, if there is a child, then there will always be educators for him, which in this case were the heroes of Ellie Sheedy and Steve Gutenberg. And everything seems to be good. Yes, only the special services are hunting for the robot. But realizing that the uncles in black suits will disassemble him into bolts, that is, in fact, they will kill him, number five does not want to be caught in any way.

Will his new tutor friends help him?

33. Bingo Bongo (1982) 7.66

This time Adriano Celentano got the role of a kind of Tarzan, raised in the jungle by monkeys.


Brought to a large and modern city, it shows miracles of assimilation. He not only escapes from the experimental laboratory, but also sets the tone for the modern progressive humanity!

And along the way, he also finds himself the love of his life, which this time is the beauty of Carole Bouquet.

34. Bonnie and Clyde in Italian (1983) 7.63

This story has nothing to do with the adventures of Bonnie and Clyde, even remotely. Rather, this story is the exact opposite.

A girl blind as a mole, unable to see anything beyond her nose without her glasses, and a fat idiot souvenir seller who has always had bad luck, were accidentally taken hostage by bank robbers.


And when, as a result of the chase, a kirdyk comes to all the robbers, the blind fool with the fat man turns out to be the owners of huge money, because, while fleeing, the souvenir took instead of his suitcase a suitcase of robbers full of money.

World famous Fantozzi and Signor Robinson, Paolo Villaggio, starred as a souvenir seller. So, you will definitely have to laugh.

35. Cabbage soup (1981) 7.62

The famous gendarme comedian Louis de Funes became the king of this comedy. As it turned out, there is a race of aliens on a distant planet who simply adore cabbage soup.

Well, there is a cool old man on Earth who just knows how to cook the most perfect soup of this kind.


So a friend from a distant, distant galaxy often visited him. The accursed Claude Ratinier (de Funes's hero) put his poor alien comrade on a drug. And the neighbor cannot take them in the act.


Let's finish this for now. Wait for the second part next week, and you can be sure that there will be no less cool and funny pictures in it than in our first part of the list of the best comedies of the 80s.

In the meantime, good mood and happy watching the selected films. Well, if you don't like anything from the top, we wish you a speedy and successful search for something efficient on the Internet. There - everything in bulk and enough for everyone.

2 part, films from 36 to 70

3 part, films from 71 to 100

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