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7 apps for mobile earnings


Earning from mobile applications is unlikely to be your only and constant source of income. Even working with enthusiasm in each of them for several hours a day, you can hardly make more than $ 15 per month.

And nevertheless, it is recommended to install several apps for mobile earnings at once in order to increase the total income. By giving each of them 15-20 minutes a day, you will get enough money to pay mobile expenses or treat yourself to a small present at the end of the month.

Foap (Android, iOS)

This is a photo stock through which brands and ordinary users buy photos. The advantage of Foap is that you can upload both photos taken with a DSLR and those that were taken with a smartphone. Photography can be anything you want, so use your creative skills and photograph everything that happens in your life.


The same photo can be sold several times. After selling it, you will receive 50% of its value . The service also offers various missions. Participation in them increases the chances of sales, whether you win or not.

If you take pictures not only with your phone, but also with the camera and shoot well enough, then it is better to use, as they partner with Getty images and pay much more and more often.

Google Opinion Rewards (Android, iOS)

The application pays for participating in surveys. The income from it can be used to pay for purchases in the Google Play store. How many survey invites you receive depends on your location and activity. Usually 1-5 surveys are published per week, and on average each participant gets one, but if you are a suitable candidate, you can easily get three.


The maximum cost of a survey is $ 1 . Thus, in this one application, you can make about $ 10 dollars per month .

Fronto Lock Screen (Android)

The application replaces your lock screen and displays various articles, ads, links on it, for viewing which you can earn points. Points earned can be redeemed for gift cards from popular brands.


You don't need to watch content to get rewarded: you can simply unlock the screen and operate the device as usual. But if you are interested in the article and follow the link to read it, the reward will be higher.

1000 points in the app are equal to $ 1 .

MooCash (Android, iOS)

MooCash offers a ton of options for making mobile money: downloading free apps, watching ads, taking surveys, articles on the lock screen, and much more. 1000 points earned are accepted for $ 1 , you can withdraw them when the total amount reaches $ 2.5 .


The work in the application is simple, and the conclusion is the same: for this, the PayPal service is used. Points can also be exchanged for gift cards.

Apptrailers (Android, iOS)

Apptrailers offers videos about apps, life hacks, technologies and other things. By answering questions and competing with others, you can increase your earnings. For 1000 points earned, you will receive $ 1, and after spending two to three hours on the application, you can make $ 1-2 in just a day.


5 points are awarded for each video watched. Withdrawals are made upon reaching 5 cents via PayPal or as a gift card.

WHAFF Rewards (Android, iOS)

If you enjoy testing new apps, you'll also love getting paid for it. Through WHAFF Rewards, you will discover tons of exciting yet unknown programs. For installing each, you will receive 1-2 cents. You can earn more for using apps, playing games and completing other tasks.


Money can be withdrawn through PayPal or issued a gift card at their expense. The minimum payout is $ 10 .

Slidejoy (Android)

Another application for replacing the lock screen, for using which you will receive real money. It displays ads and blogging content for which points are awarded. Scrolling up to see more posts.


For each article viewed, you get one point, but you don't have to follow the links: points are awarded simply for using the application. Upon reaching $ 2 , money can be withdrawn via PayPal or as a gift card.

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