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Why did the Medal of Honor series disappear?


Today, gamers around the world are vigorously discussing and playing the new Call of Duty Black Ops IV. At the same time, DICE is actively preparing the next Battlefield for the release, feeding us juicy trailers and beta tests. We are used to the fact that these two rival series go toe-to-toe, trying to beat each other. However, many have already forgotten that the third player participated in this competition and his name is the Medal of Honor series, which was released from 1999 to 2012.

Yes, once this game from EA was opposed by fans of shooters to the aforementioned series about the war, and almost every game year we summed up which of these three games was the best. However, today there are only two players left in the arena, so we wondered: why did the Medal of Honor series disappear into oblivion?

Ups and one big bust

All those 15 games that were released earlier than 2012 had the approval of both critics and gamers. But after the release of the last 16 games, Electronic Art declared the project unsuccessful and closed. Company representative Peter Moore recalling the last part said that Medal of Honor Warfighter was good and stable, but the authentic combat system did not find love among the players. Translated into normal language, it did not live up to the expectations that everyone placed on it.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

But the game was still bought, and the developers sold 300 thousand copies in just a week, and a year later they raised sales to 3 million copies. It is a pity that this was not enough for 2012. Plus, a 55 on Metacritic also said a lot.

Again, Moore insisted that critics simply underestimated a good game. But again, translating into a non-corporate language - the game for many turned out to be a pass-through at one time. And this is one of the problems.

You are the bad guys, not the game

We are used to hearing similar statements about EA, which often say that the players are lazy, then critics just find fault, instead of admitting that the game was so-so, and they could not make it good.

Medal of Honor 2007

But at the root, EA is a big company with a bunch of serious investors who put their money in, so it's much easier to make statements about bad players than to tell these same investors that they screwed up their money.

Almost Battlefield, but not enough, a little Cold, but not quite

The second problem is that the series has always tried to adhere to the canons of the Second World War, but the modern trends of the "new modern war" (it's funny that now DICE is going the opposite way) of their shooter brothers forced it to change their shoes.

The last game was called a copy of Battle, but one that lacked the Battlefield feature. In addition, with a new set of modern warfare, they tried to lure into themselves Call of Duty fans, who were completely different from the audience of DICE games.

Battlefield 3

And the last nail in this grave was the oversaturation of the market with such shooters at the time.

And once upon a time ...

And once upon a time Medal of Honor was an excellent series of games that was born thanks to Steven Spielberg, who wanted to make a game that his son would like. The boy loved to play 007 Golden Eye, and his father decided to do something between this game and the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

This is how the first part appeared on PS. It had a beautiful picture, as well as realism (just keep in mind that in 1999 it was understood completely differently). Further games in the series passed to different people in development, and thanks to this, she found her own special style of storytelling and style. Thus, the scores for each game ranged between 70-90 points.

And the Medal of Honor series was fully revealed with the release of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The game showed us places of war that we had not seen before, and EA bought the studio after the success of the project. Most of the staff didn't like this much, and they left the company where they had been dragged. The natives founded their own studio and created the main competitor of the series - Call of Duty ...

Battlefield Again

Since both series belong to EA, it would be logical to compare them. Since the 2000s, you can see that Battlefield has developed better than Medal of Honor, and therefore became the main competitor of Kolda. And now, a year before the release of the last part of the medals, which sold 300 thousand copies in a week, the third battle, released a year earlier, sold 3 million copies in a week ....

When the last game did not meet EA's sales expectations, it was bad, and had a lucrative alternative - the series was closed so as not to waste time on it when there was a cooler battle.

Battlefield 3

This is very disappointing, the Medal of Honor series is dead, even though it was the progenitor of two other major franchises. She was killed for lack of profitability.

Although many want her to return, it is possible if she is in demand by the general public. And since the series was made by different people, and gamers like different parts of it, this is unlikely.

Battlefield has everything that was not in the medals, and is also a competitive project in relation to the main rival. And EA has no reason to compete with itself.

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Author: Jake Pinkman