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Augmented Reality Glasses, Smart Watch and Another ORRO Product


Chinese electronics manufacturer ORRO has ambitious plans for 2020. This was announced at an event dedicated to Innovation Day, which is now taking place in Shenzhen. At this forum, representatives of the company talked about their new developments - augmented reality glasses, smart watches and a smartphone with an invisible selfie camera. Readers of our portal can be among the first to familiarize themselves with this information.

ORRO AR glasses to start selling in early 2020

If advertising drives progress, then competition accelerates it. There are many examples of this.

One of them can be considered the fact of the appearance of the Oppo AR Glass headset, which was released shortly after the appearance of the HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses from Microsoft. The Chinese promise to start selling their gadget in the first quarter of next year.

These two products are similar in appearance. At the front of the Oppo AR Glass, there is a visor attached to the strap to secure it to the head. For added convenience, a frontal support is provided. It is noted that the device is not intended for everyday wear, but for use at home and in industrial production.


In the latter case, the device allows you to take advantage of the capabilities of augmented reality services. It can be 3D modeling, design, planning. At home, it will come in handy during gameplay and when processing relevant content.

So far, outsiders were not allowed to test the novelty, but it is already clear that these augmented reality glasses are more compact and lighter than Microsoft HoloLens. In the area of their front panel, two cameras with a wide viewing angle were placed. The third is installed side by side, but has more modest characteristics. There is also a ToF sensor for distance measurement. There is no other characterizing data on the gadget's hardware yet.

A demonstration of the device's capabilities was held on stage. Its functionality was shown by the example of work on the study of a model of the solar system. Viewers received information about each planet. At the same time, they were selected by the appropriate hand gestures of the person conducting the demonstration.

It was also said that the headset is capable of receiving voice commands.

Little is known about this product right now. There is no data on prices for it, or on the geography of future sales. Preliminary conclusions can be drawn only on the basis of data showing how important the Chinese market is for the manufacturer. ORRO is in third place in this country for smartphone sales, so Oppo AR Glass is sure to hit the shelves here.

The company's positions in Europe, India and some Asian countries are also strong. It is possible that, for example, in Britain this device will also start selling.

Representatives of the developer stated their hopes that their augmented reality glasses will receive a significant share in the corresponding market segment. This, first of all, should be influenced by the factor of the lower cost of the product. The price for the product of its main competitor from Microsoft is quite high. HoloLens 2 costs $ 3,500. It can also be used only in business, which will also be a competitive disadvantage.

Smart watch

It was also announced that the ORRO smartwatch will be on the market early next year. The company did not disclose any technical characteristics, only a teaser was shown and the dates for the start of mass production were announced. Here again, we were talking about the first three months of 2020. ORRO's plans in this direction have been known for a long time. This summer, one of the company's executives announced that the company will release a smartwatch in 2020.

Based on the shown image, we can draw the first conclusions about the design of the future device. Its screen will definitely get a rectangular shape, which on this basis will put the product on a par with the Asus Zen Watch in 2015, as well as with the Apple Watch. This is good news, as the design of these gadgets played a key role in sales. Users appreciated it, which had a beneficial effect on the demand for the products.


Nothing is clear yet about the hardware of the watch with software. ORRO has not yet decided whether to use Google WearOS for this or start developing its own software. It is possible that the company will release its own platform for the domestic market. It is possible that it will be applied to devices that will be sold in other countries.

Subscreen camera

In June of this year, OPRO unveiled a smartphone developed using Perspective Panoramic Screen technology with a camera under the display. The new way of placing the front camera allows you to create devices without cutouts, pull-out mechanisms and holes in the screen.


As a result, its area significantly increases, and the gadget itself becomes more waterproof. In the above image, you can see the camera. This module is viewed when there is a certain color gamut on the screen at a particular moment. In other cases, it is not visible. Especially if the display shows dark colors.

ORRO made it clear that this technology is still being developed and it is not known when it will begin to be widely used.

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