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Playkey Platform - Play Modern Games on MacBook


"You can't play travel games on a Mac!" - perhaps such thoughts come to people who go to the store to buy a brand new MacBook and resign themselves to the fact that they will only work on it. But sometimes you hunt and relax, run around with a double-barreled gun at the ready, shooting at enemies that appear here and there.

Are there games on the Mac?

In most cases, playing on a Mac is either impossible or sheer torture. There are several reasons for this, weak hardware (low performance), the need to install Windows, since there are few games for Mac and they sometimes come out with a delay of several years or do not come out at all, and the worst thing is that MacBooks get very hot and make noise under heavy loads.

Maybe buy a PC?

Buying another computer, especially for games, is an expensive and impractical pleasure. Often this is even an overwhelming task, since now, in order to buy a normal video card, you need to spend up to $ 1 thousand for some copies. With this we come to the conclusion that on the Mac you either have to forget about games altogether, or be content with images like World of Tanks Blitz.

How to play on Mac OS

But there is a way out, Playkey cloud technologies, and this thing works on both Mac and PC running Windows, and quite experts can run this program on Linux.


Installing Playkey and registering in it will not be difficult, an account is created automatically when you subscribe or start demo mode. The client part is installed on a computer, but all actions, be it choosing games from a catalog or working with an account, are carried out through a browser. Then choose a game from the catalog, the range of which is constantly growing and contains all modern projects. If some game is not on the list, then you have a special section where you can write a wish, which game you would like to play. The Witcher 3, Star Wars, GTA 5 and many more hits are available now.

Try it

What you need to play with Playkey

A licensed version is suitable for the game, which can be purchased from Playkey, Steam or any other online service. And there are also many Free to Play games, you just need to click the "Play" button and you don't have to install anything additionally, no drivers, no patches and add-ons, nothing is needed because it's a cloud service. All processing is done on the company's servers, you will only be shown a picture. As for the client window, you will have to use only two shortcuts to switch to full screen mode and to other windows of the system, everything is easy and simple.

Playkey about the service

The maximum connection to the server is up to 10 minutes, but since there are many servers and they are located in different parts of the world, you will rarely wait more than 1 minute, but sometimes, during peak hours, there can still be traffic jams. Internet speed is an important indicator of the quality of the game, the minimum threshold is 5 megabits, and if you have one, then you probably shouldn't play. The optimal indicator for the game is 30 megabits, and for comfort it is best for the computer to be connected to the network via cable, and not via wi-fi, in general, it all depends on the provider and channel width. When you launch the game, the server automatically adjusts the graphics depending on the tariff plan and the speed of the Internet connection, and in many cases 50-60 fps are guaranteed to you.

Of course, small lags and fps drops are sometimes possible, but in offline games this also happens, much less often of course.

Owners of computers such as MacBook and iMac should not forget that most of these machines have an excellent Retina matrix, and it has a much higher resolution than Full HD, it can be 4, or even 5K, so the picture may be far from ideal. But if you connect to a Full HD-monitor, then everything will fall into place.

Who is Playkey useful for?

For not an avid gamer, the standard rate for 1290 rubles. more than enough per month, which is more than 2 hours a day. For a year, of course, the price turns out to be impressive, but it should be borne in mind that a gaming computer still needs to be bought. In any case, you can try the demo mode, but if you subscribed and the service did not suit you, then you can get your money back. This can be done provided that you have played less than two hours and submitted an application within a week from the date of subscription. And don't forget that your subscription will automatically renew.

Playkey prices

Who will benefit from the Playkey service? The first ones are those for whom games are one of the sore points, they practically do not exist for Mac. The second are those who don't play that often. Well, the third group of people is those who travel a lot, you yourself understand, it is not so convenient to carry a whole system unit and a monitor with you.

So if you belong to any of these groups of people, be sure to give it a try.

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Author: Jake Pinkman