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News from the Google camp: characteristics of inexpensive Pixel 4a, 3D Touch function in Android smartphones, Chromecast platform


In this review, we will discuss the latest news related to the activities of the tech giant Google. They refer not only to the latest devices of the company, but also to technologies developed by the efforts of the specialists of this enterprise.

Features of the budget Pixel 4a smartphone have become known

Over the past few months, various kinds of information about the Pixel 4 series smartphones have been periodically appearing on the network. Someone praises their good software, efficient filling and functionality. Previously sold Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL were cheaper and had the same benefits. Others complain about the high cost.

Therefore, Google has thought about creating the Pixel 4a, which will be the mid-price version of the line. Our portal reported this a few weeks ago.

Another confirmation of the imminent appearance of the model is a video that appeared on the network not so long ago. It reveals the main nuances and characteristics of the device. After that, only the release date and cost remain a secret.


It is now well established that the device will be equipped with a 5.81-inch display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels (443 pixels per inch) and a selfie camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. The screen refresh rate will be only 60 Hz, not 90 Hz, as in more expensive modifications. The main camera will receive a 12-megapixel sensor.

Its "heart" will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. A 3080 mAh battery will be responsible for autonomy.

The product will also receive a rear-panel fingerprint scanner, headphone jack and USB-C port.

All copies out of the box will start equipping Android 10.


The disadvantages of the model were immediately attributed to the inability to work in fifth generation networks, the inability to increase the amount of built-in memory and the lack of WiFi 6.

Some fans of the brand, in their comments to the video, expressed concern about the photo capabilities of the Pixel 4a. They complained about the weak main camera with one sensor. Older versions received more sensors that have higher capabilities.

Google is equipping Android smartphones with 3D Touch

Google often uses software to provide its devices with functionality that other manufacturers implement in hardware. For example, if Apple installed an additional camera to support bokeh-style portrait mode, Google used software algorithms for this.


Another such feature is 3D Touch. To implement it, Google cloned 3D Touch from Apple. But again the company went its own way. The clone does not have pressure-sensitive touchscreens, but it has the original software.

It has already been implemented in Google Pixel models.

However, recently the Yabloko players have abandoned 3D Touch, using the “long press” function instead. It does not provide new features, but it allows you to perform some tasks faster.

Google is not far behind either. Pixel 4 owners can now simply press harder on a specific area of the screen to quickly access context menus or other options.

Recently it became known how Google engineers were able to do this without the appropriate technical equipment. They just used algorithms to determine the area of the screen covered by a finger when touched. The system was taught to recognize light, medium and long touches.

It is noted that so far only a few applications (such as Pixel Launcher, Google Photos and Google Drive) are able to detect strong presses. Users hope this list will expand in the future.

Google will turn Chromecast into a full-fledged TV box

In the assortment list of Google products, there is a Chromecast dongle that allows you to broadcast pictures from mobile devices to the big screen.


Recently, insiders announced the imminent release of a new generation of the device. The Chromecast will now become a complete Android set-top box with a remote control.

The presented data says that the new product will be equipped with the Android TV operating system and a remote control. Outwardly, it bears a resemblance to Daydream View. There is also evidence that this version will have the ability to support screens with 4K resolution and HDR standard.

The gadget itself will have practically no external differences from the previous version. The set-top box will be equipped with a microphone, since it will be able to be controlled by voice assistants. You can also use the Google Play store, which will allow you to install any applications that are there.

It is noted that Chromecast will be the middle link (especially in terms of pricing) between a regular repeater and an advanced TV box like NVIDIA Shield TV.

The novelty will be presented not earlier than October, when the conference of the tech giant will take place. Perhaps this will happen earlier, but it is also worth considering the factor of the coronavirus epidemic that has covered the whole world.

Nothing is known about the device's specifications and prices.

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