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New films and series. Movie poster from August 29 to September 4


This week there will be more than enough new products, moreover, our filmmakers made a big contribution to the poster at the beginning of September, throwing as many as four films on the screens, including the long-awaited domestic blockbuster of the year - The Last Test.

The tragedy that happened in the theater on Dubrovka in the ill-fated autumn of 2002 has not yet been covered from the artistic side. We are looking forward to the film based on actual facts.

New foreign films

But let's start, as it has become a habit with us, with foreign countries, with tapes, to which Hollywood has had a hand in one way or another. There will be five of them this week, and the main one will certainly become ...

Club of fans of books and pies from potato peelings (USA, UK, France) KP 7.3

The tape, rather, is considered English, and not American, and it was released worldwide in the middle of spring, which made it possible for the pirates to "show" it to everyone in a perfectly tolerable quality and with tolerable USA voice acting on their pirate sites online -viewing and torrents.

I don't argue, the film is worthwhile. An excellent melodrama, sometimes flavored with references to the times of the Nazi occupation of the island, on which, in fact, the mentioned "club" is located. Although the events in the film develop just a few years after the end of the Second World War.

The downside is that the movie is slightly lacking in entertainment for going to the cinema. And the plot, although it is masterfully spelled out, and well staged, is still very predictable.

And we are talking about an aspiring writer interested in the details of the history of the occupation of the island of Guernsey (south of England) by the Nazis. In particular, she is interested in the fate of a friend of a young man who fell into the clutches of the Germans for harboring escaped prisoners of war.

Well, the young man himself, as it was clear from the very beginning. Well, how things will work out for them, you can, as we said, guess for yourself.

US Ghost Patrol 6.60

The main characters are doing just fine. Their show, which looks very much like a domestic project from TNT TV channel "Battle of Psychics", is intended for ordinary people who believe in all sorts of "paranormalism".


Well, and the fact that the participants in the show can easily help people get rid of all this "paranormalism". That is, it is not difficult for them to expel any ghosts and spirits from their homes.

But this continues only for the time being, until they arrive in Mexico on another call, which really turns out to be connected with this very "paranormal", which they themselves do not really believe in.

At this point they will have to be afraid and obos ... Sorry, to be simple!

I'm going to search (USA)

It is unclear why the description says "horror, thriller, detective", but "comedy" - no? After all, such a plot could only be a comedian of pure water.

Think for yourself, what kind of family is this, where acquaintance with the husband's relatives should be marked by such a "game" in which the bride hides, and everyone is looking for her so that she becomes a victim of some terrible ritual that will help the family will live comfortably for some time.

It is strange that with such "traditions" and the ability to play such "hide and seek" in this family, in general, someone has survived to this day.

Although our bride will do her best to correct this paradox.

Hannibal's Game (USA, Canada)

Dissociative disorder is that kind of thing. We know this from the movie "Split". Here in one person - the main character - a number of personalities also manage to get along, one of which, to the great disappointment of the innocent victims, is the personality of Hannibal Lecter.

But to catch a criminal with such a disorder, as practice shows (namely police practice, and not films on this topic) turns out to be easier than ever. Only the murders do not stop even after the patient is locked up.

The description does not say "fantasy", "fantasy" or "mysticism", and therefore the person somehow magically cannot leave the body of the protagonist. Then one thing remains - there is an accomplice on the outside.

There is simply no other way. Probably.

Million Dollar Car (Puerto Rico, USA, UK) IMDb 6.40

Few people know, but the car "DeLorean", which served as Professor Emmett Brown from the trilogy "Back to the Future" as a "Time Machine", was really mass-produced between 1981 and 1983.


Only with the developer it was not all right. He is very much bogged down in "dating" with the underworld. In 1982, the FBI bungled a good deal on him, on which he thundered into jail for a short time. Subsequently, it was not proven that DeLorean was actually a drug dealer. Only on the consumer demand for his cars this turnaround had a very negative impact.

And the car itself was not humanly modified. Plus, customers were constantly banging their heads against idiotic and very uncomfortable doors. Therefore, the real "Demand" with a capital letter for this very sports car arose only after the release of the aforementioned film Zemeckis.

Yes, for those times the car looked very advanced. But now, would you agree to buy a car that opens like a treasure chest? We don't think so.

Unless it really will be "DeLorean" 81-83. release…. Then it's another matter. This model is so excusable.

Small secrets of a large company (France, Belgium) IMDb 6.70

Max has a great circle of friends. With this he was incredibly lucky, you can't argue. But there are times in life when you want to be alone.


And what do you order to do when your korefans and friends keep up with you, even if you deliberately move away from them?

This movie is a good example of what unexpected visits from friends can result in. Namely - in a complete mess!

Coco-di Coco-da (Sweden, Denmark) IMDb 6.60

Agree, the name is somehow childish. But it is better not to show the story to children, because in reality it is a pure horror movie.


Having gone on vacation, a young couple stumbles upon pranksters, circus performers, who in no way give them a good rest. Moreover, damn artists are so intrusive that all their "numbers" literally infuriate the heroes of the film.

And then it turns out that they were stuck in the same day, which would make this movie a worthy addition to ourtop of Groundhog Day-like movies.Now the couple will have to urgently decide what are they doing wrong on this endlessly repeating day.

Or - don't ...

Superdogs (UK) IMDb 7.80

The documentary is one this week, and it is dedicated to our smaller brothers - dogs. Moreover, not just dogs, but dogs - heroes.


For these dogs, saving lives and other "high" deeds is an everyday routine. Many of them are worthy of the title of heroes. And you will learn more about them in a 45-minute documentary from English filmmakers.

Sleeping Princess (Japan) IMDb 6.30

We finally got to the cartoons. Although anime fans, of course, do not consider this genre "cartoons".

This two-year-old anime is so far the only one in the “repertoire” of the distributor “USA Report”, which is more focused on renting cheap feature films from third countries.


And the film will talk about a son-zasone named Kokone, who can sleep everywhere and, moreover, both for reason and without a reason. When she sleeps, she sees the same dream in which she falls into the skin of another girl - the princess of a strange state, one into one similar to her in appearance.

But, as it turned out, this princess, like the magic "sleepy" state itself, really exists in reality. And Kokone, as you know, will certainly get into this otherworldly "sleepy" world.

Paw Patrol. Super Patrol 2

The series "Paw Patrol", as we can see, has successfully crawled from television screens to the big screens of cinemas. The kids liked funny and not too complicated stories about cartoon characters of rescue dogs to such an extent that moms and dads were tired of driving their kids to the cinema.


This time our patrolmen will have even more business. They will have to save the inhabitants from fire, climbers - from falling from steep slopes and more. Kids will be interested.

Well, mothers will be happy to sleep for about an hour. Caesar - Caesar, and locksmith - locksmith!

Rescuers (China)

Another cartoon in the style of "Paw Patrol" for the little ones. Now from Chinese filmmakers.


Here, the heroes of the cartoon will be the Tiger and the Critter, who are caught in a series of the most troubles, in the process of overcoming which the friendship of friends will be tested for strength more than once. The little ones will surely love their "misadventures".

Moms on this cartoon will be able to sleep even longer. No joke, a whole hour and a half of rest! When else will this "pleasantness" turn up?

Kokosha - Little Dragon Jungle Adventure IMDb 5.60

Children, as well as fans of USA cinema, were extraordinarily lucky this week. The distributor of "Prestih Kino" decided to add his own to the two previous cartoons, so the kids got a weekly poster like adults - as many as three different cartoons, not counting the anime.


Here adventures will happen with two funny little crocodiles - Oscar and Kokosha, as well as with their friend - a wild creature named Matilda, as the three of them make their way through the jungle to a summer camp for young crocodiles.

Quirky and cheap story, isn't it? Although for children - what is peculiar and cheap about it? A very interesting and funny plot.

New USA films

USA filmmakers seem to have woken up with the beginning of the school year. Either because they decided that since the children went to school, it means that all vacationers have already returned from hot places, or for some other reason, but they threw as many as four new films on the big screens.

Moreover, without even being afraid of the overwhelming competition from such a heavyweight as ...

Last Test (USA)

We are not going to disseminate much, let's just say that the tape was staged on the events that took place in the theater on Dubrovka, where the musical Nord-Ost was then held.

We smoothed out a bit, threw out something, added a central storyline of the main character and it turned out. Until you watch the whole movie, there is nothing to talk. This is not a topic to blow up some farce out of it, so that's it.

Let's just say that the direct participants in the terrorist attack also took part in the crowd scene. And this suggests that the film should not be frankly messy - for sure.

Dream Team (USA)

A family comedy film by Philip Abryutin and Maxim Zykov with Yan Tsapnik in the title role is shown to people who are in deep and not very depressed.


The picture is light, light and liberating. The famous commentator was driven from work overnight. Everything would be fine, but he loves to speak out about and without a reason. So I got what I said. Or - yelled.

In short, he found refuge at the hippodrome, where competitions among young men are held. There he found his destiny. Even though he made his way through the moral hardships that he himself imagined.

Battle (USA)

This is how it happens: you dance, you dance, and then bam! And the trauma from which the hearing completely knocks off. And for a dancer not to hear the music, it's like for a fish to be out in the air.


Everything is bad, nothing helps. But a girl appeared on the horizon who would pull this deaf fool out of the coma into which he drove himself. Feeling the rhythm within himself, he will return to dancing again, only not to dance, but to train the dancers.

And, like him - deaf!

At Cape Town Port ... (USA)

Judging by the trailer, this is more comedy than drama. But, the creators know better.


Speech in the film will go about the filming of the film, it seems to us, staged on the events that once took place, namely, the dismantling of some "criminals" that took place back in 1945.

Tellingly, each of these three "criminals" was sure that he had failed the other two. But everyone was alive and well, until the story suddenly surfaced through a wave of "side effects", which was raised by the simplest coincidences.

Not clear? It's okay, neither are we. But that's exactly what comes out of the trailer we watched. Even less is clear from the "factory" synopsis.

New from TV series

Basically, this week will be marked by a couple of high-profile premieres, including the long-awaited fantasy-noir eight-episode series Carnival Row featuring such movie stars as Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings) and Cara Delevingne (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets "). There will be a couple of sequels, but, first things first.

Let's start, as always, according to the release dates of the projects.

Carnival Row (Amazon)

August 30, Friday, TV series premiere

And the first on the list is the long-awaited project from the Amazon TV channel.

This is a detective story. But its location is located in the Earth universe, where various magical creatures are used to living side by side, capable of much, looking wonderful and each having their own quirks.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne will appear here as detectives who have to find out what kind of miracle maniac is killing local fantasy creatures.

Moreover, Kara got the role of an elf with wings like a dragonfly. Orlando's hero, a seasoned detective Rycroft, will have to get used to this annoying fly for a long time.

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance (Netflix)

August 30, Friday, TV series premiere

The animated series is made from cover to cover using computer animation. Not to say that the graphics are just so impressive, but the quality speaks for itself, just watch the trailer.

And the speech in the fantasy tape will go about the prehistory of the events described in the "Dark Crystal" 1982 release. It's not entirely clear what prompted Netflix to tackle this particular story, but it really is.

As we know from the 1982 feature film, the Goflings suffered a grim fate after the dark crystal that ruled the local universe was damaged. They fell into slavery to the lizard-like skexis. It is about what kind of events led to this chaos, and this multi-part cartoon was shot.

It is very likely that in the sequel we will see a rehash of the "Dark Crystal" itself. That's right, about 40 years have passed, it's time to update the shabby primary source.

Stand Up (TNT )

September 1, Sunday, Season 7

This project does not need advertising. Turning on TNT in the evening and enjoying new jokes from new and old stand-up comedians has already become a habit.


Let's look with interest and listen to what sore topics will become dominant this time.

Greenleaf (OWN)

September 3, Tuesday, Season 4

The Greenleaf family church affair continues for the 4th consecutive season.


And we will tell you with full responsibility that for such a devout family to have so many skeletons in the closet is just fantastic. For preachers to have such "shoals" behind their shoulders - not that it is forbidden, it is generally out of the ordinary. It’s no joke, the bishop’s wife got him a daughter from an outside man.

But that's not all, as we can see. What new little "sins" the Greenleaf family will bring us in the 4th season is not clear.

Why are there small sins. The family cannot even divide the church among themselves ...

Mayans (FX)

September 3, Tuesday, Season 2

Channel FX, keeping in mind the success of the Sons of Anarchy, last year decided to launch a spin-off, telling about the deeds of the eternal rivals of the Sons - Mayants.

But it went with a creak. New faces mixed with slightly sunken and faded old ones do not look so hot. The plotter is kind of lethargic. But most importantly, such sonorous names as Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, etc. are no longer here and are not expected.

And therefore - it's just nostalgia for past success, and nothing more. But for the second season, the project was extended. Maybe the plot will get warmer in it.

Wu-Tang American Saga (Hulu)

September 4, Wednesday, series premiere

Athletes pull youngsters from the street to themselves, musicians to themselves. But something in the outskirts of garbage and reckless idiots has not diminished yet. Rather, the opposite is true.


Those who like to watch children knock weapons out of their hands with the help of music, please watch.

The series will certainly not be without crime and drama, so hopefully it will be interesting.


That's all for now. Pupils and students - with the beginning of the new academic year, we hope this academic year will be no worse for you than the previous one. If only the films and TV shows that we here successfully impose on viewing would not distract from their studies.

Next week, the second film of the updated King's "It" will run the box office, and for now we will say goodbye. And in spite of your studies - you will have more good films and TV series!

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