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The best TV series of September


In our today's top, we will discuss the best TV series that will get sequels in the first month of autumn. The list was built based on the rating of serial films on KinoPoisk. Please note that we have not included the premieres in the list, as their top will be dedicated to them later.

The most powerful rated heavyweight is NBC's This Is Us. Let's start with it.

1. This Is Us 8.4

Season 4, Tuesday September 24, NBC

You can't tell what the show is about. Probably about the vicissitudes of family life. Moreover, the series presents both the current life of mom and dad and their three children, and the past life of mom and dad, when they were still young.


This is without any - a masterpiece. This is the standard of how to make drama films of life. For each of the characters, the characters are superbly spelled out, each of them has its own quirks, which must be dealt with both alone and together with other main characters.

This is a series about true love, fidelity, mutual assistance and friendship. And do not turn away from a dramatic masterpiece in favor of spectacular, but soulless, action films and science fiction.

Give it a try and you will be sucked in. KinoPoisk rating won't lie.

2. Chicago / Chicago Firefighters on Fire 8.1

Season 8, Wednesday September 25, NBC

In September, fans of the "universe" of the series Law & Order. Special Corps "a real holiday. The sequels of four projects from this "cinematic location" will see the light of day. And the first in the rating is "Firefighters of Chicago".


The Chicago Firefighters project has two spin-offs - the Chicago Police and the Chicago Doctors. In 2017, Dick Wolfe, the creator of the Chicago franchise, also launched the Chicago Justice project, but for some reason it did not go and was closed after the first season.

A distinctive feature of these series is that they have a huge number of plot intersections, as a result of which some actors are forced to appear in three projects at once. The series itself tells about the difficult everyday life of rescuers and firefighters of one of the calculations of the city of Chicago. Actors have to help people out, sometimes from the most idiotic situations, which do not become less dangerous from this.

All this is happening against the background of interesting and very dramatically developing relationships between people included in this calculation or related to it.

3. Marine Police: Special Department 8.0

Season 17, Tuesday September 24, CBS

Also a holiday for fans of the MCU "Marine Police". In September, the continuation of three projects from this series starts - "NCIS: Special Department", "NCIS: New Orleans" and "NCIS: Los Angeles".


Of all three police detective drama projects, only New Orleans has a rating below 7 points, which is why it is forced to vegetate in our top of the best TV series in September at 30th place. But this is not due to the fact that the series is bad, but to the fact that its showing coincides with the showing of the project "This Is Us" described above by FOX, which draws the attention of a large audience on Tuesdays.

Just like in "Firefighters" fromNBC, the TV series about the Navy police fromCBS in parallel tell about the work of the police, and about the hard fates themselves police officers.

4. Chicago Police 7.9

Season 7 Wednesday September 25 NBC

The second project from the MCU "Chicago Firefighters", in which heroes often appear not only from "Firefighters" and "Medics", but also from "Law and Order", when the circumstances of the investigation of some cases bring detectives from New York to the "capital "Illinois.


The series "grew" from "Firefighters", since the main character is not quite clean on hand Sergeant Henry "Hank" Voight, in the first season with might and main blackmailing the poor hero Jesse Spencer.

Voight's controversial personality has sunk into fans' hearts so deeply thatNBC immediately rolled up its sleeves and rushed to shoot the first Firefighters spin-off.

The series initially took Voight's uncompromising character. He could interrogate where with prejudice, and where and even mock someone. But with each episode he corrects himself, and already almost no one bludgeons.

And even despite the departure at the end of the 5th season from the project of Elias Koteas, the performer of one of the key roles, the series is still "on top".

5. Chicago Doctors 7.7

Season 5, Wednesday September 25, NBC

The third film from the "Chicago" franchise. He, as the name implies, tells the story of the harsh everyday life of Chicago doctors. And he would not be different from dozens of others if, from time to time, the characters from "Firefighters" and "Police" did not appear in it.


Either one of the heroes of the mentioned projects will thunder into a hospital bed in their project, then there was a global fire, or a terrorist attack. In general, the creators of the franchises shuffle the heroes of these three series in "Medic" like a stickman a deck.

It turns out that each of the series simply forces you to watch spin-offs. Otherwise, at some point it simply becomes unclear what the characters are talking about on the screen.

6. Law and order. Special Corps 7.7

Season 21, September 26, Thursday, NBC

This is exactly the 21-season project, the main characters of which visit the Chicago police in several crossovers.


Of the entire Law & Order franchise that thundered in the 2000s, Special Victims Unit is the most successful and longest-running. The special department specializes in solving cases involving children and adolescents.

And this, as well as the shocking personalities of Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Odafin Totuola (Ice-T), attract the attention of fans. Everyone feels sorry for the kids. And "revenge" for them is the most desired one.

7. Deuce 7.7

Season 3, Monday September 9, HBO

The series tells about the hard life of prostitutes and their pimps in the 70s and 80s, at the dawn of the porn industry.

Yes, soon fans of the "strawberry" will acquire VCRs, which is why the demand for carnal sex will immediately drop significantly. And there are people among the heroes of the film who felt it in time.

But what about the poor pimps, from whom the girls rushed to the "cinema"? Who got soaked, who went there himself, and who still itching to do it.

James Franco plays here two at once - the twin brothers Martino, and, as always, incomparable. The project is deservedly included in our top best TV series from HBO.

8. Good Doctor 7.7

Season 3, Monday September 23rd, ABC

We had all kinds of doctors. There were drug addicts. Drunkards were. Now they have also appeared with developmental disabilities.

Good, he is good, this doctor, but about such surgeons only serials and shoot. The tape about such a "good doctor" will look amazing. But in real life hardly anyone would want to see such a "good doctor".


Why? Because this doctor is sick, and his disease - savantism - is akin to autism of the greatest degree. At least in this pronounced case, you need to work hard to trust the surgeon with the mental development of a 10-year-old child.

And on the show, people trust him. Right. It's a movie. But it also looks interesting and heartwarming.

The tape is crammed with a huge number of cool twists associated with the disease of the protagonist. It will be interesting to watch.

9. Young Sheldon / Sheldon's Childhood 7.7

Season 3, Thursday 26 September, CBS

While the Big Bang Theory project has finally come to an end, this series will be in demand twice. After all, the text is read behind the scenes by the same Jim Parsons, an adult Sheldon from a project that has died in Bose.


The series about the adventures and misadventures of the extraordinarily advanced little asshole Sheldon, who looks very much like an aspergik, was previously extended by CBS for two seasons at once. So it will be fun.

To a large extent, interest in the project was fueled by the fact that at the end of the final episode of the second season, petty Leonard, Penny, Howard, Ray, Bernadette and Amy were shown. Many fans, who were just saying goodbye to the Big Bang Theory project, cried bitterly.

10. Hawaii 5.0 7.7

Season 10, September 27, Friday, CBS

Once again, a long-running police story, this time, however, about police officers performing difficult duties on the hot beaches of Hawaii.


You are greatly mistaken if you think that there is no crime in such heavenly places as the Hawaiian Islands. Judging by the series, it is more dangerous to live there than on the outskirts of Bangkok in the dashing 80s. At least, everything speaks about it. Every day there are mountains of corpses. Such is the problem.

The series belongs to the Maritime Police universe. He has several crossovers with NCIS Los Angeles.

11. Ordinator / Resident 7.6

Season 3, Tuesday September 24, FOX

This time it will not be about a drug addict or drunkard doctor. Not even an autistic person. It's just that an overly arrogant intern arrived at one of the clinics for an internship, who believes that he is not only good at everything, but also right everywhere.


But, as further practice showed, everything in the work of the resident was not at all as simple as it seemed to him.

Games with diagnoses continue. House left, Devon Pravesh came.

12. Van Helsing 7.6

Season 4, September 27, Friday, Syfy

The girl Van Helsing, reactively disposed to fight the forces of evil, continues to fill up the evil with packs for 4 consecutive seasons.

And although all this supernatural stuff about vampires and their destruction has already set the teeth on edge, the picture is in 12th place in our list of the best TV shows in September. There is no more "Grimm", "Wolf", "True Blood" and others. And Supernatural is out for the last time.

Little evil remains on the screens. So Van Helsingi is worth its weight in gold today!

13. 911 Rescue Service 7.5

Season 3, Monday 23 September, FOX

The series is akin to Chicago Firefighters. This project alone describes the Los Angeles rescue cases.

Well, these "rescue cases" are also diluted with a drama with well-written characters.

And the main characters have so many problems in their personal lives that, sometimes, even call 911 yourself.

14. Rookie / Novice 7.4

Season 2, September 29, Sunday, ABC

The Los Angeles Police Academy has seen a lot of recruits. There were stupid, and completely morons, and weaklings, and frank frostbitten heads. We didn’t see here only old fart like John Nolan, who, by the way, is perfectly played by Nathan Fillion, the captain of the Firefly crew, who came here from the closed project “Castle”.


Of course, at first everyone is biased towards him. But over time, everything levels out. Although, as it turned out, not completely. The bloody sergeant is serious about making Nathan's hero out of the light.

And Nolan will have to work hard not to get kicked out of the LAPD and find himself face to face with his unfortunate fate again.

15. Greenleaf IMDb 7.4

Season 4, Tuesday September 3, OWN

The passions around the church, in which it is not the first generation that has run, or, in other words, read sermons, the Greenleaf family, only flare up with each season.


It is interesting to observe the everyday problems of those who sing to us about God from the porch. And it turns out that they have no less problems than we do. Rather, even, on the contrary, more. And they are also prone to sin, like ordinary mortals. And again, no. Sometimes they sin much better.

In general, by the end of season 3, the family seemed to be reconciled. But the head of the family (who is also the main and honored pastor), as it turned out, does not yet know that his wife once gave him horns so that one of his beloved daughters is not his daughter at all ...

16. Mister Mercedes 7.4

Season 3, Tuesday September 10, CBS

An adaptation of Stephen King's "The Post Turned Out", the final trilogy about Bill Hodges.

And, if in the second part of the psychopath Brady (aka "Mister Mercedes") there was very little, then in the third part he still wakes up. And, of course, he will take revenge on his offenders.

In the third part, King could not resist not to twist fiction. Telekinesis and other things do not give him rest. And Brady will wake up, oh, how skilled in these matters.

Eh, I had to finish it in time. But what now ...

17. NCIS: Los Angeles 7.3

Season 11, September 29, Sunday, CBS

Same as NCIS: Special Department, only the action is developing exclusively in Los Angeles.


It has its own well-coordinated and permanent team of 8 agents who can easily deal with any dangerous criminals.

And, as we understand it, they also have their own problems in “family life”.

18. In a Better World 7.3

Season 4, Thursday, September 26, NBC

Continuing the top of the best TV series, coming out in screens in September, a comedy long-playing tape, which tells about Eleanor's adventures in Paradise.


Although, Eleanor seems to think Paradise is too pretentious and naive. Everything here is kind of fake, people are almost full of conscientious boobies, and life is complete boredom.

What is Eleanor to do in a place like this? Of course, try to stir everyone up somehow. But she does it with great difficulty.

19. Titans 7.3

Season 2, Friday September 6, DC Universe

What was Robin doing when he fell out with Batman? First, as it turned out, he went to work for the police.

Secondly, fate pushed him against the girl Raven, endowed with terrible abilities, whom he tried in every possible way to protect from the clutches of some "Satanists".

Thirdly, the alien Corrie fell on his head to protect the universe from a general catastrophe.

And the reason for the future Doomsday, as it turned out, is Raven herself, whom Robin undertook to protect.

And, by the way, I could not protect it ...

20. New Amsterdam 7.3

Season 2, Tuesday September 24, NBC

Again the saga about the doctor. But now the problem is not with him, but with the hospital itself, which he was assigned to manage.


The once famous and oldest clinic in the States is now in a very poor condition. But those who brought her to such a state are in no hurry to put everything in order. And the new head physician has to somehow work in this "decadent" medical institution.

I wanted a clinic - you got it. So disentangle it as you want!


This will round off. Who did not have enough, in the end, here is another list of 10 TV series that follow the KinoPoisk rating:

  • Blue Blood 7.2
  • Difficulties of assimilation 7.1
  • Mom 6.9
  • Mayyans 6.7
  • Bull 6.6
  • Secrets of Frankie Drake IMDb: 6.5
  • Supermarket 6.5
  • American Housewife 6.5
  • Mission 6.3
  • NCIS: New Orleans 6.3

Next are projects that are not very worthy of our list of the best TV shows of September. We will not dwell on them either. And we do not advise you. All the best to you and more cool movies and cool TV series for you!

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