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5 boring real life things I enjoy playing PC games


Computer games can provide truly unique emotions and adventures that we can never find in real life. How about traveling to the darkest halls of Hell, riding giant dragons, or even having an affair with an alien beauty? But at the same time, I recently noted an interesting feature for myself: even annoying and routine actions that we are forced to do in real life in computer games can bring the most real and genuine pleasure.

And in this game top I will tell you about 5 such things. I want to note right away that the selection is extremely subjective and there may be people among the readers who may quite like some actions. But still, I am sure that many players will support me. After all, this is why computer games are needed to turn even the most boring activities into a fun pastime.

Cooking food

I am quite capable of cooking myself an omelet, boiling pasta and making my signature dish - dumplings seasoned with a two-centimeter layer of mayonnaise. But cooking something is more difficult, standing for hours near the stove, scrupulously measuring out pinches of spices and following culinary instructions - thank you. For no money.

Top Games. Skyrim

But in computer games, I am happy to collect recipes, ingredients, and at the first opportunity I start to prepare culinary masterpieces. After all, if you remember the Gothic series or the latest The Legend of Thelda, then in these games cooking is perfectly simple. We take in an armful of vegetables, fruits, a troll's tongue, a pig's heart and mushrooms (to taste) - we throw the whole thing into a cauldron and voila - an appetizing dish is ready. In addition, it provides excellent passive temporary bonuses, such as immortality or even the ability to be more liked by characters of the opposite gender. Oh, if only garlic had such an ability in real life ...

Apartment cleaning

If we talk about the activities that I always put aside in a distant box and do only at the very last moment, then this will definitely be cleaning the apartment. But when I played House Flipper, where I needed to buy a property, then tidy up a room, furnish it to my liking and put it up for sale, I noticed that cleaning was a real pleasure for me. Perhaps due to the fact that your financial profit depends on the ability to skillfully wield a mop and rags in House Flipper.

Top Games. House Flipper

Or another example: projects by David Cage, the same Detroit Become Human where the presence of short everyday episodes is an integral part of the game. Wash the dishes, clean the floor - all these actions are performed within a few seconds and do not cause any negative emotions. It's like being the leader of a cleaning team that does their job at supersonic speed and completely free.

Talking to other people

No, I am an introvert by nature, but not a misanthrope. It is with great pleasure that I communicate with people close to me, and an unobtrusive hours-long dialogue with my best friend is the best possible leisure time. But pestering random people with questions, chasing every person you meet, just to talk for another minute? This is the last thing that interests me in this life. But it's funny that in role-playing games it is talking that we do most of the time.

Top Fallout New Vegas Games

When I play Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, I do a real hunt for NPCs. If I see in front of a bipedal peaceful character, no matter how he hides, I will still get him and start asking a dozen of different questions. First of all, because in role-playing games, characters are almost always an opportunity to take a new quest and go on exciting adventures. And besides, in games no one is constrained by social boundaries and even strangers can say the most wild and incriminating phrases without fear of consequences. It all depends on the imagination of the writers.

Taking care of your appearance

There is a joke from prehistoric times on the Internet that a real man should be only a little more beautiful than a monkey. What a joke, in the CIS countries such a stereotype is even more alive than all living things. Coming back to myself, I disagree with the statement above, but at the same time I am infinitely lazy to make face masks, buy scrubs and dozens of hair care products.

Top Fallout 4 games

But when it comes to talking about computer games and creating your own character, this is a completely different conversation. Spending an hour in the editor choosing the width of the cheekbones, the shape of the eyes and the height of the selection is the most common thing.

Shopping trips

There is such a neologism in the USA language - "shopping" and the very thought of it gives me a headache. Going shopping, standing in long lines and being intimidated by the huge assortment of things in the malls is my personal nightmare. But at the same time, shopping trips do not cause any discomfort in many computer games. Moreover, I go to the shops even more often than to the regular quest characters.

Top Games. Skyrim

In role-playing games, such as the Elder Scrolls series, without frequent visits to retail outlets, it is almost impossible to create a strong character to then free the princess or kill the dragon. When all your inventory is filled with bloody swords, skins of magical creatures and expensive armor, going to the seller will be a real treat, because this is the best way to get rich. And the opportunity to buy a sword blazing with green fire is an example of my dream shopping.

By the way, if you like to spend your leisure time playing computer games, then it may be interesting for you to know that the harm from games is greatly exaggerated.

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Author: Jake Pinkman