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Is Monster Hunter World worth playing if you haven't played the previous installments


Monster Hunter: World is the sequel to the popular Japanese series of games that first appears on personal computers. The series already has over 10 parts with cumulative sales of over 40 million copies, but has little popularity in Western countries.

If you are far from a beginner, but still haven't decided whether to spend 3k rubles, then for you we have a detailed review on Monster hunter: World

Plot and characters

Unlike standard RPGs, the MH series did not focus on the plot and the scenario outline in all parts was the same: you are a member of the Guild of Hunters, who exterminate dangerous monsters that look like dinosaurs. On this, in principle, the plot ends and players are given the opportunity to hunt for tens of hours, collect ingredients for crafting, create items and play mini-games. It is worth noting that the universe created by the developers is quite extensive, and has its own history, which can be learned from various playable characters.

Monster Hunter: World is the first installment of MH to feature a full storyline and many cutscenes, so this installment is best for newcomers looking to get to know the series.

Monster hunter world character creation
Photography Character Creation

We should also note the character design in the game, which is made in the anime style standard for Japanese games. If the presence of a race of upright cats Felyne and a weapon that is larger than the protagonist of the game seems strange and inappropriate to you, then you are unlikely to like Monster Hunter.

Hardcore Gameplay

The publisher and developer of the game Capcom talked about the main features of the project in the advertising campaign MH: World, but kept silent about one important detail that could scare off many gamers from the game - hardcore gameplay.

Although the new part of the series tries to be friendly to players, it provides a tutorial for casual gamers within the first 2-3 hours, but in fact it is a real hardcore Action-RPG that requires the playing skill no less than the series Souls.

Killing ordinary opponents can take several minutes, and the hunt for large prey can most likely drag on for almost an hour. Before a fight with a monster, you first need to hunt it down, and only then join the battle, so that in a few minutes you will die with almost a hundred percent probability and start the mission over.

Monster hunter world dragon
Photography Bosses in the game are complex and beautiful

Only by carefully preparing before the battle, setting traps and learning the enemy's habits, you can defeat him without any problems. In some cases, a monster with critical wounds can flee, after which it can be trapped and neutralized. If the fight against monsters seems too difficult for you, then you can always play MH: World in cooperative mode, supporting up to 4 players. It is in the cooperative that unique ingredients are knocked out of mobs, which can then be used to craft the best weapons and armor in the game.

The player does not earn experience points as the story progresses, so there is no standard character leveling system in MH: World, which is more than offset by an advanced weapon and armor improvement system. Each weapon has a tree-like system of pumping and several steps, opening which you can increase damage and endow the item with additional effects, such as an attack with fire or poison.

Monster hunter world weapon upgrade
Photography Upgrading equipment is an important part of the game

To simplify the fight with opponents, you will have to spend quite a lot of time collecting herbs and ores, which are generously scattered across the locations. They can be used to craft or improve equipment.

Japanese Witcher

Monster Hunter will certainly appeal to those people who were delighted with the quests to hunt monsters in The Witcher 3. In the Capcom project, of course, you will not see unusual plot twists, but the whole gameplay where you need to track down and destroy dangerous monsters - made at an amazing level, which is proved by the first reviews of game critics and reviews of ordinary gamers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman