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Disco Elysium in USAn, TES VI won't be heard for a long time - game news digest № 2.05 Part One


Also read in the news: new summer digital exhibitions, legend of Beowulf in AC: Valhalla, Sony temporarily blocked PS Store in China.

Disco Elysium will receive an official USA translation under the direction of Alfina

Disco Elysium was not appreciated by all USA-speaking gamers. The game has not received an official USA translation, and the original English text is sometimes difficult even for those who know the language.

This will change soon as work has begun on the translation of the game. The post of editor-in-chief was taken by Alexandra Golubeva, aka Alfina, a former Ice-Pick Logic story designer, also known for the second translation of Jason Schreyer's book "Blood, Sweat, Pixels". She will not be engaged in translation, but is responsible for the quality of the text. Volga Kapitonova took over the localization.


ZA / UM Studio itself was engaged in the selection of translators, and sent out a detailed translation guide to the selected localizers. In addition, translators from different countries consult each other via the internal network. Localizers have no deadlines for translation, ZA / UM requires high-quality work first of all. You can follow the progress of the translation on twitter of localizers.

USA is not the only language into which Disco Elysium is being adapted. France, Germany, Brazil, Portugal and Korea are working on translations into their own language.

Bethesda: "News of TES VI shouldn't wait for a few more years"

When the teaser for TES VI came out in 2018, Bethesda announced that we won't be hearing about the game for a long time. Unfortunately, the advice has not lost its relevance at the moment.

Recently, senior vice president of the publishing house Pete Hines was asked on Twitter when to expect news about the next Elder Scrolls, to which he replied that the game will be released after Starfield, which we do not know anything about, so ask now about TES IV for now it makes no sense. And it will most likely be in a few years.


Recall that the studio already knows in which part of Tamriel the action of the sixth part will take place. We were also informed that the long-suffering Creation Engine will be taken as a basis, which will continue to improve [read "rape"].

Ubisoft Forward and Guerrilla Collective - Two More Summer Digital Shows

Various studios and teams continue to announce their digital exhibitions to replace E3. Immediately following the cancellation of the latter, Ubisoft expressed a desire to create their own digital event. Now it has received the name and date - Ubisoft Forward, which will be held on July 12. The exact time will be announced later. Traditionally, for such events, we will have a lot of news and announcements.


Another online gaming festival is Guerrilla Collective. This is part of the GameSpot events included in Play For All. It will take place from June 6-8. Every day at 20:00 Moscow time there will be a live broadcast dedicated to game announcements, gameplay shows with a bunch of interviews.


Confirmed contributors are Rebellion, Larian Studios, Funcom, Versus Evil, ZA / UM, Coffee Stain Studios, Raw Fury, 11 bit studios, Paradox Interactive and Humble Publishing.

Recall that, as the organizers promised, in total, within the framework of Play For All, we will be shown 100 hours of video material. There will also be a fundraising marathon to support those hit hard by the pandemic.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla side mission will tell the legend of Beowulf

As in the past, Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be released in several editions with different content. People who purchase the game with the Season Pass will immediately receive a task dedicated to the legend of Beowulf - the Viking who, according to legends, defeated the giant Grendel, who ate people. Also in the continuation of this legend, Beowulf fights the dragon, but, alas, dies.

Coincidence or coincidence, Ubisoft released Beowulf: The Game in 2007. It was a film-licensed project based on the film "Beowulf" by Robert Zemeckis.

Be that as it may, the task will be available at the start. It is also known that the quest "Path of the Berserker" is given for pre-order.

Sony temporarily blocked PS Store in China

As you may know, there is a problem with game censorship in China. For example, consoles have appeared there only since 2014, and the PS Store started working in the country only in 2015. And of course, everything is not going smoothly, which is confirmed by the last incident.

Last Sunday, Sony shuttered PlayStation servers in China, making the official reason for the need for a security update. Reuters writes about it. They also suggest that the real reason for the closure of the servers was the breach of the Iron Curtain that envelops the PlayStation ecosystem. At the request of the government, only games approved by the government should be available for Chinese citizens in the PS Store. However, the store had the opportunity to find the "forbidden".

According to Weibo, Chinese gaming market specialist Daniel Ahmad, this is due to an Xbox fan who informed the country's authorities that through PlayStation services, users can access games from other regions, bypassing censorship barriers. Ridiculously, this person's post has been deleted.

The situation is both funny and sad: one Xbox fan was enough to block PlayStation servers across the country. But as they write in the comments to the post, this person is a troll with accounts that also drown for the PlayStation and Nintendo.


PS China has not yet commented on this, so this is not an official version.

Cyberpunk 2077 Fans Prepare Game Short

T7 Production is filming a Cyberpunk 2077 short called "The Phoenix Program". She even got a teaser.

The director is Vee-Dan Tran, a stuntman from Jackie Chan's team. He recently starred in films such as 2020's Dune and Shang-Chi Legend of the 10 Rings.

Ben Bergmann, a cosplayer known as Geralt of Rivia, will play in Johnny Silverhand's film. It's funny that his costume in the teaser is very similar to the image of Keanu Reeves, and he himself moves like John Wick.

The short film has no release date yet, as due to the pandemic the team has not finished filming.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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