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Top 5 Moments from The Game Awards 2018


The game ceremony of The Game Awards 2018 was remembered, first of all, for the unthinkable amount of hype and a dozen unrealizable believs. "World will change" - the host and organizer of the ceremony, Jeff Kayley, promised us. And if after TGA 2018 something has changed in this world, it is only the attitude of gamers to the next fables and tales of Jeff Kayley. You can even say that in terms of the ability to tell fairy tales, he surpassed another well-known figure in the gaming industry - Peter Molyneux. Okay, enough toxicity, there were a lot of joyful moments at The Game Awards 2018, and we'll talk about the 5 best of them today.


When the actors begin to quote the characters they have played in an unexpected setting, and even choose a popular meme for the quote, such actions always cause a burst of deafening applause from the public. This is exactly what Christopher Judge did at The Game Awards 2018, the character of Kratos is quoted from one of the main hits of this year - God of War. Even the ground underfoot begins to shake with the power of Christopher Judge's voice to the rolling timbre of Kratos and the phrase “READ IT BOOOYY”, let alone the hearts of God of War fans.

2. Sony, Nintendo and Xbox executives on the same stage

The world of console games is based on three pillars - Sony, Nintendo and Xbox, which produce the best game consoles on the planet and invariably divide gamers into three camps that are often at war with each other. It's time to finally end the endless lovebirds between console adepts, if only because of the simultaneous appearance on the same stage of the head of Nintendo of America Reggie Fiz-Amey, the head of the Xbox Phil Spencer and the director of the American division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Sean Lyden.

The only pity is that the heads of the consoles exchanged routine phrases, made a couple of bows towards the audience and dispersed to different corners. But who knows, maybe the ice has already broken and soon we will see more games with cross-gameplay, allowing owners of different consoles to converge in one game? We would really like that.

3. New game from the creators of the original Fallout and Fallout New Vegas

Today, almost every fan of role-playing games knows Chris Avelon, but no less prominent figures of cult RPGs are hiding in his shadow: Tim Caney and Leonard Boyarsky. What, the first time you hear these names? Not scary, it is important to know only 2 news about them: it was these people who were behind the creation of the legendary Fallout 1997 and together with Avelone pored over, perhaps, the best three-dimensional "Fall" - Fallout New Vegas. Most importantly, these two people announced their new big game, The Outer Worlds, at The Game Awards 2018. The announcement of the game came in handy after the deafening failure of Fallout 76.

It's time to remind Todd Howard how to create real RPGs that, even from a first-person perspective, will be packed full of RPG elements without controversial multiplayer appendages.

4. Best Actor of the Year - Roger Clarke

You can relate to Red Dead Redemption 2 in different ways: call it the best game of the generation, call it a divine revelation, or, on the contrary, fall asleep already in Chapter 2 of the plot and be shocked by the 97 points unfairly awarded to the game on metacritics. Okay, any opinion has a right to exist. There is only one axiom: Roger Clark is an incredibly talented actor and his portrayal of RDR 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan is undeniably Rockstar's biggest triumph and the first real proof that video game actors can play as convincingly as legendary movie stars.

And if we also take into account that Roger Clark is a real no-name, by a strange coincidence, he did not appear in any prominent role, then being awarded the Oscar for the best role at The Game Awards 2018 is a doubly pleasant event. Bravo Roger, hats off.

5. Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Performance

Rockstar obviously spared no expense in the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is best seen not even in the smallest details that animate the virtual Wild West, but in two hundred specially written compositions for the game. Moreover, in addition to instrumental compositions, there was a place for almost a dozen unique songs, which can be downloaded to your phone without hesitation and nominated for a Grammy.

Speaking of the Grammy, several winners of the prestigious music awards, along with a whole orchestra of titled musicians, gathered on the stage of The Game Awards 2018 for only one good purpose - to play a medley of Red Dead Redemption 2 songs. It turned out just fine. This moment alone justified the 3-hour TGA 2018 ceremony, especially if you managed to finish the Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough.

The game ceremony will be remembered for a few more events, albeit a little less impressive: the new Devil May Cry 5 trailer, the announcement of Mortal Combat 11 and the new Dragon Age part.

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Author: Jake Pinkman