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GTA Series: Unrivaled & Legendary


Despite all the accusations and attacks, Grand Theft Auto V remains the most successful media project in the world, far ahead of the highest grossing movies, books and computer games in terms of income.

Immediately after its release in 2013, the game was heavily criticized for the presence of sex scenes, torture, racist speech and derogatory portrayal of women.

5 years have passed since the release of the fifth GTA, but the game remains just as popular and salable. During this period, over 90 million copies were sold, generating $ 6 billion for its publisher, Take-Two Interactive. The game became the best-selling game in the USA in 2017

Blockbusters are not even close

The success of Grand Theft Auto V has never even dreamed of the most famous movies, for example, "Star Wars", "Avatar" or "Gone with the Wind." Even taking into account the sales of DVDs with films, the amount of profit is incomparable to GTA V. According to financial experts from Cowen, only Nintendo with its legendary Mario managed something similar before.

When comparing computer games with movies or other entertainment content, the former have always been more profitable and profitable from a commercial point of view, but even experienced video game experts did not believe in such a stunning success of GTA V. Games benefit from keeping their content interactive, allowing gamers and publishers to adjust the content.

What's behind the success of GTA V?

The formula for success of the fifth Grand Theft Auto is not fully understood and not a single development company has yet been able to repeat it. A definite plus is that the publisher took care of the release of versions for game consoles of two generations, which made it possible to profit from two audiences at once and potentially sell GTA V twice in one hand.

Quality Rockstar Games Content

The developer of the game is Rockstar Games, whose programmers have managed to fix the shortcomings of previous versions and create a huge amount of additional content. The world of GTA is built on a model where players purchase game components for real money. The model is not new, but Rockstar Games is using the funds it has earned by investing in the creation of new content.

This situation does not mean that Rockstar will no longer be able to release popular games. They will, but it is not known whether they can repeat the success of GTA V. Experts cite the example of Michael Jackson, who has released many hit music albums, then only Thriller can be called truly commercially successful and popular.

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Author: Jake Pinkman