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What to expect from Red Dead Redamtion 2


Red Dead Redamtion2 - Coming next month. It's already been called Rockstar's most eccentric experiment.

Recall that not so long ago they released a gameplay trailer for their brainchild. Although the release of this game is very close, the developers are feeding us information about their future hit in small, but interesting doses. So, today they told us about the cities where the main story will take place.

With all the information currently available, we decided to structure it to describe what to expect from the next RDR.

From mining town to trade route

It's worth starting with the latest information. On the official page of the game, we are presented with 7 cities in which the main company will be deployed. To say that they are contrasting is to say nothing. Everyone has a different atmosphere and lore. For example, southern Rhodes is a city where the two families Braithwaites and Grace have been fighting for many years, because of which it is constantly under crossfire.


The mining town of Annesburg is a place where miners work in heavy sweat for a pittance. Many men have died while working and transporting coal along the Lanneshee River. There are also cities like Valentine - where bandits, merchants and auctioneers flock to raise money and just have fun or San Diaz, quote: “Melting pot of cultures and people, where businessmen, secular people, sailors, workers, beggars and thieves all live side by side by side ".

Hateful Dozen


When asked how many main characters there are in RDR 2, most will name Arthur Morgan, John Marston, and Dutch van der Linde. It would seem that here they are - our prescribed heroes, with whom we will live the game, but no. The Rockstars announced in their tweet that 23 characters await us around which the plot will revolve. By clicking on the link, you can familiarize yourself with each of them, find out his name, and also read a quote characterizing the hero.

The game will have euphoria technology


In short, this is a 3D character animation technology that fully simulates them. That is, it recreates the body, muscles and the motor-nervous system, and not just an empty shell from skeletons with the physics of a rag doll. Thanks to this, the characters look realistic and do not "soften", as if they really have weight. If you are a fan of realism, then this is a plus for you.


In addition to the fact that the huge open world of the game is worked out to the smallest detail: various animations, detailed graphics, good play with light, attention to the population of the desert environment - it is very interactive about people and animals. You have an interaction menu where you can persuade, greet people, aim weapons at them to intimidate, etc.


When hunting, you will have to carefully apply the skills of a hunter, and then store everything wisely, use it for future needs.

Fist fight


It would seem, in which game they are not? But it is in RDR 2 that you get the impression that you are actually fighting in a dirty, sweaty hand-to-hand combat that has tension. The developer got confused with this mechanic, since he paid so much attention to it in the trailer.

A man and his horse


You will have to spend a lot of time building a close bond with your horse. As the developers themselves said, this mechanic (let's call it the level of synchronization) plays a very important role in the gameplay. In the game, horses behave like real horses, and real horses are wild animals that do not agree to listen to you at your whim.



According to Rockstar, they spent a lot of time modeling weapons. Supposedly, each gun is unique, and significantly differs from others in recoil, power and technical characteristics. Knowing this studio, you should not consider it a cheap trick, and if the developers say so, then we will see really something new.

Wild West


If RDR 2 was a movie, it would be a road movie. The game's storytelling is different from much else we've seen. We are traveling our big bandit camp. In addition to the fact that we are given the opportunity to enjoy movement in a large open world, where we are free to do anything and interact with anything - we also get a plot engine. Our characters travel as you escape the city.

So they will constantly have reasons to interact. We are given a world where we can act out the role, in which there are no check-list tasks like in many other games. You just explore the world while mastering the plot.

What about a PC?

These are just rumors, but there is a high probability that the game will be released on PC, but later, as was the case with GTA 5. Although officially RDR2 is positioned as an exclusive for consoles, one of the users of Redith found a line in the resume of the former Rockstar programmer, that he worked not only on the console, but also on the PC version of the game. This rumor is confirmed by the site VG24 / 7, which found the profile of this developer and the same line about the PC version of the game in his resume.

We will be able to assess whether Red Dead Redamtion 2 is really the next hit of Rockstar on October 26 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman