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From horror films, viewers, more often than not, require nothing at all: for the film to scare the devil, make you squeeze into a chair with fear and increase the level of adrenaline in your blood. And the spin-off of the "The Curse" series called "The Curse of the Nun", which is released on September 20 in USA cinemas, is unlikely to disappoint fans of horror films. And all because even a 5-second horror advertisement on YouTube turned out to be so frightening that the administration of the service apologized to the users and removed the video from the show.

A frightening advertisement for the movie "The Curse of the Nun", as it should be on YouTube, appeared at the most unexpected moments and frightened with the usual method - an unexpectedly appearing and loud image of that same cursed nun. In general, nothing extraordinary, but because of the short duration of the video, users simply did not have time to orient themselves and were taken by surprise by loud music and a frightening face.

Twitter user apple was the first to notice the video. He briefly described the content of the video and warned especially impressionable users to stay away from the ads for The Curse of the Nun. In the first day, the post collected more than 130 thousand likes and attracted the attention of the YouTube administration.

The YouTube team acknowledged that the video contains shocking content and does not comply with company policy, which will prevent users from seeing the intimidating ad anymore.

But one way or another, the video achieved its advertising goal in a couple of days and drew attention to the film even for those Internet users who have never heard anything about the spin-off of the "The Curse" series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman