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Pathologic 2 Alpha Aftertaste


"Pestilence" from Ice-Pick Lodge studio has become something beyond the scope of survival horror, survival simulator or novel. It became an original project that dragged on for hours and depressed (in a good sense of the word) with its atmosphere. It is not surprising that when the developers rolled out the second part to kickstarter, they immediately raised the required amount.

And so, last week the alpha version of the game became available to us, where we have as many as 3 game days of gameplay. So the question is, what is the sequel, and how is it compared to the original?

The city where they hate you

Recall that in Pathologic 2 we have to live 12 days in a city where the plague epidemic reigns, on behalf of three characters: bachelor Danil Dankovsky, haruspex Artemy Baruch and the girl "self-proclaimed" Klara. All three have their own story, and each in their own way solves the problem of epidemics.

In alpha, we are allowed to try on the skins of Artemy, who upon arrival in the city is accused of killing his own father, moreover, they immediately attack the station and get wounded. For this reason, the whole city hates GG, and the first couple of days will be spent on restoring the reputation.

Compared to the previous part, the city is divided into districts, in each of them the reputation can be different, which makes the passage more interesting. However, in the beginning there are difficulties - every passer-by is ready to rush at you with fists.

The city itself has not changed much, but it has become more detailed and keeps the atmosphere at the same level. This is especially facilitated by the soundtrack by Vasily "Mushroomer" Kashnikov. One can feel the decline of this place, the latent threat that is approaching it, the general poverty of the townspeople and their mood. The city has a rich mythology and lore that is fun to explore.


The townspeople have undergone changes, they began to speak more down-to-earth, but at the same time more human. Getting rid of some theatricality that was in the last part. Their characters became more elaborate, and the environment became poorer, as if emphasizing the decline. Although the epidemic will begin in three days, you feel from the first moments of the game that you will not be sweet.

Puzzle Pieces

The game itself declares that it will not lead you by the hand, but will provide many ways to solve problems. The whole narrative is a web of small events that fit together like a puzzle into one big picture (you can see it in the magazine). Collect the pieces of this story through the characters. If earlier we received letters that this or that person is looking for us, now we have to talk with the characters, and sometimes rely on luck.


For example, you can learn about the death of your father as yourself, by coming to his house, where they will grab you as a suspect in murder, and you will spend the night in prison. Or, fleeing the wrath of the locals in abandoned neighborhoods, you can meet your acquaintances who will tell you everything, and as a result you will spend the night with an old friend in her shelter. This nonlinearity is pleasing. Every day you collect a new puzzle, communicate with people and study subjects. So, for example, you will find out that children willingly exchange their things for nuts ...

Variety of mechanics

For three days of play, they made it clear that the game offers many interesting mechanics, even more - it almost entirely consists of them. All of them are somehow related to survival. For example, despite the fact that you are a doctor who can be adored in all areas, your life directly depends on theft, scouring the trash cans and barter.

Resources are not enough, you will have to constantly steal food or find it. If you have a good reputation, you can talk to any NPC and trade with him - this is much more profitable than buying expensive resources in stores. However, you need to find an approach to each person, as already mentioned, it is easy for children to exchange something for nuts. You can increase your reputation by helping people, as well as going out into the streets at night and killing crooks, thieves, and other scum.

Fatigue was added to the life scale (if you are tired, you cannot run) and thirst, fortunately, you can find water in sinks and drinking taps, so this scale does not interfere with the game. The state of Artemy will have to be constantly monitored - the lower the indicators, the easier it will be to contract the plague. Briefly about other mechanics:

  • You can only save in NPCs' houses
  • Added a strike to the combat system that destroys the enemy block
  • Mini-games appeared in the game, for example on picking locks or treating characters, where he needs to diagnose, relieve pain, give medicine, etc.
  • Wear a protective suit to avoid the plague.
  • Fast boat travel
  • Twir grass craft available


Alpha looks amazing (from a visual point of view), the city is atmospheric, the plague quarters look creepy, the more infected, we can confidently say that the game keeps its brand and is not inferior to the previous part. Even more, at first glance, everything has become even better. I will not say anything about bugs and crashes, but I will say that compared to the previous part, we were given more gameplay. It is a pity that there is no exact release date yet.

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Author: Jake Pinkman