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New TV series. New seasons premieres from 12 to 19 June


We discussed the premieres of the full meters in the previous article, now let's start reviewing the series that will have new seasons this week. We will also discuss the top three premieres from Showtime, HBO and ABC.

The most anticipated, of course, will be the premiere of the second season of the Yellowstone project with Kevin Costner in the title role. But it will be released only on the 18th, on Wednesday. The first on the schedule is ...

Sugar Queen (OWN) IMDb 7.5

Wednesday June 12

When, at the beginning of the first season, the Bordelon sisters learned of the death of their father, and that he bequeathed them a sugar cane plantation for as much as 800 acres, no one suspected what it would all turn into.


Nova was a journalist with her own problems, Charlie was the manager of her husband, the captain of the basketball team. After her husband was convicted of gang rape (you can't call it otherwise), her whole life goes downhill.

And now she is becoming the queen of the sugar plantations. Of course, it's time to start life from scratch and jump for joy. But there is one "but" here. The plantation has its own closed community, on which adversity falls from all sides. And having become part of this community, the sisters must, first of all, take the blows of fate upon themselves.

After all, they are now here, sort of like, akin to the authorities ...

Krypton (Syfy) CP 5.9

Wednesday June 12

The showrunners of the project wanted to make the series such, from which the eye of today's humanity will fall out. Indeed, the world from where the Superman kid came to us on Earth should simply shake, and the people who lived in it should almost rule over the laws of physics.

But what did we see in practice? All the same heaps of skyscrapers, even more destroyed vegetation than on Mother Earth, and all the same political squabbles in attempts to fuck everything and everyone in order to collect tribute from everything and everyone. After all, only for this purpose people strive for power. Isn't that right?

Anyway, the series was renewed for a second season. But, judging by the trailer, we will not see anything new in it. And, by the way, why are these people given such abilities? After all, they are as stupid as earthlings.

But for some reason, for all our stupidity, we do not fly. Sadness ...

Young (TV Land) CP 7.4

Wednesday June 12

The adventures of forty-year-old Lisa, posing as almost a youngster, have stretched for 6 seasons.


A woman's attempt to get a job as an assistant to one of the influential money-hungry old fart, launched a series of unpredictable events, in the light of which our heroine must now hide her identity as a forty-year-old now not only from her employer.

Who is interested in American single-chamber sitcoms - we advise. There will be something to smile at.

Baskets (FX) CP 6.8

June 13, Thursday

Chip Olukh did not break at all after he was kicked out of the most prestigious clownery school in Paris. He returns to his hometown of Bakersfield, California, and is repaired as a clown at a local rodeo.


The further the series goes on, the more the skill of Baskets grows (from now on he is called that), but his advancement "on the career ladder" has completely stopped at zero, because you cannot call marking time as promotion.

And why? Because Chip Baskets already has problems above the roof. And his character is not punchy. See for yourself.

Strange Angel (CBS All Access) CP 6.6

June 13, Thursday

Also for the second season, the adventures of the young scientist Jack Parsons in the world of the occult were extended.


It would seem that what can connect a talented and advanced for his time (we are talking about the 40s of the XX century) chemist and engineer with the Templars? It turned out a lot. And you can powder his brains as easily as you can for many others.

There would be a desire and a tendency to “powder”.

City on a Hill (Showtime)

June 16, Sunday

We got to the first full-fledged premiere. And most of all, it will appeal to fans of Kevin Bacon's work. On Sunday, the 16th, the pilot season of the 10-episode project "City on a Hill" will be released, in which Kevin will play the experienced FBI special agent Jackie Rhodes.

For the first time in the history of American democracy, in the late 90s of the last century, an African American district attorney was appointed in Boston. And, more outrageous, this attorney (his name is Decorcy Ward) is also starting to get along well with his own affairs. At least his ambitions are above the roof.

Having worked together with a specialist from the local FBI department Jackie Rhodes, he decides to significantly lower the level of crime in the city, and decides to start with the capture of a gang of raiders on collectors.

Instinct (CBS) CP 5.9

June 16, Sunday

Based on the novels of James Patterson, such blockbusters as "And the Spider Came" and "Kissing the Girls" have already been shot. And now it was the turn of the series, and this time the "filmmakers" decided to focus on his novel called "Killing Games".

To be honest, the showrunners of the project, like the CBS channel itself, were bitterly disappointed with such a low rating of the series. And that's true, because the leading role in the project was played by the unsurpassed master of Hollywood, Alan Cummings, and in some places even Whoopi Goldberg herself flickered in the frames.

But, alas, while watching, the audience constantly had the impression that they had already seen it somewhere. And the role of Daniel Reinhard was spelled out with some overly pretentious humor.

Well, what a humor here, gentlemen! We are catching a maniac! Which, by the way, wets people in batches. We wanted to imitate black humor in the style of trash, so be ready and get the appropriate rating, dear!

Euphoria (HBO)

June 16, Sunday

A full-fledged premiere again, and now from the most popular HBO channel.

The plot of the series constantly revolves around the problems that today's youth face as they grow up and how their representatives manage to cope with them. When we talk about “problems,” we mean school, drug addiction, excessive violence, love, sex, identity, etc.

At first glance, nothing special, we have already been shown about it a hundred times. But everything is presented with heavy drama and high-quality thoughtfulness. It is especially desirable for today's youth to watch such a tape.

Yes, it’s hers, not the stupid and idiotic Riverdale and The Hundred.

Grandhotel (ABC)

Monday June 17

Another premiere from another meter of television - ABC TV company. And this time it will be a remake of the series of the same name from 2011-2013, which still has a solid eight in the KP ranking.

It looks like a hotel owned by one of the wealthy families in Miami, a glamorous place. Everything here is on top, and service, and rooms, and clientele. But behind the outer veneer such problems are hidden that it's time to shoot yourself. It turns out that this whole glamorous venture is so deeply in debt that Mom doesn't cry.

But this, as is usually the case in TV shows, for the time being, neither the guests nor the hotel staff should know ...

Who will cheat Penn and Teller (ITV) IMDb 8.1

Monday June 17

For the sixth year in a row, a respectable public has been watching how all the magicians of the world are vying with each other to deceive two masters of their craft - honored illusionists of All America Pen and Teller.


But it turns out, to be honest, not for many. It's no joke to be a magician enough to outsmart and confuse other magicians.

What a hell of a lot!

Whose line is it now? (The SW) CP 7.7

Monday June 17

Another show, which is completely sharpened for improvisation.


The show is reminiscent of our USA-language projects "Thank God You Came", which is released on STS and, in turn, is an analogue of the Australian "Thank God You're Here" and "Improvisation", which is released on TNT.

And although the rating of the show is good, our analogs to foreign ones in humor are not inferior.

Take a detour (TBS) KP 6.8

Tuesday June 18

The heroes of this comedy series have been traveling the roads of North America for the 4th season. It would be high time to come somewhere for good.


But why would a married couple with a couple of children come somewhere when it’s all right? Adventure and fun.

And the most interesting, where did they get so much money for such a long trip? Tell me, have you earned it? Heh, please don't be honest.

Nice chores (Freeform) KP 7.2

Tuesday June 18

What problems can young girls face (in this case, two sisters) who decide to build their lives from scratch in Los Angeles?


First of all, this is housing, money and, of course, assimilation with the local society, in which everything is completely some kind of imperfection. But, nevertheless, can they start their new life and find new friends in this "interesting" place?

Probably not at all, yes. Otherwise, the project for the 2nd season would not be extended.

Yellowstone (Paramount Network) CP 7.7

June 19, Wednesday

The feud between the head of the Dutton family, who owns a vast ranch on the border of the world famous Yellowstone National Park, and all sorts of politicians, neighboring ranches, greedy developers and the local head of the Indian reservation has been maturing for a long time.

The beginning of the irreversible consequences was given by the stealing of cattle and the subsequent death of the son of the protagonist. What will John Dutton say to this?

There will be no hurry. But it will be rewarded, as we understand it, in the end, to everyone without exception.


At this, the loudest, premiere, we will finish our review of the novelties of the series. Next week, the highlight of the program will be the start of the long-awaited second season of the Netflik series "Darkness", which in terms of ratings is not inferior to such meters as "Scary Things" and "Ghosts of the Hill House."

In the meantime, as always, enjoy your mood and, even more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman