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Now Alice from Yandex can play games


Yandex developers decided to keep up with trends in the IT world, so they created their own voice assistant. The analogue of Siri for Apple gadgets was named Alice.

The company continues to develop the project, making communication with Alice more diverse and interactive. This is confirmed by the new opportunity to play the game with the voice assistant.

The number of games is gradually increasing and today we have selected the most interesting entertainment and additional opportunities offered by Yandex Alice.

How it works

First, you need to download the official application to your smartphone using Google Play or the App Store. Already, the assistant can prompt the exchange rate, launch applications, and perform the following tasks:

  • remind dates;
  • provide up-to-date information on traffic jams, search for a store, pharmacy or cafe;
  • select warm clothing stores;
  • give an answer to a search query with the delivery of the desired site without opening a "search engine".
  • tell jokes;
  • play games together.
Alice's Capabilities
Alice's Photo Capabilities

To launch one of the games, just make a corresponding voice request with the name.

For example, if you want to play "Guess the song", then you need to call the assistant and say: "Alice, let's play guess the song." The smart assistant will ask you to recall any line from a USA song, and she will try to guess the name of the song.

Ball of Fate

Remember the popular movie from the 2000s called Route 60 . There was a ball that gave monosyllabic answers to various questions. Alice also implements a similar feature.

You must ask a question that can be answered " yes " or " no ". The voice assistant responds with a witty commentary.

Play the Ball of Fate with Alice
Photo Playing with Alice in the Ball of Fate

This day in history

If you want to know about important events that happened on this day in the past years, just ask Alice to tell about it. You will always be aware of important historical events.

Play with Alice on this day in history
Photo Playing with Alice on this day in history

Find the excess

In this game, everyone can test their own erudition. Alice names several words, among which it is necessary to name the superfluous, which does not fit into the logical chain. After your answer, you will find out the correct answer and hear a short comment.

Play find the excess with Alice
Photo Playing with Alice in find excess


You can ask any question that interests you, and Alice will try to find the answer to it in several books to choose from. " The Master and Margarita " and " Aphorisms " are now available.

You name any page and line number. The assistant will then voice a sentence to help you find the answer to your question.

Guessing with Alice
Photo Guessing with Alice

Guess the actor

If you want to test your knowledge in the world of cinematography, then you can test your erudition in the game " Guess the Actor ". Alice asks questions about a specific actress or actor, and you have to guess his name.

If you find it difficult to answer the first time, then you can take additional questions. At the same time, the USA "Siri" all the time accompanies the answers with funny comments so that the user is not bored.

Guessing the actors
Photo Guessing Actors


Another way to spend time with benefits for the brain. Alice offers you a long word, from the letters of which you need to make short words. You can suggest the original word yourself or ask to replace the one suggested by the assistant.

In this game, everyone can compete with Alice in vocabulary and attentiveness. If after a series of invented words you start to experience difficulties, Alice can give you a hint.

Play words with Alice
Photo Playing word games with Alice

I believe - I don't believe

One of the most interesting games, where a voice assistant calls a fact, and the user must answer whether it's true or not. All questions are very interesting, many with a trick. After your answer, Alice will elaborate on the correct answer. This way you can broaden your horizons and have fun.

I believe in Alice - I don't believe
Photography We play with Alice in believe - I don't believe


Everyone can play the famous game with a virtual assistant and measure their knowledge of geography. The rules remained unchanged. Each one in turn names the city with the last letter.

Endings with "s" and "b" are not counted, so you can come up with the penultimate letter.

Alice has extensive knowledge of geography, so the assistant reinforces the names of exotic cities with known facts about them. When you are on the verge of exhausting your knowledge of geography, you can take a hint.

Play cities with Alice
Photo Playing with Alice in the cities

What happened before

This game deals with famous inventions. You need to name which invented before.

For example, what mankind came up with earlier - antibiotics or Viagra, scotch tape or electric shaver, etc.

After answering, Alice shows the years when specific inventions were presented to the world.

Playing with Alice what happened before
Photo Playing with Alice what happened before

Fantastic Quest

Want to become participants in a detective story? Alice offers you a story describing where you are. You can take specific actions, after which you will find a different outcome.

Where to go, which button to press, wait, take the stairs, etc. Such interactive entertainment with the connection of the user's imagination will allow you to plunge into an unusual fictional world.

Going through a fantastic quest with Alice
Photo We pass a fantastic quest with Alice


This game will be interesting for children. Alice will ask questions about the animals, and the user must choose one of two options. The questions are simple, so the game is aimed at children.

Zoology Game
Photography Game Zoology

And there will be even more games with Alice by the end of the year

Developers announce the emergence of new games by the end of the year, as well as the gradual introduction of the assistant into other Yandex products, including the browser and other services.

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