A novel about USAn assassins, crunches in Epic Games, abilities in Vampire TMB 2 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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A novel about USAn assassins, crunches in Epic Games, abilities in Vampire TMB 2 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


We will also talk about a possible graphics downgrade in Cyberpunk 2077, the "Pestilence. Utopia "and the Chinese ban on violent games.

The next graphic novel on Assassin's Creed will be dedicated to USA

This fall, especially for those who find it difficult to wait out a year-long hiatus in the franchise, Ubisoft is releasing a new graphic novel about USA.

A work called Assassin's Creed: The Fall & The Chain, will be distributed by Titan Comics. The main character will be Daniel Cross, whom we have met more than once in the previous parts of the franchise.

With the help of hallucinogenic substances, he relives the memories of his ancestors - the USA assassin Nikolai Orlov and his son Inocenti. The Novella will tell us about the fall of Daniel in the ranks of the fraternity, and about subsequent successes in the ranks of the Templars.


The Fall & The Chain is created by comic artists Cameron Stewart and Karl Kershl. The first was involved in the creation of comics for DC, Marvel and Dark Horse, and also had a hand in the second part of "Fight Club". The novel will be released in October this year and will be available in both physical and virtual versions.

After Fortnite's success at Epic Games, some tough overhauls began

Crunch [aka recycling] has long been a problem in the industry. They have become classics at studios such as Rockstar Games, Telltale Games, Quantic Dream and CD Projekt RED. Now Epic Games has joined the team.

Polygon spoke with studio staff, who said that after the success of Fortnite's main hit, they began to work 70, or even 100 hours a week.

Other employees reported that the studio often threatens to fire those who refuse to recycle. Thus, several workers were fired who refused to work on weekends. And all complaints about crunch, managers either ignore or threaten to dismiss those who even dare to say a word about it.


Apparently the success of their battle royale came as a surprise to Epic. Employees of the communications department told reporters that they receive up to 3 thousand requests from users about problems a day.

A company representative, in turn, said that after the success of the game, they doubled the number of staff, hired outside help, and also created several groups working in parallel to distribute the load. In any case, once again we are convinced that making games, let alone supporting them, is not an easy task. It smacks of the second part of "Blood, Sweat, Pixels".

New Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Trailer and Ability List

Hardsuit Labs and Paradox Interactive have released a fresh trailer for the protagonist getting used to the life of a newly converted vampire, as well as a list of starting abilities.

At the start, we choose one of three disciplines: Chiropteran, Mentalism or Nebulation. Chiropteran makes GG akin to a bat and allows you to fly and summon a flock:

  • "Hover" - the ability allows you to reduce all bones and fly short distances. After pumping it, the player will be able to shoot down enemies in the air and dive at them.
  • "Mouse Swarm" - gives the ability to summon a flock of bats, which will do little damage. After leveling up, the mice will surround the GG and inflict damage on everyone who approaches him.

Mentalism is a talent for telekinesis:

  • Pull - This ability allows you to pull objects.
  • Levitation - allows you to pull the enemy towards you and make them hover in the air in front of you.

Nebulation allows you to control fog:

  • "Curtain of fog" - makes the character almost invisible and muffles his steps. After leveling, it turns into fog to smother the enemy or get into the ventilation.
  • "Envelop" - blinds everyone who approaches the player, and also penetrates the lungs.

Next, the player will be allowed to join clans, each of which has its own abilities. The studio will tell you about them shortly.

Initial Cyberpunk 2077 is different from last year

At the end of last summer, we were shown the gameplay of the project. According to Quest Director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, the real game is very different from what we saw last year.

However, it's not worth talking about a full downgrade yet. This is the same game that we were promised with all its features.

In an interview with the Spanish site AreaJugones, Tomashkevich said that the studio is currently working on many aspects of the game that it has not yet shown. Also, the developers already have a complete picture of what Cyberpunk 2077 will be like. So, some of the things that were shown to us at E3 may differ slightly, primarily the graphics.


According to him, at the time of the release of the gameplay video, the developers were only comparing the details of how the game would work in the open world. He said that it combines elements of RPG and first-person shooter in a special way.

Particular attention is paid to the combat system, which will balance between arcade and realism. The game will be released on all current platforms after E3 this year.

At "Mor. Utopia "demo version appeared

The game will be released in the West soon, so the developers have prepared a demo of the game so that players can test the waters in advance, so to speak.

In terms of its content, the demo is smaller than the alpha version of the game, which became available last year. However, in it we will see a mysterious beginning, which we have not seen before.

Cut content is compensated for by quality. According to the guys at Ice-Pick Lodge, the demo is closer to the release version, but performance may suffer as it is still being worked on.


Pestilence is released on May 23 on PC on Steam. Later, it will appear on Xbox One, where it will immediately enter the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Games with corpses and blood were officially banned in China

In order for this or that game to be released in China, it must go through the verification of the commission that issues licenses to enter the Celestial Empire. Recently, the Chinese authorities published a list of requirements that games must meet. They are very tough.


Games with corpses or blood cannot go on sale. At the same time, changing its color to another is not an option, the game will still not be missed. In addition, the Chinese censors in the project do not approve of gambling, especially mahjong and poker.

Developers are also advised to pay attention to how China [if any] is represented in their game. If it does not reflect Chinese socialist values at its best, the game will not be missed either. Another requirement is to provide as much information as possible about the game before its release, and also report on how it will deal with gambling addiction. China has very big problems with this.

Publishers will certainly agree to such requirements. Too much income comes from the Celestial Empire. The average annual revenue of the gaming market in China is $ 30 billion.

This was all the news for the weekend. Read our last digest and stay tuned.

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