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Where to watch TV series online: Top 10 best domestic streaming services


As part of the fight against coronavirus, we are urged to stay at home. So we will sit. The easiest way to avoid infection is to avoid contact with people at all. But contact with TVs as much as possible. Therefore, we will analyze in detail on which services you can watch TV series online (and films, of course), that is, we will review the best streaming services in USA.

Brief explanation

We will not go into details of the functionality of cinemas. Also, we will not analyze the content offered by certain streaming sites, we will focus only on the most basic information.

We will analyze each resource most truthfully, without trying to shield anyone, and we will arrange the online cinemas not anyhow, and not from the position of who has a more beautiful “interface”, but based on a real visitor, the screenshots of which will be posted for everyone so that we don't get better at lying and burnout for money.

And the main leader in terms of attendance in our country is undoubtedly ...


A distinctive feature of this service is the fact that it is the only domestic streaming service where you can watch movies online for free without registration and without entering any information about yourself or your bank card in general.


At a time when other services, even offering a trial period for 1 or 0 rubles, necessarily require a subscription, here you can simply poke at any movie marked “free”, and the process started. The only inconvenience is the ad, which will interrupt the feed from time to time.

The average daily attendance of this service fluctuates around 2 million people, which means that up to 60 million movie lovers came here to watch TV series online in a month.


The movie library of the cinema is quite extensive. The bulk of the most popular films are here. Of course, you will have to pay for fresh films (subscribe), but 400 rubles for full access to a 4K film library is not so expensive. Below there will be cinemas and more expensive.

To appreciate all the "richness of the palette" of the online cinema, you can follow the lead of the local "marketers" and sign up for a free trial monthly subscription, which you can immediately and painlessly refuse if something does not suit you here.


So, I'm going to join a really free, but good movie and in good quality, follow the linkI want to watch TV shows on, and you will be happy.

Series from third-party services, of course, will have to be purchased separately, but here and without them there is something to look at.


This streaming service has less traffic, and the prices are much higher. It looks good, but not enough to overpay for just one beautiful and comfortable photo.


Compared to the undisputed leader, it has much fewer visitors, on average, around 304 thousand people per day. It can be seen that the people go to a completely paid service with a scratch.


What TV series can you watch online here? If you want to check out really worthwhile masterpieces, to your great regret, you can run into their trimmed versions, that is, some strange regional and other restrictions. For example, AMC's Better Call Saul is only available for 3 seasons (via a separate purchase), while the 5th is already in full swing. And you can forget about Netflix projects like Stranger Things or Darkness.

Subscriptions can be "signed" separately, but hardly anyone here practices this. Rather, everyone will bury themselves on "subscription packages". The Optimum package includes everything except Amediateka and the latest films. 7 days - for 1 rub, then you have to pay 399 rubles. per month.


"Premium" package, which includes everything that this site is good for - 14 days for 1 rub, then 1 month. 559 rubles, then 799 rubles. If you are ripe for this service, click on the linkI want to watch TV series online on


The next domestic streaming service, where you can watch TV series and movies online, both ours and foreign ones, is slightly less expensive. The downside is that you simply will not find many popular projects here. If, for example, through it was possible to watch the series "Motherland", even through a purchase, then there is no such possibility. Season 8 only, currently streaming via Amediateku.

The advantage is that here you can watch online not only TV series and movies, but alsoTV channels, and the main ones are completely free.


Attendance at Megogo compared to the previous Okko is not much less, on average - within 290 thousand people per day. But a multi-million crowd comes out a month.


Unlike the previous cinema, there are only three subscription options. With an easy subscription, you will be connected to the main 100 TV channels and completely free from viewing ads. The maximum will give you the opportunity to listen to audiobooks, watch online serials and movies with cartoons, as well as watch premium TV channels such as Sony-Sy Fy. With a premium subscription, you can access all movies in the Amedia Premium HD collection.


Those who have sunk into the soul of this particular streaming service can safely follow the linkI want to watch TV shows on trial month for 1 ruble is also given, you can unsubscribe at any time.

4. 259 000

Another good streaming service where you can watch TV shows online at a low cost. True, the choice of a series by subscription from KinoPoisk itself is small here, and they themselves do not shine with coolness.


The convenient thing here is that movies can be watched like in a cinema, without subscriptions. For example, you wanted to watch "Get Knives", paid 399 rubles and the film will stay with you from now on and forever.

For the first three films, by the way, KinoPoisk gives a 90% discount. And some, not very fresh, but good films can be purchased here at a very reasonable price.

Site attendance is poorer than that of the previous service. 260 thousand people visit the site every day, which makes 8 million a month. For the CIS, it is very impressive.


The service has its own subscription 299 rubles. The cheapest option from all of the above. The first month it will be possible to watch online TV series and films completely free of charge, although you will be shaken off a subscription in advance, maybe someone will forget to unsubscribe before the end of the free month.


Those who want to expand the film library available through the service at the expense of the library of the "Amediatek" service will have to buy a "KinoPoisk + Amediatek" subscription, which will cost the film lover 649 rubles. The first month is also free. Whoever liked the above can try to follow the linkI want to watch TV series online on KinoPoisk.

5. More.TV

Next in our top 10 best online cinemas in USA is a service that is basically geared towards domestic cinematography. Here you can watch online serials that were or are on the main USA channels, plus, in part, join the not very hit foreign countries.

Just like on, here you can watch some domestic shows absolutely free. Most of all, this option is suitable for lovers of USA dramas, broadcast in the evenings on "USA", "NTV" and "Domashny". By subscription, a fairly large selection of foreign full-length films of medium age is available.

"Breaking Bad" and "Avengers" you won't see here, but the old Runaway Brides are at least heaps of here.


The daily attendance still inspires confidence - under 200 thousand per day, which means that a whole medium-sized city watches online serials and films every day in this cinema. For comparison, almost the same number of people live in Mytishchi.


There is only one subscription for everything, and its cost, as in the previous KinoPoisk, is only 299 rubles. The content, of course, is somewhat scarce compared to the previous masters listed above, but many are quite satisfied with it. But there is an opportunity to watch about 40 different most popular TV channels without leaving the checkout. For whom such a situation is arranged, feel free towatch online serials on More.TV.


By the way, the first time you log in, you can try this fruit absolutely free of charge by activating the promotional code of a monthly free subscription "SIDIDOMA".


Next came the services with less traffic. The sixth place is occupied by an online cinema, where you can watch films from your personal film library for a record low price, and grab a novelty at a price cheaper than on KinoPoisk itself.


Every day 130 thousand people visit the site, which is comparable to the population of a city like Pyatigorsk.


Despite the fact that the design looks poor, the "interface" is very comfortable. TV channels on this resource "do not seem", but you can buy the most popular novelties like "Orphan Brooklyn" from 99 rubles. per piece (depending on quality).

The movie library is very wide. The selection of feature films and cartoons is a pleasant surprise. Only one "but" at this resource. It is not possible to watch TV shows online here simply because they are not physically there.

Subscription, as already mentioned, is the most sparing - only 249 rubles per month. The trial period, the one for 1 ruble, is 2 weeks.


Whoever liked this offer can safely gowatch movies online atTvzavr.en.


Guess three times where the "interface" of this site is ripped from? Although, here and without the other two attempts, it is clear that all the design has been cleaned up by the streaming service "Netflix", at least in one of its past "incarnations".


Every day this resource is visited by 104 thousand film lovers who really like TV shows in the style of "Home", TV-3 and NTV. Watching serials online is nice and comfortable here, but only the serials themselves here - one or two, and missed. Everything, basically, is USA and very much like a hogwash and consumer goods. The main flagship of the streaming service is the recent domestic full-length hit "Kholop", which has long been seen to the point of holes, but which still cannot be removed from the title page, since the resource does not have anything better.


After trying to look for something serious, and finding nothing, we scratched behind our ears for a very long time, and for what, one wonders, here pay 299 rubles a month, if everything worthwhile can be viewed during a trial week?


And here again, in the hope of fools, they offer to immediately enter the card number in order to rip off 300 rubles for the first month from the gaping loshka. Then you can refuse, but only at the end of the paid period.

Everything is beautifully decorated, but we would not recommend registering for the sake of some dubious "Vampires of the Middle Lane". There are better options.

But there are no comrades in taste and color. Many people like it, and therefore, to get acquainted with the content, we will go to theStart Cinema itself.


Next, we move on to the sites, whose attendance does not exceed 100 thousand visitors per day. On the following site, you can watch TV series online absolutely free without buying any subscriptions. But here, as in the case of free films on, you will have to constantly interrupt for advertising.


Mostly fans of Indian cinema come here, because here this good is above the roof. Both films and TV series from the Indian subcontinent are simply piled up here. Judging by the statistics, there are a lot of admirers of Indian and third-rate cinema, which is presented here in all its beauty and variety, too - on average about 90 thousand.


We tried to try to watch some sensible TV series online. We went to the "Top Best TV Series" tab and dug. Only Netflix's Medici and Fortitude from Sky Atlantic caught my eye. The rest ... You can watch, but, alas, not from our category. Basically, everything is USA and gloomy-banal.

In addition to shows, you can watch online and full-length films here. Their choice is wide enough, if we talk about all "times and peoples". With new products - strained, but high-quality junk - in bulk.

They earn here, mainly on AVOD (advertising video on demand), in USA - advertising that wedges into the film while watching a picture. In plain text under the player it says “disable advertising for 29 rubles. in a day". It will be cheaper to turn off wholesale for a month, but given that no one is going to hang out here every day with such "assortment", hardly anyone wants to throw money away.


But some films are sold here. For example, the sameNetflix's "Robot Child" was offered to us to buy for 30 days for 90 rubles. For such a film, which is not necessary to watch more than once, this is quite a reasonable price.

If you're comfortable with the commercial breaks, feel free to startwatching TV shows online on Tviglefor free.


Streaming service Amedia is the official partner of the cable and satellite network HBO, and that says it all. It has 4 channels where you can not only watch online TV series and films from the list of available by subscription, but also exclusive shows, projects and documentaries.


But even though the company, as it is customary to express it, “does not knit brooms,” it doesn’t have much of a visitor. An average of 60 thousand people hang out here a day. But Amedia raises money not only on his personal service, but also, as we know, through other platforms such as KinoPoisk or the same Okko. So, with financial and other prosperity, everything is in order.


After flipping through the content, we identified a number of "features" that are unlikely to appeal to subscribers of the streaming service. For example, we didn’t like that season 1 of Good Struggle was temporarily unavailable, and of the 8 seasons of Rodina, only the last one could be watched, and, as we were told, it will be available only within the next 30 days.

And this is only for "superficial" acquaintance. If you dig deeper, it will most likely turn out that the lion's share of projects, even from the same HBO, are either cut down by some strange "exclusive" restrictions, or are absent altogether. In any case, the office gives the go-ahead for a 7-day trial period for a ruble, after which, by subscription, film-eager viewers will be charged 599 rubles per month. This time will be enough to figure out whether you need "membership" in this "sect" or not.


By subscribing, you will join the not very numerous, but high-quality content of films and series, but you will get access to the original TV channels with exclusive and not very TV shows. Anyone who dares can feel free to start tryingwatch TV series online at Amediatek.


A recently opened project from Rostelecom completes the top ten. Having entered it, you immediately feel respect for the creators. But upon closer inspection, you realize that there is nothing here that we would not see on other cheaper services for a much lower fee.


Every day, up to 24 thousand people regularly come here to watch online TV series and films, which is a very good result for a relatively young streaming service.


But, apparently, everything will stop at this, because there is nothing to watch by subscription, and all normal films must be bought. According to the local "office", clients of the Rostelecom network have the right to free access to viewing a package of high-quality free TV for 100 channels. If desired, anyone can subscribe, according to which up to 5000 (or 7000 - depending on the subscription) feature films and series will be available to him.


Rostelecom cooperates with a well-known expert on "correct translations" Dmitry "Goblin" Puchkov, and here you can be among the first to watch new and old films in his voice acting. In particular, Puchkov is currently working on the re-dubbing of the Sopranos series, the first season of which is already ready and translated as expected, without any beeps and other censorship, as was the case with the translation, which he worked on on TV-3. Also, only here you can watch the 6th season in its voice acting.

But don't flatter yourself too much. Goblin masterpieces are not included in the subscription, they will have to be purchased separately. Well, his videos can be watched for free on his YouTube channel or on Goblin's End.

Prices for good and fresh films bite here. For example, such new items as "Parasites" or "Blade" translated by Goblin in Full HD quality will cost you 350 rubles. It is cheaper in SD quality, but not by much.

Who wants to try - you can subscribe to the maximum speed for 700 rubles per month. A weekly free period is given, but for some reason, the payment was debited from us immediately. To the question: "Why?" they did not say anything sensible in support, they just redirected to the page with how to disable the subscription. But the problem is that the button "Disable subscription" in our office, for some reason, is absent. The second question with the sent screen received no answer at all.

This is the only cinema in which we have encountered this kind of problem. It's our business to warn, your business is your business. Who wants to try - click here:watch online series and movies on the streaming service


For everyone who may feel an urge to watch a particular series online right here and now, but, at the same time, do not want to waste time searching for the desired masterpiece in all cinemas in a row, we publish a link to a very useful resource -aggregator streaming services JustWatch. There are not many USA online cinemas in it, but it will be quite enough to find any film or series in USA voice acting.


We will not go into the jungle of the rest of the functionality. It is undoubtedly useful, then first of all, this "gizmo" is needed precisely for why we came here, to search for a picture or series that we decided to watch in excellent quality. We enter in a search engine, for example, "Ford vs. Ferrari" and press Enter. This is what we got "highlighted".


We see that in three lines the "local robot" has given us a list of services on which we can watch the movie right now. Moreover, both by subscription and for money, moreover, the price is indicated right there.

Very convenient, don't you agree?


Everyone who is going to buy a subscription on services such as and (Prime-Video) should be prepared for the fact that not all projects on them can boast of a USA translation or, at least, subtitles. Moreover, in terms of transfers, Netflix is much better than Amazon. We are completely silent about Aple + and other “off-the-beaten-track” streaming services. Only those who are ready to watch TV series online, either in the native languages of the creators or in English, register for them.

It's easier then to turn to the pirates. But, not exactly an hour, for "theft", and this is exactly what it is, you can be attracted. So, in this regard, the choice is only yours.

All the best to you. Enjoy your self-isolation in front of TV screens, and more cool movies and TV shows!

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