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How to enable Adobe Flash in Chrome


We live in the days of the decline of Flash technology, and now quite a few corporations have abandoned its use, including Gooogle.

Let's talk a little about the problem. Back in September 1, 2015, Google decided to abandon Flash plugins for Google Chrome, citing the fact that they greatly harm browser security (and they are right). In modern browsers, the functions of some of these plugins were taken on itself HTML 5. But developers of games, applications and sites are in no hurry to abandon Flash, because often we can see the message "Adobe Flash Player is already installed, but disabled ....." instead of the game or site content.

Problem solving

Let's take a closer look at the methods of dealing with this scourge.

Single Exception

The easiest method, which is suitable if you need to make Flash available on one resource, but do not want to go into the settings or you do not want to enable it for all sites.

Photo Select from the drop-down menu next to the site name Flash and put always allow on this site

For all resources at once

If you want Flash to work by default on all sites, then of course you have to go into the settings. But in order not to delve into the jungle of Chrome settings, you can simply enter chrome: // settings / in the address bar of your browser content

Photo Find Flash - click on the arrow
Photo Move the selected switch to the Allow position

Now Flash on any site will start immediately and without demand.

We do not recommend using Allow Flash on all sites, as many unscrupulous resources use fullscreen ads and can even harm your computer by exploiting Flash security holes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman