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Films and TV series from February 28 to March 6


In the first week of March, many more premieres will be released in our cinemas than at the end of February. Then, as we remember, serials almost prevailed over full meters. Only a couple of new seasons of the series worth our attention will be released here. But there will be as many as 16 full-length films, of which, by the way, as many as 5 will be domestic. So there will be a lot to see in theaters this week.

This is due to such an unusual number of premieres, first of all, by the fact that next week the long-awaited "Captain Marvel" will be released on the screens, with which neither yours nor ours will be able to compete. Providers understand all this perfectly, and therefore try to dump all the contents of the purchased goods on the screens ahead of time.

Foreign film premieres

Among foreign films there is a wide range of genres. There are horror films, biographical dramas and documentaries. But most of all, of course, the audience was waiting for the premiere of the new thriller from the honored master of Hollywood Clint Eastwood with him in the lead role. Let's start with it.

Drug Courier (USA ) IMDb, KP

Film Companies : Warner Bros., Bron Creative and Imperative Entertainment.< / em>

Genres: thriller, drama, crime.

Director: Clint Eastwood.

In chap. starring: Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Manny Montan, Michael Pena and others.

Once local drug dealers realized that it would be best to use ordinary people in drug trafficking. And the most discreet, according to their estimates, will be the old bastard, who all his life did nothing but travel along the roads of America in his old pickup truck, taking part in various competitions of gardeners and florists.

As you all guessed, the main contender for the role of "Mule" (this is the name of the film in English), which will carry drugs from Mexico to Texas, was the hero of Clint Eastwood - Earl Stone. Half of the police know the old man, and those who do not know him are unlikely to pay attention and begin to search such a wrinkled and time-killed old man. And Earl begins to drive back and forth, earning huge money, which immediately pulled his business from the bottom and helped his family.

But lafa is never eternal, and soon Earl, predictably, falls on the hook of the Drug Enforcement Agency. How will he get out of a difficult situation? Who cares - welcome to the cinema.

Cadaver (USA) IMDb 5.0, KP 4.6

Film companies: Screen Gems and Broken Road Productions.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Detective.

Director: Diederik Van Ruzhen.

In chap. Starring: Shay Mitchell, Gray Damon, Nick Toon, Kirby Johnson and others


Translated from English, the title of the film sounds like "Hannah Grace's Obsession." Therefore, everyone who is going to see lizards in the film swallowing people will be disappointed. The film is not related to paleontology in any way.

Here "Kadavrom" is called an entity, or, it would be more correct to say, a demonic creature that entered the body of a young woman, and was not completely expelled from it during an exorcism session.

Relatives, having invited a priest, tried to carry out the rite of exorcism of the demon. But the demon did not want to dump it from the habitable body. It got to the point that in his resistance, he simply killed the carrier. But, alas, he remained a prisoner in a dead shell.

According to the law of the genre, after death, an entity cannot remain in the body of the deceased and is sent "to its home", that is, to where it came from, to a parallel world, or whatever the name of the place where evil spirits or demons live.

But it all went wrong. Here the demon did not catapult to his homeland. Instead, he did his best to climb into the body of a former police officer, now a morgue worker, who underwent rehabilitation after suffering psychological trauma at her former job.

Gender (US) IMDb 6.5

Film Companies : Amblin Partners, Robert Cort Productions and Participant Media.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Mimi Leder.

In chap. starring: Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Katie Bates, Justin Theroux, Sam Waterston and others


Now in the USA it is very fashionable to make films in which the problems of sexual minorities, black people, inequality between men and women, etc. are discussed. But if you face it, no films have ever been able to align the rights of blacks and whites. refugees and locals, homosexuals (lesbians) and "normals", men and women.

Yes, the film is based on a true story. And, yes, it shows what thorns Ruth Bader Ginzbur had to overcome on his way up the career ladder. Yes, she managed to push aside the male applicants and, nevertheless, perch in the chair of the supreme judge of the United States.

But the fact that Americans make films about ALL THIS does not mean that they, overnight, changed their way of life from the old to the new. Simply, they need the world to create a false impression that everything is normal in America with tolerance. But we're not naive fools, are we?

Although once a movie is quite possible to look. But ... Not in the cinema. There is nothing spectacular that should be watched on the big screen for a lot of money, there, alas, no.

Happy New Day of Death (USA) IMDb 6.9

Film companies: Blumhouse Productions and Digital Riot Media.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Detective.

Director: Christopher Landon.

In chap. starring: Jessica Roth, Israel Broussard, Phi Wu, Sarah Yarkin, Suraj Sharma and others

Yes, indeed, this is a continuation of the well-known funnyGroundhog Day movie,which was released in 2017 under the name Happy Death Day. We all remember that then the main character, whose role was played well by Jessica Roth, was chased by a maniac in a mask. At the end of her birthday, he killed her, after which the girl woke up again at the beginning of the same day. Well, neither give nor take - Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, just done in a few bloody tones!

In the new part, everything is repeated in a year. Another birthday, and again endless timebacks after the murder at the beginning of the same day. Only this time, the maniac deals with not only the main character, but also with her relatives!

This time you will have to strain yourself to take with you the next day not only yourself, but also your friends and girlfriends.

Last lovers (Portugal, France, USA, Poland) IMDb 6.2, KP 6.4

Film Companies : Double Play Films (II), Gladys Glover and Bando a Parte.

Genres: drama, melodrama.

Director: Gabe Klinger.

In chap. starring: Anton Yelchin, Lucy Lucas, Francoise Lebrun, Paulo Calatre and others


The "Cynologistics" provider is famous for its long patience and skills to weld on films, which over time become cheaper to "almost free". Another masterpiece of Portuguese filmmakers just from the same pile of rotten soap-opera genre.

The film will soon be two and a half years old, and therefore all fans of the genre have already appreciated it a long time ago. Not to say that the movie is completely worthless, but the plot is pretty beaten. Once met. Then each went his own way. And now, after a long period of time, we met again and realized that souls do not like each other.

This is not the case to go to the cinema for a masterpiece. The film is available on torrents. So why pay money? Here, as in the case of "By Gender", there is not a single drop of entertainment. And love looks good even from the TV screen.

Side Jokes 2: Mission to Miami (France) IMDb 4.5

Film Companies : Tessalit Productions, Metropolitan Filmexport and Davis-Films.< / em>

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Rashid Bushareb.

In chap. starring: Omar Si, Luis Guzman, Eric Ebony, Biyuna, Diem Nguyen and others.


The film is notable for the fact that it (as in the first part) stars Omar Si, familiar to us from the movie 1 + 1 / The Untouchables (2011). But this comedy cannot boast of anything more outstanding.

The plot is idiotic. The actors are overplaying. It is not clear what the creators were guided by, riveting such a sloppy film? This is just one of those cases when you leave the cinema with a tough feeling that you have thrown your money down the drain, while losing two whole hours of your life.

An idiotic cop goes to Miami, where, in the middle of a paradise bastard, he meets another idiotic cop, only a local one. Together they create a great duo of jerks that solve an unsolved case.

Another "Beverly Hills Cop" flies into the trash can. There he belongs.

Dawn Promise (France, Belgium) IMDb 7.3

Film companies: Jerico, Pathe and Nexus Factory.

Genres: biography, drama, melodrama.

Director: Eric Barbier.

In chap. Starring: Pierre Ninet, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jean-Pierre Darrussen, Didier Bourdon and others


Another foreign masterpiece, which is a hundred years old at lunchtime. This biolique, which the Pioneer provider company decided to rent in our country, will tell about the French writer Romain Gary and how long and thorny his path to the Goncourt Prize was.

The film is based on the writer's autobiographical novel. Well, how can you not write about yourself dear, right? Although, what is there to be proud of is completely incomprehensible. While the mother raises and brings up normal men until the age of 18, over this "overgrown" mother trembled until her death.

There is no merit that you achieved something not on your own, but through the efforts of your mother, who throughout her life loomed over your shoulder and constantly guided you on the right path.

Although, the writer himself, as well as the filmmakers, have a different opinion on this matter.

Masterpiece (Argentina, Spain) IMDb 7.1

Production companies: Arco Libre, INCAA and Hei Films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Gaston Duprat

In chap. starring: Guillermo Fransella, Luis Brandoni, Andrea Frigerio, Raul Arevalo and others.


It looks like two completely different people (art gallery owner Arturo and artist Renzo) somehow manage to become friends. But this is not the feature of the film. The peculiarity of this comedy lies in a kind of scam, which they both conceived in order to improve their shaken well-being.

The film is not without some wacky humorous twists, but they are quite appropriate and not enraging. Moreover, some are really capable of smiling. Plus, the actors don’t stupidly overact. In general, we highly recommend everyone who wants to cheer themselves up.

Tintoretto: Rebel in Venice (Italy)

Film Companies : Sky Arts Production Hub and Except.

Genre: documentary.

Director: Giuseppe Domingo Romano.

Participants: Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Greenaway, Stefano Accorsi, Melania Jaya Mazzuccio, etc.


Domestic provider "NevaFilm Emotion" continues to "put pressure" on us with documentaries from the field of fine arts. This time we will talk about the life and work of Jacolo Borusti, a Venetian artist who received the nickname "Handsome" (Tintoretto).

It is noteworthy that, first of all, the craftsman managed to become famous for the cycle of pictures he painted during the years of the worst plague epidemic that broke out in Italy in 1575. With all this, when the news of the plague spread throughout the city, he did not flee the city anywhere, but began to work with even greater frenzy, presenting a masterpiece for a masterpiece.

And, apparently, he was so busy with creativity that he did not even understand how he himself had been ill and survived.

Madonna: Birth of a Legend (USA)

Genres: biography, documentary.

Director: Guy Guido.

Participants: Jamie Old, Denise Juhos, Samantha Nicole Dunn, Jordan Loewenstein and others.

The story of the previously unknown girly Madonna Louise Ciccone, from whom the star and queen of pop music was born overnight, which no one can ever overshadow.

Many people to this day think that Madonna started with porn films. This is not true. She was a model for nude photographers, but never appeared in porn. Many people think that she is an ordinary upstart who accidentally "got into the stream". This is also a delusion. In her lifetime, the actress, singer, dancer Madonna had to endure so many hardships and hardships that some could not even dream of.

In particular, few people know, but at the age of 19, the future singer was raped and after that she could not recover from the psychological trauma she received for a long time. But she managed to overcome herself. How did you manage to overcome all subsequent trips of fate.

It's worth watching the movie. But as for us, he is not worthy of going to the cinema. You can also wait for it on torrents.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds (Japan, USA) IMDb 8.1, KP 8.1

Production companies: Nibariki, Hakuhodo and Tokuma Shoten.

Genres: Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Drama.

Director: Hayao Miyazaki.


Impressed by the New Year's Eve gatherings from Hayao Miyazaki's anime "Spirited Away", the provider "Pioneer" decided to make a knight's move and bought another masterpiece of an unsurpassed master for showing in USA, although this time, an earlier one - from 1984.

But this is only for the best! After all, the older the picture, the cheaper it is! This means more money will remain in the pocket of savvy entrepreneurs!

Well, his fans will always like to go to the movies for a cool anime. They are known to be the genre's most ardent fans. And therefore, the fact that the film in excellent voice acting and cool quality lies on all torrents and is available both on legal and on pirated online viewing sites does not bother them. The rental will be successful, how to drink it.

The tape itself tells about a post-apocalyptic world in which the surviving scattered enclaves of humanity fight for a place in the sun not only with each other, but also with plants emitting toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Those who haven't watched this cartoon have lost a lot.

USA film premieres

USA cinemas, as before, continue to feed us with low-budget dramas and comedies. Well, right. They spend nothing at all, but you can raise three times more, anyway. But does it make sense to go to the cinema for a "non-spectacular" movie? After all, a huge amount of snot is smeared every day on USA TV channels. But since these masterpieces are removed, it means that they are in demand by someone, and someone walks on them.

Although, as statistics show, in more than 50 percent of cases, even such cheap tapes cannot recapture their meager budget.

In any case, we have no right to judge anyone. And since the films are released, we have no right to ignore them in our material.

On the shore of a dream

Film companies: Uladai Bayar and RFG Corp.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Bair Uladaev.

In chap. Cast: Bair Uladaev, Anfisa Mankhaeva, Alexey Suvorov, Daria Trifonova and others.


A touching drama about a Chechen war veteran who, having come home, is trying to survive all the horror he had to face on it.

Help in this is a little girl, who, just, would also benefit from support from the outside. This is how two pure souls with the help of each other solved their life problems. One overcame stress and depression, the second was able to realize her ambitious dreams.

In short, a low-budget drama is also a low-budget drama in Africa. Only ardent lovers of sympathy and concern go to the cinema.

Comedian (USA, Latvia, Czech Republic)

Film companies : Metrafilms, Sirena Film, Tasse Film and etc .

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Mikhail Idov.

In chap. Cast: Alexey Agranovich, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Pavel Ilyin, Alisa Khazanova and others.

Another film about how dumb life was under Soviet rule. Events, most likely, unfold during the times of General Secretary Brezhnev.

Ambitious, with a little bounce, stand-up artist (or, as they said then, an artist of the spoken genre) Boris Arkadiev quickly achieved universal and total popularity. Moreover, he is famous not only in USA, but also abroad.

But do not put a finger in your mouth for stand-ups - let some of your truth chop the uterus. So the humorist has finished. We hope not before the shooting.

In the film, as always, the problem of censorship is discussed, and the problem of the fact that not everything and everywhere can be spoken openly. So, they say, life was bad under Soviet rule. But if you look humanly, now the question is no better with this. But this, for some reason, no one notices.

Interesting fact. Recently, an interesting and large-scale survey was conducted by one of the independent companies for all the countries of the former USSR. People were asked the question: "Would you like the return of the USSR?", To which more than 80% of the respondents answered "Yes!" Disappointing for our filmmakers like Nikita Mikhalkov, isn't it?

Passenger from San Francisco (USA, USA)

Genres: Drama, Detective.

Director: Anatoly Balchev.

In chap. Cast: Elvira Bolgova, Oleg Drach, Roy Werner, Valentin Smirnitsky and others.


The film, shot and shown abroad (in Poland) back in 2014, finally decided to show in our country. But is it worth paying any money to view it?

Knowledgeable people say: "Absolutely not worth it!" The idiotic adventures of a customs officer sent to the USA at the turn of global changes in the 90s will not touch anyone's soul. This is unambiguous. Whenever he rejoices for being so simply forgotten in America, he starts moaning and trying to return.

What an idiocy? Yes, at that time, everyone was ready to give half of his life in order to dump over the cordon. And therefore, the ordeals and under-adventures of the protagonist seem not only unconvincing, but simply idiotic. And you can't argue with that.


Film companies: TV Channel "Super", Cosmopolitan, etc.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Elena Khazanova.

In chap. starring: Paulina Andreeva, Alexandra Bortich, Maria Shalaeva, Yulia Alexandrova and others.

Another full-length comedy masterpiece, created with the support of the Super TV channel, promises to be funny. But so far only promises. With our comedies, everything is very unpredictable. If, in the case of foreign premieres, you can go to the IMDb website and see what grades were given to it (if it is higher than 6.5, then you can go, if lower, we do not recommend it), then in the case of domestic premieres, you will have to be content with only a trailer.

In 80% of cases, the trailer is much more interesting than the movie itself. As in USA roulette, you can never guess whether a film will “shoot” or not. So, our advice is to wait for the first ones to see, ask them, and only then go to the picture.

The film also tells about three friends on the mind, deceived and abandoned by married men. But the girls are not ready to accept it. They develop insidious plans for revenge, but when they are all set in motion, and justice has been done, they do not stop there. The girls, like a kind of superhero company, begin to help other women who find themselves in a similar situation.

Great Northern Route

Film companies: Zvezda TV channel, Sony Pictures Entertainment, etc.

Genre: documentary.

Director: Leonid Kruglov.


And here is our documentary. Moreover, it is not only fresher, but also more interesting, because it was filmed about our native country, albeit its most distant corners.

To everyone who wants to enjoy the views and beauties of the Arctic and join the harsh life in those parts, we suggest, together with the photographer and traveler Leonid Kruglov, to make a journey of 10 thousand kilometers along the northern outskirts of our vast country on ... Only dog sleds!

TV Shows

As mentioned above, only a couple of standing series will see the light this week. Both franchises are comedy and both deserve your attention, as FX and NBC are not known to knit brooms.

Everything for the best (USA) IMDb 7.7, CP 6.9

Season 3 Premiere Thursday 28 February

TV Channel: FX.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

In chap. starring: Pamela Adlon, Mickey Madison, Olivia Edward, Hannah Alligood and others


The story of both a large and a young mother, who with great speed managed to have three daughters at once, continues.

Difficult everyday life and unstable earnings at not quite satisfying work do not bend our optimistic mother. For the third season, her "adventures with many children" have been going on, but she is still fresh, persistent and purposeful.

And, of course, fun! And this is the most important thing!

Good Girls (USA) IMDb 7.9, CP 7.0

Season 2 Premiere Sunday March 3

TV Channel: NBC.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Crime.

In chap. Starring: Braxton Bjorken, Christina Hendrix, May Whitman, Retta and others


The adventures of the three friends, which began with a robbery of a supermarket, continue. As their problems continue, which, by the way, they wanted to solve by robbing a store with a toy gun.

For those who are struggling with the question of what to watch from the series - we recommend. It will be both funny and sad, but it won't be boring for sure.


At this point, the list of films, the premieres of which will take place in early spring this year, is over. Next week will be the thundering "Captain Marvel", against which all other new items will fade and precipitate.

Although, our filmmakers are not afraid of "Western evil" and are preparing to release heels of new films designed to make the brave superheroine from the Marvel studio "killer" competition.

Time will tell how they do it. We say goodbye to you until next week. We sincerely wish you a speedy onset of warm spring days, less street mud and puddles, and more cool movies and TV series!

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