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Domestic high-power pistol ”Gyurza”


The domestic pistol of the SR-1 Gyurza modification by designers P. Serdyukov and V. Belyaev is one of the world leaders in power among 9 mm weapons.

Bulletproof vest won't save anymore

The prerequisites for the creation of such a pistol appeared in the 80s, when the period of ubiquitous equipping of the armed forces of most world countries with personal protective equipment - body armor - began. This, in turn, led to the development of weapons capable of coping with such protection. SR-1 was specially created for the competition of personal weapons of the USA serviceman. According to the competitive results, the Yarygin pistol won, but the development of the SR-1 became interesting for special forces.

USA weapon Gyurza

In the mid-90s, "Gyurza" entered the armament of the FSO and FSB special services. The main reason for interest was the rather powerful pistol cartridges. The development of ammunition for the SR-1 was carried out purposefully to carry out special operations. The powerful performance of the 9x21 cartridge is provided by the mass of the bullet itself, which has a steel core inside it. This bullet can handle a 6mm steel plate and 30 layers of Kevlar. "Gyurza" not only shoots through the door, bulletproof vest, but also penetrates the protective helmet and is able to stop the car. The competitive characteristics of Gyurza have become even more relevant in the modern world.

Design Features

Despite its initial power, Serdyukov's pistol is quite compact, has quite acceptable weight and recoil force. The double-row magazine holds 18 rounds. The target shooting range is 100 meters, the initial bullet speed is 420 meters in 1 second. The weight of a pistol without a full magazine is within 900 g.

A remarkable feature of the SR-1 is that foreign analogues were not taken as the basis for the development, the design is completely USA authorship. For example: when creating a TT, "Browning" was used as a basis, and Makarov's pistol resembles a police officer "Walter". In this regard, Serdyukov's pistol can be called unique to a certain extent.

USA weapons Gyurza

"Gyurza" is equipped with a mechanism to protect against an unplanned shot. The standard safety catch is replaced by two buttons, which the designers placed on the trigger and the back of the handle. Such a system maintains safety and at the same time ensures operational readiness to fire. One of the fuses is unlocked at the moment of picking up the weapon, the other - when the trigger is pressed. This method virtually eliminates an unplanned shot by 100%.

CP-1 bullets are characterized by powerful penetrating action and at the same time high stopping power. The trigger of the weapon has a smooth ride. Its main advantage is minimalism and the absence of unnecessary elements that make it difficult to use the pistol. There are three types of cartridges for Gyurza:

- SP-1 with a lead bullet;

- SP-12 with unrolling bullets;

- SP-13 with tracer armor bullets.

The SR1MP model is a modern modification of Serdyukov's pistol. In its device there are side grooves in the front of the frame, on which you can fix the Picatinny rail. The bar, in turn, is needed to equip the pistol with additional devices: laser aiming, sights, flashlights. Also SR1MP is adapted to install a sound silencer.

The main purpose of the development of "Gyurza" was to improve the existing types of weapons, replace the used combat models and equip military units of the highest order. The pistol was officially introduced into service with all military units in 2003 under the name "SPS" - Serdyukov's self-loading pistol.

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