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TOP-5 Souls like games worthy of your attention


There is no doubt that Dark Souls is the game that breathes new life into the concept of "complex video games", which before its release everyone was used to associating with classics like Battletoads or Contra.

Due to its originality, the successful use of all the features of non-linear storytelling, the game really became a cult, and spawned a whole separate genre of Souls Like games, or clones of dark souls.

More recently, on September 7, another representative of this genre, Immortal Unchained, was born. Her user grades on Metacritic are now 8.4, and at first glance, you can tell that fans of the genre are "gone".

If you look in detail, for example, at the plot, then we have a world in which a collapse has occurred, a hero awakened from sleep must save him, a non-linear narrative from npc who know something about GG ... Apparently the developers are not strong hide sources of inspiration. However, today, there are enough original souls like games that are worth your attention, even if you are not a big fan of the dark souls series.

5th Place - Dark Mouse

Opens the top unusual indie project called Dark Mouse. If you do not go into details, then it's like Dark Souls, but only about the mouse ... Considering that this is a top-dawn RPG in which you see your character from above, like in Hotline Miami. This in turn affects gameplay.

The mechanics are almost like in the souls series: lots of melee / ranged weapons, ever-ending items, bonfires, more bosses, etc. The project is interesting in itself because of the unusual appearance of the main character, a good story of a dark world and difficult gameplay that does not get boring.

Of course, the budget of the project is given by a minimalistic picture, but because of this the game has its own feature.

4th place - Nioh

If suddenly you are really looking forward to Sekiro: Shadow die twice, which was announced at E3 2018, then Nioh will help pass the wait. One of those games, which is called the best among the columns of souls. The plot and the setting are completely based on Japanese mythology, which adds charm to the game, but at the same time can confuse the motivation of the heroes, the stories of the bosses.

However, this does not diminish the fact that Nioh is a very beautiful and dynamic project. In addition, if souls are accustomed to delight (meaning aesthetically) us with an atmosphere of decay, decay and despair, then this project has a complete mythological Asian visualization.

The game has many advantages, and most importantly, it is not as difficult as it could be, which makes it interesting for the mass player.

3rd place - Ashen

Large and complete indie action, sponsored by Microsoft. The project is made in the original minimalistic style, which takes us to a large and completely open world with different enemies and allies. According to the plot (finally!) We do not need to save the world from plague, or apocalypses, but to find a place that the GG can call home.

Ashen clearly has philosophical overtones that permeate the narrative. Surreal pictures of the world are layered with obstacles in the spirit of the Tomb Raider. The inspiration here is not only a series of souls, but also Shadow of the Colossus.

The project will clearly be interesting and worth the wait. The game will be released this year.

2nd place - Salt and Sanctuary

This stylish 2d platformer not only copies the mechanics of Dark Souls, but also adds interesting features to it. Briefly about the plot: we find ourselves on a mysterious island after the wreck of a ship destroyed by a monster. Here begins a real meat grinder in the best traditions of souls: the choice of a character class, a lot of weapons, respawn of enemies after death and saving, difficult bosses and many tactics for passing.

Magic becomes a special type of weapon that can be pumped for a long time, but then it will become the most imposing ability. The island itself is very large and consists of 25 different locations, in which it is not so easy to navigate. However, it is full of secret caves, slices, secrets (we can safely say that there are more of them than in all three parts of Dark Souls), both friendly npc and hostile monsters. The world is filled competently and does not feel empty.

Of the aforementioned chips, it is worth highlighting the sanctuaries, which act instead of bonfires. There are 5 religions on the island, and serving each of them brings its advantages. It is also worth highlighting the pumping tree, which will help you refine your skills as you want. Of the minuses, it can be noted that the appearance of the characters and their design looks too cartoonish, which sags the seriousness, but you quickly get used to it.

The best thing is that this project can be enjoyed not only by users of the fourth curling iron, but also by PC players.

1st place - Bloodborn

And of course, you can't do without at least one AAA project. There is little to say about this - Bloodborn is objectively considered the best game of the souls like genre. It has all the best from the Dark Souls series, but at the same time it has an original storyline, design, as well as more dynamic gameplay and no shields. Even the game's surroundings look more impressive. If you own a playstation 4, then you must play Bloodborn now.

These were the most unusual and best in our opinion souls like games, which can boast of differences from the progenitor's series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman