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The thinnest professional laptop in the Lenovo family


Lenovo introduced the Thinkpad P1, a slim-line professional notebook. The device differs from other representatives of mobile stations in reduced dimensions: its weight is about 1.7 kg, and its thickness does not exceed 2 cm. The dimensions of the Thinkpad P1 are about a third smaller when compared with the company's previously released professional station.

The presented laptop is announced as a complete replacement for desktop professional counterparts in all characteristics. The device is designed in the classic ThinkPad design while maintaining the technical functionality and high performance of a professional station. ThinkPad P1 is more for those who value the characteristics of a full-fledged professional device and who do not want to be limited by the scope of a portable device.

Thinkpad P1

The Thinkpad P1 is packed with professional features such as an Nvidia Quadro P graphics card, a 15.6-inch display with supported 4K resolution, a powerful 8th generation processor, large amounts of RAM and internal memory (up to 64GB and 4TB) respectively). Device dimensions: 36.18x24.57x1.84 cm.

The novelty has received the military standard MIL-SPEC durability certificate, for compliance with which 21 tests and 12 categories are checked. The notebook also has an additional Energy Star 6.1 certification for energy efficiency. Additional testing has placed the ThinkPad P1's battery life at around 13 hours.

The included laptop comes with a solid state drive up to 4 TB. The standard build includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. The laptop display is designed in two versions: 4K UHD and Full HD. The 4K display option is made on an IPS matrix, has touch functionality, covers a wide range of colors and reaches brightness up to 400 nits. In retail chains, the Thinkpad P1 comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Home 64.

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Author: Jake Pinkman