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What to expect from E3 2018: conference schedule, rumors and facts


If you have been following the latest news from the world of video games, you will probably agree that E3 2018 will be a really hot and prolific exhibition for new games. All the leading gaming companies have already prepared to bombard gamers with major announcements and numerous gameplay videos of upcoming games. In this article, we decided to collect all the latest rumors and facts that appeared with enviable regularity on the eve of E3 2018 in order to tell you what to expect from the exhibition. And most importantly - the start date of E3 2018, you should definitely take note.

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Electronic Arts

The conference starts on June 9 at 21:00

Electronic Arts will be the first on the E3 2018 schedule, but nothing unexpected can be expected from this publisher. The main game will, of course, be Batttlefield V. After the announcement of the game, a flurry of criticism fell upon the developers, but if we close our eyes to the disgusting trailer, according to the first details, the new part of Battlefield looks like a worthy project, and DICE has never been let down. We can expect a large-scale presentation of the multiplayer and single-player gameplay.

Battlefield 5. E3 2018 - Image 2

The second most important project at the conference will be Anthem, which is being developed by Bioware headquarters. Yes, these are not the people who created the largely controversial Andromeda. According to the first gameplay video, the game visually looked amazing, even too much. Hopefully the graphics in Anthem's new gameplay won't get much downgraded.

As for other games, we can expect a new shooter from Respawn, probably even TitanFall 3. Despite the disastrous sales of the game, the publisher bought the entire studio and assured that TitanFall will definitely return to our screens.


The beginning of the conference - June 10 at 10:00

Phil Spencer, the main person in the gaming division of Microsoft, vowed that the company will take into account all its previous mistakes and prepare to "blow up" E3 with the announcement of many major games. So far, we only know that Forza Horizon 4 will be shown, but about other announcements, one can only guess. The presentation of the new Halo part is likely to take place.

Halo. E3 2018 - Image 3

Recently, information appeared on the Internet that the company is actively working on the creation of Fable 4. This is hinted at by a list of vacancies on the site of the Forza Horizon creators who are looking for people for "a new game in the popular RPG franchise."

What other games Microsoft will show at E3 2018 is unknown, although the presentation of the new Remedy game will most likely take place. In addition to its own exclusives, Microsoft will present games from third-party publishers at E3, here you can also speculate. Could it be that Cyberpunk 2077 is finally showing its official show, which has been getting more and more rumors lately? What the hell is not kidding, after all, this one announcement can completely fix Microsoft's reputation.


The conference starts on June 11 at 4:30 am

By tradition, the Bethesda conference will be able to surprise players with a large number of new single-coil games and is fraught with the main intrigue of the exhibition: will they finally announce the continuation of The Elder Scrolls or a new game in a fantastic setting? Even in spite of the recent announcement of Fallout 76, such a surprise cannot be ruled out. The gaming division of Bethesda, led by Todd Howard, develops several games at once, including the above projects.

Fallout 76. E3 2018 - Image 4

We will also see a lot of Rage 2 gameplay for sure. But what about other games, you can speculate. Or, for example, catch on to the recent comment by Pitt Hines, who said that at E3 2018, players will have "Hell on Earth". A possible reference to a sequel to DOOM? With a high probability, you can see a new announcement from Arkane Studious, most likely it will be a project associated with last year's Prey. Recently, the developers have even added a few achievements to the game that mention the Moon, so for sure we have a major addition to Prey.

Devolver Digital

The beginning of the conference - June 11 at 6:00

In the publisher's program, announce several budget projects and finally show your main game - Serious Sam 4. But even if you are not interested in Devolver Digital announcements, it is highly discouraged to miss the conference of this publisher. At the last E3, they differed not in games, but in the presentation of their projects, which was performed in a trashy and parody manner. Fountains of blood, an abundance of jokes and an innovative device thanks to which you can pay developers by literally throwing money at the screen. Devolver know exactly how to spark your audience.

Serious Sam 4. E3 2018 - Image 5

Square Enix

The beginning of the conference - June 11 at 20:00

The Japanese publisher also decided not to stand aside and, as expected, prepares presentations of its main game projects. First of all, it will be interesting to look at Shadow of The Tomb Raider. In terms of confirmed details of the game, "impressive graphics" and "the darkest part in the series" await us.

Finel Fantasy VII Remake. E3 2018 - Image 6

It is also possible that a remake of Final Fantasy VII will be shown, which has not been reported since 2015. We hope that the developers have spent their time usefully and are preparing a game that is worthy of transferring one of the best parts of The Final Fantasy to a modern twist. But what about the announcement of new video games, it is highly likely that it will be a secret project on the "Avengers" and the second part of Life is Strange, which has been developed by the studio Dontnod for several years.


The beginning of the conference - June 11 at 23:00

Ubisoft regularly brings a huge number of games to E3, so it's safe to say that the publisher will not disappoint its fans. Among the announced projects, you can count on the next show of Beyond Good and Evil 2. In light of yesterday's announcement of Assassins Creed Odyssey, you can be sure that the new "Assassin" will also get its share of airtime. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will be another highlight of the program.

Beyond good and evil 2. E3 2018 - Image 7

But what announcements of new games at E3 2018 will make Ubisoft hard to say. This will probably be the next part of Splinter Cell, rumors about which have been regularly appearing on the network for over a year.

PC Gaming Show

The beginning of the conference is June 12 at 1:00

At this conference everything will be expected: Nvidia and AMD will show the announcement of high-tech hardware and show commercials designed to demonstrate the full power of computers in new games. There won't be any major game announcements at this E3 2018 conference, although we'll be happy to see a new strategy in the Civilization series.

Civilization. E3 2018 - Image 8

Sony PlayStation

The beginning of the conference - June 12 at 4:00

You can immediately dispel all speculation about the new revision of the PlayStation - the company's employees have already confirmed that they do not intend to announce the PS5 yet, and at E3 2018 they will concentrate entirely on games. But Sony has already gathered plenty of them. For example, Death Stranding may receive the first gameplay trailer that will finally show what Kojima's new game will be like. Gameplay is also expected for games such as The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima. As a reminder, all of these games, except Spider-Man, are scheduled for release in 2019.

Death Stranding. E3 2018 - Image 9

It will also be extremely interesting to learn more about Shadows Die Twice. Whether it will be an unofficial sequel to Bloodborne or a completely new franchise, we may very soon find out. Don't forget about games from third-party companies. The first gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be showcased and a sequel to Devil May Cry may be announced. According to numerous rumors, the game will be a direct sequel to the 4th part and will become a full-fledged exclusive for PS4.


The beginning of the conference - June 12 at 19:00

The last company on the E3 2018 schedule will be Nintendo, and is expected to present several large exclusive projects on its consoles. Almost 100 percent of what can be expected to show the new part of Mario and Super Smash Bros. Switch owners can look forward to launching Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4, both of which were officially confirmed last year.

Bayonetta 3.E3 2018 - Image 10

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